You've all read an amazing story that all started with an accidental fall. It had ups and downs and lefts and rights. Ok no lefts and rights but you get the idea. Well in the end of that story everyone had to seperate. That was a sad moment for left you kinda hanging there didn't it? It made you want to know what these amazing characters were going to do next. Well, I'll tell you. It all starts about three months later and everyone is doing just fine but let's start in Agrabah...

A guard listened as a merchant told him that something from his stand was gone. He sold mystical creatures and things.

"Wait what did he steal?" The guard asked.

"I'm not really sure what she is but the sailors told me she was a mermaid." The merchant replied.

"Who steals a mermaid?!" A commener asked when he heard the conversation.

The guards eyes widened as he realized who it was. "Aladdin."

By then Aladdin had already made it to the beach but he was on his magic carpet and the mermaid was, you guessed it Ariel.

"Thanks for saving me." Ariel said.

"No problem." Aladdin answered.

Aladdin smiled at her. Ariel turned away her cheeks burning.

"This is almost like a dream." Ariel said looking at her surroundings.

It had to be the most beautiful arabian sunset that anyone had ever seen. The land of Agrgahbah was now gone they were too far out to sea to see it. It was like they were so close to the horrizon they could almost touch it.

"Yeah..." Aladdin agreed.

The they both leaned in for a kiss. For some reason Ariel's lips were unusually...hairy. He opened his eyes and it was Abu he was kissing not Ariel. It was all just a dream.

"YAH!" Aladdin screamed seperating himself from Abu.

His scream woke Abu and Genie up too.

"Al, are you having nightmares again?" Genie yawned.

"No, actually it was the best dream I've had in a while. And since when have I had nightmares?" Aladdin smiled thinking back on the dream.

Genie sat criss-cross applesauce and turned into a little school boy. "Story time!" He said before turning back into himself.

Aladdin smiled. "Well I saved Ariel from being sold by a merchant and we were on carpet in the middle of the ocean and then we kissed then i woke up and realized it was Abu." Aladdin explained. Abu freaked out when he heard this and was trying to clean his tongue with his hands making gagging noises.

"So you're dreaming about Ariel again?" Genie asked.

"Yeah... I wonder what's she's doing right now..." Aladdin thought out loud.

"Probably swimming." Genie joked.

"No I don't think so..." Aladdin said sarcastically.

"Oh Aladdin..." A voice called from outside.

"What the?" Aladdin asked walking toward his window.

"Aladdin..." It called again.

Aladdin walked up to his window nothing but his fantastic view. He looked down nothing but commeners,merchants trying to sell things to people, a black shadowy figure...wait a minute! A black shadowy figure?!

"Aladdin...down here." It said urging Aladdin to come down.

Aladdin being the curious person he is jumped down from his window to the ground and approached the figure with Genie, Abu and Carpet following.

"Who are you?" He asked circling him or her.

"The real question is-WHOA!" The figure slipped on the muddy ground and began to fall but Aladdin caught it but it looked like he dipped who ever it was and was about to kiss them. Now people were staring.

"Please tell me you're a girl." Aladdin whispered.

"Oh I am. Only the girl of your dreams!" She said and threw her head back as she said "dreams" and her hood fell revealing...

We're back Hooray! After all this time All Mixed Up is back! Are you excited cause I know I am. Ok this time just like All Mixed Up the first chapter is really short! It's a new tradition. anyways, instead of just leaving you there with a clifthanger, try guessing who this is. It's a girl. She had a very small part in All Mixed Up and only showed up more towards the beginning. And its NOT Ariel just getting rid of that guess. So good luck with the guessing, chapter 2 will be out in about 1-3 you soon!