Hell is Hell

Jeice was bored. Bored, bored, bored. Nothin' to do but listen to Frieza yap about 'that stupid saiyin-jin'. Kami, he wished he'd shut up! At least now it was quiet, for the moment. Jeice sat cross-legged and alone at the shore of a lake of fire and sulfur, watching it bubble and boil.

Jeice, The Red Magma. That was what they'd called him. He was the best. The Best of the Best, The Elite. The Ginyu Force. He'd had power, fame, respect and all the chicks he wanted. Life had been good, until that creep Vegeta killed him. He winced at the memory. Vegeta would join them in Hell, eventually. There was no way that sadistic little vegetable-head was goin' to Heaven.

Not if there was any justice, anyway.

Of course, when he arrived, he'd be just another bully Jeice would have to put up with. That was the bad thing about Hell, it was just like life. Jeice had spent his whole life slaving away for Frieza, and now that he was dead he still couldn't lose that arrogant little monster. Whoever had said 'Hell is other people' hit it right on the money.

Yeah, he had his faults. He'd killed a lot of people for Frieza. Just followin' orders, right? He'd ran away and left Burter to die. Hey, he was outclassed and there was no point throwin' his own life away when he could call in the big guns. Burter understood, didn't blame him at all. He'd a' done the same.

Maybe life hadn't been so good after all, as he looked back he realized that his short time among the living had been pretty empty. Kill these people for Frieza. Blow up that planet for Frieza. It was all Frieza's fault, really.

And he'd never actually blown up a planet himself.

He was a soldier, he hadn't expected to live forever. But hadn't wanted to die so young. And so painfully. He cursed Vegeta to Hell. On second thought, Jeice cursed him to go somewhere else. Somewhere as far from his person as possible.

Still, hell was not as bad as he'd expected. He could beat down any oni stupid enough to challenge him, and he wasn't really suffering from anything outside of acute boredom and the idiocy of his 'superiors'. He was also surrounded by people he knew. A double-edged sword at best. Some, like Burter and Sauza, were his friends. Some, like Frieza and Slug, were bloomin' idiots with more power than brains. And some, like Cell and Super Android 17 scared the livin' hell out of him, (no pun intended.)

He sighed and looked up at the sky, wondering what Heaven was like.

He guessed it was far too late to repent now. He was stuck here, in Hell, forever. He took flight, cruising to the very barrier that kept him trapped in Hell like a bug in a jar. He looked out over the vast expanse of Perdition. It went on forever. Perhaps he could fly far, far away and leave Frieza behind. But it was hopeless, no matter how far he went, they'd find him eventually. He looked up through the barrier at the long, winding road on which the dead traveled to Heaven or Hell. It wasn't very far above him, but it might as well been on the other side of the universe. He watched as people walked the road, traveling toward their fates. If any saw him, they gave no indication. He felt something cold on his cheek. He quickly wiped it away.

Hell was Hell.

Still, a bloke can dream, can't he?

The End.