Life moves as a book, turning page by page. Living life to how it sees fit. Where those who live within the pages, deal with whatever trials are made. Even though, some are not hard.

Some problems are hard to swallow. To where tears run down the face, marking the face as its pales and discolors close that of death, air can't reached the lungs, the body twitches in its final moments.

To leave what left?

A corpse for others to find.

A feeling like is rare, but some find ways . . . not by trying, but know they'll come for the sake to just chock the neck as many before it.

For an older mind, those problems that are made as a complex puzzle box that within the center holds the answer of all reality.

Children minds, let alone teen minds . . . are a different story all on their own. So complex as a connect-the-dots of a simple line, seem to oddly be the end of the world for them.

But, let's take a moment to understand, adults once fallen under those times as well. For that thought, everything is a problem, everything is complex be it simple or not, and lastly everything will have a solution. In time.

Let's see one of these simple problems and see how it is dealt with.