Others would go out and enjoy the night. But again, not all humans are the same.

Bubbles spent a nice night alone at home. Working on her painting; that she'd been putting off for a while now, a long while when thinking about it, with so much going on, she is just surprise she hadn't forgotten about it. No sisters to bother her. Father home and asleep on the couch, after what seem like a seventy-two hour shift, shorter really, but his tiredness didn't lift that worry much. The TV loud enough to drown out his snoozing, she didn't like it, but it was a sign she wasn't completing alone.

With that in mind, quickly turned on her CD player, it would be some new noises, wanting all of it to just be what to get this painting done. Nothing else was needed, just get the work done, and also be ready for a long week of work. Something she wasn't ever-so happy to get to, as it was going to be a holiday week. As she fixed the brush the in her hand once more and went back to painting, letting the slowly drying paint mask her hands, and some places on her face, from mindlessly wiping sweat from her brow.

Enjoying the cool air entering from her open window, even the gust of winds were a welcoming sound from time to time, with the gelding beam of the moon cast about her and her room, this was very much heaven for her. Softly humming with the music, giving all her focus away, happy to where she was at. Though, if anything else, there was still being completing alone and just being alone.

Then an acute zoom echoed through the once silent night air. The zoom was so strong it broke through her music. To that, Bubbles stop painting, placing the brush down, went to turn down her music, and finally looked out her window.

Seeing nothing at first; just a silent almost full moon night with a few stars out: nothing out of the normal. Must have been her imagination; too much focus as one could say, to that put her at ease enough. Shrugging it off and went back to work. Stopping when that sound came back, making her turn around back to her window. Eyes landed on something that rested on the windowsill.

A ring lay on the sill. A simple sliver ring that had no stones and a small writing was seen inside of it. That she ended up reading out loud of what it said.

"To the one that holds my heart dearly, in the trustiest form."

The End.