The day was like any other. Calming. Relaxing. No cloud in sight, for it left the sun's warmth to cast down below for others to enjoy as well. But, yet, there was an unnerving panic deep within his chest, his heart most likely. Along with targeting words floating about his brain.

If those moments weren't bothering him, he would be joining others in this fine day. Yet, his feet dragged him with great force to where his love lived. Having a small, sad, quick to see it as a frown form; as well when again, that word of thought hit him. Love.

Was she really that to him?

Getting to her house seen to oddly be the answer.

With finally reaching it, after jogging what felt like miles and hours. To which later, he soon knocked on the door, in hopes to see his girl, with her bright smiling face beaming at him. No doubt would she be batting him in the arm for a surprise visit.


"Oh, hey, Bubblepop. Is your sister home?"

Bubblepop gave at pout to that loathing nickname, having a lone hand tapped its fingers against the doorframe. But to say the least gave an answer. "No, she's out for the moment. She said she be back around six. So . . . soon?" Adding the last part when glancing from the nearest clock and looking back to Butch, then asked. "You can stay and wait for her, if you want?"


Once back in the house, Butch watch his girlfriend's younger sister go into the kitchen. Seeing she was in the middle of making dinner when Butch knocked on the door. Butch took the chance to relax on the couch, eyeing the remote, then to the kitchen.

"Is your dad home, Bubbles?"

"At the lab, he'll be home a little after eight. Why?"

"TV." He stated simply.

"Fine. But please keep the volume low. For my sake." Bubbles pleaded to him, as she fixed the temperature on the stove.

"Yeah-yeah, sure Princess."

"That is not funny."

Within a half-hour at the most, the sound and images didn't ease Butch's edge. The tapping of his thumb patting against his pants covered leg, didn't help. Channel flipping was sure to bother the other person sooner or later. While the ticking from the clock seem to spike his blood flow, ever so slightly that it drowned his hearing for a bit.


The sudden voice broke him out of his trance to look to the pale blonde. Giving a grunt that he heard her.

"Why don't you go lay down upstairs. I'll let Buttercup know the second she walks in that your here. Okay?"

The concern was not hard to miss. But how could it be, when it's from the youngest of this family household. Once or twice she'd even called him or saw him as brother along the lines, somewhere in the timeline of him dating Bubbles' sister.

"Yeah, all right." He answered back, standing up to give a good stretch on his joints before heading up stairs.

Already the TV turning to a music channel for Bubbles, so she could listen to something as she cooked.

Butch took his time as he walked through the hallway. Seeing as the words seem to have come back, of what his little brother told him. Butch didn't want to believe them. Yet, with how things been lately for Butch and Buttercup, he couldn't help but agree with them.

Once reaching the room he'd been planning to enter the moment he left his house, opened the door. Taking a deep breath, stilling his person for what could happen, and soon walked in. Glancing about the room, even after being it so many times before, it felt so nerving and unreached to understand. It now felt this was a whole different planet.

But on to what he was planning to do.

Careful with moving things; least wanting to have the blonde bothering him from a sudden noise or something, likely that would make her rush up. Using only the lone light of the desk lamp to help him, somewhat see. Window doing little help as well, with the sun slowly casting down for the night.

He had maybe fifteen minutes at the most. But if what Boomer said where true. He might as well have all the time in the world.


Or not.

Glancing up, gave a gentle sigh when seeing it was just Bubbles.

"What are you doing?"

"Umm, I was just . . ."

"Butch, don't lie. You're not one of the best when it comes to it."

"Oh, and you are?" He asked with a smirk, seeing the blush only proved his point.

"Butch, really, what are you doing?"

"I was looking for something. Butterbutt's diary."

Bubbles raised a brow to that, saying. "Do you think all girls keep one? Butch that's a bit . . ."

"Hey. I didn't find one anyway. Figure by now that, okay, yeah, not girls don't have one. Don't need to make me anymore of a dick."

She rolled her eyes, and then asked. "Why are looking for one anyway? I never took you one for prying on others, nor stoop this low in doing so."

Butch shook his head, trying to understand of someone this young would take this as a crime.


"I think she's cheating on me."

That stopped her from babbling for a moment; let her ponder on his words, so she could speak without sounding crass.

"What makes you think that?"

"Boomer said he saw her last month with another guy. And they seem to be getting along, a little, too well. And, yeah, that's it."

"Last month? You were away for . . ."

"The job calls. Yeah." He said; rubbing the back of his neck, not really enjoying any of this chat or where it was going.

Nor the look Bubbles gave him. Giving him the last look he wanted to see. Pity.

"But you know what. Forget it." He started out with, putting back whatever he moved back in place, and headed for the door, then adding. "I'm sure Boomer said it just to pull my leg after I trashed his Gameboy by accident." Ending with a soft laugh to echo out his follow words. "I'll whoop his ass, when he gets back from college on the weekend. So I'll just be going."

Bubbles watched him walked by her, still with the small grin. She could have copy it, but it would have felt force anyway.

"You still want to stay and speak with her?"

"Nah, I'm sure it's nothing."


"Really, I'm fine. But . . ." His nose caught something, with that added. ". . . A piece of your cherry pie for the trip home should do me fine."

To that, she gave a small smile too in mirror his own, nodded. Soon both headed down stairs. For Bubbles treated Butch to a good size of slice pie. Wrapped it in tinfoil and handed it to him. As they said their final goodbyes at the door.

"You want me to tell her you'd stop by or something?"

He shook his head, started down the pathway to the sidewalk, giving a wave, and went on his way.

Bubbles returned it back. That smile slowly turning to a frown. But shook it off, when knowing dinner was moments away of when her family was coming home. Yet, that didn't stop her from glancing up to the second floor, just near of where Buttercup's room was.

"No. No. Not my business. Bubbles, it is not your business." She told herself repeatedly, walking into the kitchen, and finishing dinner.

Perfectly on time of when her family came home.

"Welcome home guys." Bubbles said to them with a smile, having her oldest sister giving her a hug. "How was your twos day?"

Blossom gave a shrug with saying. "It was fine. My boss was starting to push my buttons again. I can't wait for that transfer out of there and into a job I like." And then headed up the stairs, calling out the following. "I need a wash and sleep."

"What about dinner?"

"Later. Have a plate saved for me in the refrigerator."

"Same here. The team seems lazier than ever. Our next game is coming up soon and we are far from ready." Buttercup shoehorned in as she followed Blossom upstairs.

"Oh, Buttercup . . ."


Bubbles paused for a moment, before shaking her head, and then added. "Nothing. Goodnight you two."

"Don't stay up too late." Blossom said with a laughing smile.

"Don't want our baby sister to be cranky in the morning."

Bubbles just stick her tongue out at them, and headed back to the kitchen. Not taking the soft laughs of her sisters as she got a plate of food ready for herself. Having the rest set out, to have it fixed up later for clean up.

Giving a light sigh; having a small palm hold up her head as she ate. Now and then looking out the window, gladly that it was filled with stars and a waxing moon. Slowly recalling the times of when life didn't seem so boring.

Crimes were little to none now in Townsville. Many of their old foes have taken a long overdue rest, seeing that no matter what, they got thwarted.

Their powers were rarely ever needed, to which they could just live normal lives.

Unless one of their old foes thought them one of best full proof plans ever. Then yes, it was rarely.

Most of the foes found others things to do; most of them didn't even live within city lines of Townsville anymore. Besides Mojo JoJo, Princess, The Gang Green Gang, The Amoeba Boys, and the Rowdyruff Boys.

Speaking of the Ruff boys, mostly only one came in mind.

"Is she really? I hope not, for Butch's sake."

Soon later: finished her light dinner, washing her plate and pans. Saving food for her family for later out on a whim, even now of days, dull as well. Turning the off lights, leaving the porch and living room ones on for her father's return, as he was the only that wasn't home. And headed upstairs for bed, restless sleep, but better than nothing. But stopped, going against her better nature, midway to her room and headed for the study room instead.

Flipping on the lights; having the light shine down the open space. A lone tall bookshelf on the far left, a chair with a nightstand on the right near the books, and desk near the window where a lone rolling chair rested, along with a computer.

Seeing that their father never liked the thought of them having too much of a good thing, there times they would have to share something. A computer was one of those things.

Floating quickly and quietly, not wanting to wake up the others. Softly turned on the computer, rummaging through all the files, until coming up to what she was looking for. Double clicking it. Only to find out that Bubbles needed a password.

Not knowing, click the button that had the hints that clued on the password.

Question one: What is your least favorite color?

Bubbles tries not to laugh at it and types in the word pink.

Question two: What do you do on your days off?

The answer is no doubt training in the back yard.

And then came the last question to which Bubbles gives a dumbfound look to.

Question three: Name two people/things that have broke your heart.

Bubbles knew one for the fact was Ace. But it said two. There was no one else that could have broken her heart. Yet, it didn't stop from writing Butch's name in and pressed enter.

She gave a sad sigh when the screen changed and showed what she was looking for.