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Headmistress Melisandre of Asshai's office was a warm place. Decorated in hot colours, there were always fires alight in the hearth, braziers and candelabra. Even Melisandre's pet, a little Phoenix, was a creature of light and fire. The head teacher felt at home there, for she herself resembled a flame in different shades of red -clothes, jewelry, hair and eyes.

Despite the warmth, the man who was waiting for her to speak had his skin covered in cold sweat. His expression was one of concern. From time to time, he glanced over a heap of parchments that could be seen on the head teacher's desk. Melisandre felt sympathy for him -Thoros was an outstanding teacher, a nice colleague and a loyal supporter of R'hllor's creed. Anyway, she had a duty and she had to admonish him.

"Darkness is the opposite of light, as coldness is the opposite of heat," she started. "Darkness can be inviting -it is a liar. Darkness is full of horrors -it is dangerous. We must help the new generations fight darkness. For this reason, Defence Against the Dark Arts is of the outmost importance for their education. For this reason, I only choose R'hllor's most devout servants to teach that subject."

"Of course, my lady," Thoros agreed. His voice was full of guilt.

"Anyway, we must be cautious and show the dangers of darkness timely," Melisandre said. "You are getting bolder within every year, Thoros. I remember that I advised you not to teach practical lessons until the second term. You didn't listen to my suggestions and now there are consequences."

Thoros swallowed hard. The headmistress pointed out the pile of parchments.

"Complaints," she said. "Almost every important family of wizards and witches has sent a letter. Let me show you.

"Tywin Lannister insists that he won't allow us to mock at his family name and wants you to be dismissed. His daughter Cersei threatens to report us for risking her child's life. She says that she won't leave her first son in company of monsters, werewolves and murderers.

"Robert...Baratheon," she stopped for a second after pronouncing the last word. "Robert Baratheon, on the contrary, is perfectly happy with his son learning how to be a man. And Professor Tyrion is making jokes at his nephew's expense every time he can.

"Professor Benjen and Professor Edmure have called Eddard Stark and he is coming tomorrow to speak with his sons. He is very worried about the rest of the students learning about Robb's lycanthropy and about Theon's outburst.

"The Ministry has also complained. Targaryens and Martells ask why Daenerys has been allowed to attend the practical lesson. Although she is an extremely gifted witch for her age, she was supposed to attend the upper year lessons just as a listener. Besides, her Animagus condition was thought to remain a secret. A dragon is not an easy vision like a cat or a dog.

"The Tyrells are as angry as the rest. This is the first time I have seen Professor Willas enraged. He wants Theon expelled from Margaery's class.

"I have even received a letter from the Daynes asking about Beric Dondarrion, Thoros!" she finished. "Besides, we cannot forget the material damage and the fact that we were seeking for the missing boggart around the school building for hours. Thus, what do you have to say?"

"My apologies, Headmistress Melisandre, I am so ashamed," Thoros answered. "I never meant that to happen, but I have no excuses. It was a mistake -it is all my fault. I will resign from my post if it is necessary."

Melisandre grinned.

"Thoros, as long as I am the head teacher, neither an arrogant family nor the Ministry itself will tell me how to manage this school. The Lord of Light is the only authority I follow. I trust your skill and dedication and I will never compromise. Do not bother; they will not have a scapegoat. Nevertheless, you should be more careful from now on."

Thoros glowed and his expression changed to one of gratitude.

"However, I need to ask you some questions about what happened. Did Theon really try to use the Killing Curse?"

"Sadly, that is true. I am not sure if he really knows how to use it or if he has the power to do it, but he knows the charm. However, he was out of his mind. He is a good boy, he just has some sort of trauma."

"I did know about his past. Nonetheless, we have to be careful. I was among the ones that defeated Euron Greyjoy and I will not allow this boy to follow the same path. I want you to protect him from the temptation of the Dark Arts."

"I do, I will, I swear it on Beric's memory."

Melisandre held the teacher's hand for a moment.

"You should forgive yourself, Thoros. It was not your fault. You did your best to help him live after what that butchers did to him, and Beric decided to finish his misery with dignity. You shouldn't be ashamed for the gift that R'hllor has given to you. Anyway, I think it is time to tell the Daynes the truth."

Tears dropped from the teacher's eyes. Poor Thoros, his wounds haven't healed yet. Melisandre gave him a moment to regain his poise before she continued speaking.

"Apart from it, I have a bad feeling about the fact that Bolton's son's face appeared like the Dementor's. I'm writing a letter to the Ministry in order to start an investigation about what is happening in Azkaban. I never trusted those Boltons. They belong to the night. Their eyes reminded me of the Great Other's."

Thoros shivered at hearing the name, but the woman kept calm. I am the only one in the wizardry world brave enough to say our enemy's true name. The Lord of Light gives me the courage and the strength that others lack.

"Headmistress, Daenerys Targaryen saw R'hllor's enemy in the boggart and it took the shape of a dragon of ice immediately after. That was the moment she changed into a dragon herself."

"Red and black," Melisandre muttered. "Fire and shadows, fire's daughters. And she made the boggart surrender and fly away, without the Riddikulus charm."

She looked pensive. Then, she turned to the man.

"Thoros, you can go now. Do not worry about that lesson anymore. There are revelations in the strangest places."

He thanked the head teacher and left the office. When Melisandre was on her own, she stood up and walk towards the fireplace. She looked into it and a smile of hope and wisdom appeared on her face.

It has been worthwhile to have pushed those students a little further. The flames never lie -there are some special ones among them. And that one who is not only special, but the One we have been waiting for.

A glimpse of sadness glared on her eyes. She remembered another person she had thought to be that One, time ago. Stannis Baratheon. It was a mistake, my mistake and I hurt him. Where did you go, Stannis? Where are you now? Are you safe and sound? I cannot see you in the fires anymore.

However, that was no time for remorse. That was time for joy because she had finally found the answer. As she stared at the silver-haired girl whose image was dancing in the flames, Melisandre said two single words: Azor Ahai.

Notes: Although I know that Third year students at Hogwarts are around 13 years old, I've made the characters be a little older, around 14-15, and I've tried to keep the differences of age among them according to ASoIaF canon.

Notes: I wanted to show the boggart scene from the Harry Potter saga with some characters of ASoIaF and in a different way. It's not a crossover, there are no characters from H.P. School subjects and some creatures of H.P.'s world have been kept, while other elements have been changed.