A Queen's Worst Fear Comes True II

It has been a mere three months since the English people celebrated their King's marriage to Lady Anne of Cleves. This marriage came about after the King discovered that his former wife Lady Jane Seymour was barren.

- A Queen's Worst Fear Comes True II-

On a beautiful April day, Henry visits the wife's apartments to see her surrender by her ladies-in-waiting.

Henry says happily "My wife" as he greets his wife as he kisses her on the cheek. He knows that he is lucky to have her as his wife because he found friendship, love, and passion in a short amount of time.

"My husband" replies Anne joyfully at the sight of her husband knowing that they formed a relationship ever since their first meeting "You are dismiss for now" to the ladies-in-waiting around her.

"I have some news to share with you" states Henry knowing that this announcement will make her happy.

Anne says in response to her husband's statement "Of course dear husband and I have news to share with you as well" knowing that her news shall overshadowed Henry's.

Henry states happily "I have decided to have both Lady Mary and Lady Elizabeth be brought for a visit" at the thought of having both of his daughters at court once more then as an afterthought "Wife what is your news?"

Taking a deep breathe, Anne simply says "I am with child according to the midwife that I saw today will be born sometime in the fall of this year" knowing that this was the news that everyone at court was awaiting to hear especially her husband.

"That is wonderful news" replies Henry as he could have his desired heir in the royal nursery by the end of the year.

- A Queen's Worst Fear Comes True II-

The news of their Queen being with child was spread throughout court and to the common people. Everyone was ecstatic at the thought of a healthy heir for the English throne but for one family in particular. This family was the Seymour family especially Lord Edward Seymour and Lord Thomas Seymour when one of their own could have been the mother to the royal children.

- A Queen's Worst Fear Comes True II-

By the time of Henry's birthday celebrations this year, both Mary and Elizabeth were welcomed back at court until the birth of their sibling. However, what shock everyone the most was that the disgrace Lady Jane Seymour was serving once more as a lady-in-waiting in the Queen's household.

-A Queen's Worst Fear Comes True II-

Months went by since Mary and Elizabeth were welcomed back at court. In the middle of an November night, Anne felt the first pains of childbirth and Henry was immediately informed by one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting.

Mary was right by Anne side for the next eleven hours until a crying newborn enter into the world. As Lady Jane watches on knowing that if she was able to become with child that it could have been her.

-A Queen's Worst Fear Comes True II-

Moments later Henry enters into Anne's bedchambers with Elizabeth accompanying him. Henry sees Anne holding their newborn child in her arms.

Anne says joyfully "Mary why don't you tell your father if England has a Prince or Princess?" knowing that Mary was present throughout the entire ordeal of childbirth,

"I have a healthy baby brother" says Mary bursting with happiness as this child is borne to a step-mother that she thinks of a sister rather then a mother.

Henry whispers "I have a son" when Elizabeth asks them "What is his name?" in a childlike manner.

Anne says looking at her newborn child "Edward if that is alright with your father" knowing that it was a royal name but also one of her favourites as well.

"Prince Edward the Prince of Wales" says Henry prideful knowing that this Edward will have a better future then his own uncle. Especially his son was born on the same day as uncle that died in the Tower of London.

Everyone throughout England was celebrating the birth of Prince Edward.

-A Queen's Worst Fear Comes True II-

Henry and Anne of Cleves:

Edward - November 2nd 1538

John - January 6th 1540

Matilda - July 16th 1541

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