This Is a Stick Up

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A/N: OOC (Out Of Character) & No P.O.V's in this story! Total Drama never existed! They are all 20 in this story!This font is flashbacks.Beware this is a short story probably five chapters long.

This is a story about how a little robbery can bring four enemies come together to save each other, it all starts back in college when they all first met instantly sparks went off declaring war. There is the two girls Heather and Courtney:

"Excuse me" Heather said rudely because Courtney was standing in her way.

"You're excused" Courtney said not moving.

"Oh, real mature how old are you?" Heather asked.

"Twenty. How old are you because this is college not kindergarten" Courtney snapped.

"Twenty also and I actually skipped kindergarten for your info they said I was too smart to hang around idiots like you" Heather said making Courtney pissed growling no one calls Courtney stupid.

"I'm a C.I.T!" Courtney shouted.

"More like a B.I.C.T.-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence" Courtney ordered

"Why did I hurt you little loser feelings, is baby going to cry to her boyfriend oh wait that's right you don't have one because he dumped you for a weird Goth gir-AH!" Heather screamed as Courtney tackled her giving the ultimate smack down.

"Who's the loser now?" Courtney yelled in full rage.

"You!" Heather shouted rolling over and bitch slapping Courtney.

"You're going to pay for that!" Courtney shouted.

Then there's the boys Duncan the criminal with charm and Alejandro the manipulative heart breaker:

"Mi Amigo how are you, you know since you broke up with a 80 just to get a 20 in return" Alejandro told Duncan making him pissed.

"Did you know that Heather will never go out with you because she's to busy making out with all your friends" Duncan hit a nerve in Alejandro at this.

"You don't know what you're talking about I don't care about Heather" Alejandro said.

"Is that why you try to win her heart with cheesy pickup lines and goofy grins" Duncan laughed pointing a finger in Alejandro's face.

"Get your dirty finger out of my face" Alejandro demanded.

"How about you move it from my face" Duncan growled.

"Gladly" Alejandro said smacking Duncan's finger away from his view making Duncan charge at Alejandro but of course Alejandro dodges the blow making Duncan run into a desk. "Thought so" Alejandro said proudly walking past Duncan who trips him landing face first "I suppose I earned that" Alejandro said.

"You think" Duncan said dusting himself off.

Heather, Duncan, Alejandro, and Courtney never get along especially being in the same room together which is why they normally make sure to get lunch somewhere else that way they don't have to see each other at lunch. Although this time they might have made a mistake of all going to the same supermarket for lunch.

"Ugh do you guys have any turkeysandwiches?" Heather asked.

"No" the cashier said.

"What kind of place is this I'm taking my business elsewhere" Heather said storming off to the front door just for someone to walk in at the same time she was leaving to bump into her. "Watch where your going!" Heather said.

"Heather...?" Alejandro said.

"Alejandro...what are you doing here are you following me?" Heather asked.

"No I always come here for lunch" Alejandro stood up offering a hand to Heather.

"Me to" Heather rejected Alejandro's offer and stood up herself dusting herself off.

"Where are you heading?" Alejandro asked still blocking the entrance.

"None of your business, now move out of my way" Heather barked.

"Not until you admit you love me" Alejandro smirked.

"Fine. I love...myself" Heather finished smirking.

"I'm not moving until you admit you love me" Alejandro continued to smirk as Heather tried to move his rock hard body out the way failing.

...Meanwhile at the other side of the store...

"Yea so I had to beat her up, I know it's not the most lady like thing to do but-"

"Excuse me where's your sandwiches?" Duncan asked.

"Does it look like I work hereDUNCAN!" Courtney screamed the last part.

"Courtney!" Duncan shouted.

"What are you doing here?" Courtney asked hanging up her phone.

"Trying to get lunch why are you here?" Duncan asked.

"Same reason, but now I'm leaving" Courtney said walking towards the front door just to see a bickering Alejandro and Heather.

"Oh, yippee" Duncan said looking at Alejandro and Heather he's been following Courtney the entire time.

"I have to get out of here" Heather said still trying to wrestle through Alejandro who still wouldn't let her leave.

"You guys are a bunch of stalkers!" Courtney yelled making everyone glare at her then laugh.

"Who would want to stalk you?" Heather laughed.

"No way" Alejandro laughed.

"Been there done that" Duncan laughed hard.

"What's so funny?" Courtney asked hands on hips.

"You think we would stalk you that's the last thing on my bucket list" Duncan laughed.

"You guys are a bunch of b-"

"THIS IS A STICK UP!" the robber shouted at Duncan, Heather, Alejandro, and Courtney making them freeze...

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