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Heather, Duncan, Alejandro, and Courtney have been locked in the camera room for a day and a half some slept and some stayed up trying to concoct an escape plan. Courtney snapped her fingers making the rest wake up "how dare you wake me up? I need my beauty sleep" Heather complained it's one in the morning but of course they don't know that.

"That's true she needs all the beauty sleep she can get" Duncan agreed making Heather glare.

"I think you look beautiful all the time" Alejandro commented making Heather go a shade red but no one can see each other the lights are off and the sun is down.

"Why'd you wake us up prin... er Courtney" Duncan fixed his error.

"I have a plan but we need to work together and get out of these ropes and to do that we have to find each other and help each other out" Courtney explained her idea. Everyone is way too tired to object and they needed a chance and this one might work, the only downfall is that they have to find each other in the dark spaced out room they are separated far from each other.

"How do you suppose we find each other are hands are tied together?" Duncan asked.

"I can't believe I'm suggesting this but..." Heather gulped before continuing getting chills of what's about to come from her lips. "If we work together two of us meaning Alejandro and Duncan can use their 'strength' and move on the floor with their bellies while Courtney and I stay on your backs" Heather suggested.

"We can try" Alejandro shrugged moving his arms as well as Heather's.

"Whatever" Duncan said starting to move as well as Alejandro. Duncan admittedly hit a wall yelping and cursing in the process "who the hell put a wall in the middle of a room like this? Fuck shit, shit fuck this shit hurts!" Duncan said making Courtney, and Heather laugh making Duncan 'accidentally' bump Courtney into the wall.

"Ow! Duncan what the hell" Courtney struggled to hit Duncan shaking them both around. Heather and Alejandro weren't doing so well either they were arguing about the direction they were going.

"North!" Heather yelled.

"Where do you think I'm going?" Alejandro snapped getting irritated with Heather.

"I don't know if you can't tell were in the dark" Heather argued back.

"Fine then you lead us" Alejandro said switching spots with Heather rolling onto her back nearly crushing her.

"So, heavy" Heather said before collapsing making Alejandro smirk.

"Not so easy is it?" Alejandro said switching spots with Heather again and hitting a chair making him grunt in pain.

"No, but it sure as hell is fun to hear you in pain" Heather smiled.

"Enough guys now to speed things up I think we should go to each other's voices" Courtney said.

"Courtney... that's actually a bright idea!" Heather agreed with Courtney.

"Thanks I have a lot of them" Courtney said arrogantly.

"Marco!" Alejandro called out Duncan followed along.

"Polo!" Duncan called out. This went on for hours until finally "Ow!" Alejandro and Duncan said heads clashing together roughly making them collapse on the floor exhausted. "Now what?" Duncan asked.

"Heather do you still file your nails?" Courtney asked.

"Yea... oh, yea" Heather said taking her pinky and rubbing it against Courtney and Duncan rope until their hands were free a second time. Duncan stayed on the floor sleep and Courtney got up to help Heather. Then a few seconds later Alejandro rolled over still on the floor breathing heavy Heather stood up trying not to run into objects.

"Let's try to find the lights" Courtney said slowly walking away so did Heather. Courtney stumbled over something Heather heard Courtney's little gasp from her falling and started to laugh stepping back and accidentally tripping over a sleeping Duncan.

"AH!" Heather screamed but her scream fell short and the room silenced.

"Heather?" Courtney asked concerned by the silence she rushed and found the lights flicking them on revealing a sleeping Duncan and Alejandro and Heather who appeared to be kissing. "That's why it got quiet" Courtney said.

"Ew gross back off loser" Heather said getting off Alejandro dusting herself up but couldn't brush off the obvious red on her cheeks.

"Back off? You kissed me" Alejandro said getting up also.

"As if" Heather turned away.

"So you wouldn't kiss me again?" Alejandro asked.

"Nope." Heather said being stubborn and attempting to kick Duncan in the stomach. Duncan caught Heather's foot and sent her to the floor again as he stood up. "I hate you all!" Heather yelled and smacked away Alejandro's hand offering for assistance.

"Hate is a present from you" Duncan said leaning against a wall.

"No more bickering! Please!" Courtney shouted catching everyone attention. "Let's get out of here first then we can all go back to hating each other am I right!" Courtney yelled nearly breaking the lights.

"I love it when a girl takes charge. Bad ass" Duncan gave Courtney an approved look. Courtney searched around finding nothing that'll help them escape the room again. "To save time how about Duncan and I search around the room for things to open the door with Heather and Alejandro go try to open the door with something" Courtney ordered.

"Who made you boss?" Heather said.

"Obviously she did" Duncan said standing up for Courtney giving her a wink and smile making Heather stomp away towards the door.

"Thanks Duncan" Courtney said.

"No problem princess I never really told you this Court but I miss you" Duncan said.

"Yea, right" Courtney said.

"Seriously Court, Gwen is my type and all but we don't hit each other, or anything" Duncan said.

"Isn't that a good thing?" Courtney asked.

"No. I want to argue. I want you princess" Duncan said pulling Courtney into a very romantic and wanted kiss making Alejandro and Heather watch in disgust making gagging noises in the background.

"They make me sick" Alejandro said.

"Not as sick as you make me" Heather said.

"I know I make you love-sick" Alejandro teased.

"Please" Heather said still trying to open the door. Alejandro moved her aside and took his earring off sticking it into the door knob opening it and putting it back in his ear.

"Wow" Heather said surprised.

"Leaves them speechless each time" Alejandro said whistling over to Duncan and Courtney who were involved in a make out session. Right when they left the room the store is black and they didn't know what to do now.

"What are we gonna do?" Courtney asked.

What are they going to do? How are they going to do it? Will Heather and Alejandro make out already? What will happen with Duncan and Courtney? What if the robber catches them? R&R.