This Is a Stick Up

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Heather, Duncan, Alejandro, and Courtney looked at each other not knowing where to start nor finish. You could hear someone gulp "who's going first?" Heather asked, "the robbers gone".

"Why not you it's not like your important?" Duncan said.

"How about you!" Heather and Alejandro said in unison, "Stop that!" they said together again glaring.

"Let's take a vote all for Heather going" Courtney said and of course Duncan and her raised their hands this made Heather stick out her tongue at them.

"Let's take a vote for Courtney going" Heather growled as Alejandro and her raised their hands. "What happened to the team work huh Courtney or was that all a plan so you can just make out with Duncan?"

"Aw, what did you not enjoy your lip lock with Alejandro or something? Is that why you're so cranky?" Courtney said in a baby voice making fun.

"I'll show you cranky" Heather said looking at her nails.

"Please, let's just all go at the same time" Alejandro said.

"Why you scared to go alone?" Heather teased.

"Not as scared as you" Alejandro pointed out.

"You know what I'm sick of all you so I'm going it alone" Heather said walking away arms crossed.

"Good luck" Alejandro smirked making Heather grunt and walk faster disappearing into the dark. Alejandro, Duncan, and Courtney all started to argue making them all split up they all have different ideas using them as they went. Courtney's using a chip trail to find her way back if she gets lost, Duncan felt the rows of food so he knows where he's going, Alejandro used memory being arrogant, Heather used luck being stubborn. This lead them all together bumping into each other all at once "OW!" they all said together falling.

"Oh, forget this!" Heather said almost leaving again until she stopped because of Duncan's voice.

"You're seriously not going to try to go alone again are you?" Duncan asked rolling his eyes.

"No" Heather lied giving a fake laugh.

"We have to find the lights" Alejandro said.

"No shit Sherlock" Heather said making Alejandro smirk.

"You just can't help to comment on everything I do and say huh Heather?" Alejandro asked.

"Stop flirting for the love of god" Courtney begged.

"Well I'm going to use my lighter now" Duncan said lighting his lighter up and now staring at a glaring Alejandro, Courtney, and Heather "What?"

"When did you get this I thought the robber took all our stuff?" Courtney asked.

"He forgot to check my boxers" Duncan said making Heather and Courtney hold in their puke.

"Why didn't you use the lighter before you idiot!" Heather fussed.

"I... don't know actually I guess I forgot about it until Alejandro mentioned the lights" Duncan smiled.

"Idiota" Alejandro said.

"What'd you say pretty boy just because I have a lighter in my hand doesn't mean I can't do damage" Duncan said looking at an unimpressed Alejandro.

"Please no fighting-"

"Aw nice your sticking up for your boyfriend" Courtney teased Heather who she didn't let finish.

"Actually I was going to say please no fighting the wrong person. Let's kick Duncan's ass for not using the lighter sooner" Heather threatened.

"No one's touching my boyfriend!" Courtney yelled making Duncan smile towards her.

"Young love something you and I should have" Alejandro said to Heather.

"The only young love were having is my knee meeting your balls" Heather snapped.

"Feisty" Alejandro winked making Heather grunt taking Duncan's lighter finding her way towards the light and turning them on. Right when they turned the lights on a siren went off along with a bell and alarm making everyone glare at Heather.

"I can't go back!" Duncan panicked.

"I can't go!" Courtney panicked.

"They're going to think it was us nice going mi Amor" Alejandro said looking at Heather along with glares from Duncan and Courtney.

"Maybe if I turn the lights off it'll stop and the cops won't come" Heather laughed realizing her mistake turning on and off the lights even though the alarms and stuff kept on going.

"Thanks a lot I knew we should have let the robber shoot you and Alejandro" Duncan said making Heather and Alejandro glare.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't say that for your sake" Heather said.

"Guys we have bigger problems" Courtney said as blue and red lights flashed through the doors and windows of the store.

"This is the police come out with your hands up!" the police men used their megaphone.

"What do we do?" Alejandro asked.

"We hide" Duncan said everyone agreed except for Courtney running to hide. Courtney threw her hands up in surrender mode but Duncan ran back and picked her up running with her in his arms shutting the lights off again. Alejandro hid in the big freezer where meats stored, Heather hid back in the kitchen of the deli market in a cabinet, Duncan hid Courtney in an aisle covering her up with food on a shelf, and Duncan hid on top of the shelf watching the cops burst through the doors. Courtney covered her mouth because she couldn't stop crying and breathing hard because of the lights flashing on her as the cops talked. Heather didn't know how long she can take her legs being cramped along with her bones.

Alejandro can't take the freezer he thinks he might freeze to death. Duncan is the only one who is professional at this so he was the quietest of them all and the most patient. Things tensed up as Duncan looked at where his frenemies and his girlfriend were hiding he spotted them all because they couldn't take it no more Alejandro shivered so hard the door to the freezer shook like him. Heather's legs started to push open the cabinet she's in because she became cramped and need leg space. As for Courtney his girlfriend she breathed loudly letting sobs come through the air stopping the cops.

Duncan knew that they all have to make a run for it before it's too late so he did the best thing he could do "RUN!" This made everyone head for the doors busting out of their hiding spots. By the time they made it to the front doors they became surrounded Courtney reacted the same throwing her hands up along with Alejandro but Duncan and Heather put their hands out awaiting the cuffs. "I was framed!".

"Shut it punk!" a cop said booking them all except Heather who fought and Duncan who made a run for it only to be tackled and pushed to the store window.

"No you're not cuffing me in those cold hideous things" Heather said as the cops wrestled her down to the floor as she screamed in anger. "Watch it I'm fragile!" Heather shouted.

"You have the right to remain silent!" a cop shouted at the four putting them in the back of the cop car.

"Wait let us explain mi Amigo's" Alejandro said smoothly.

"Can it pretty boy! Tell it to the judge!" the cop screamed at Alejandro's.

"Judge! I'm a C.I.T trying to become a lawyer! I can't go to jail!" Courtney cried out laying on Duncan's shoulder who soothed her, the cops started up the car driving down to the big house. Heather struggled to get free from her cuffs not even paying attention to where they were. Alejandro pretended to not care to impress Heather. Courtney well you know is crying her heart out, Duncan is rolling his eyes at bawling girlfriend and waiting to see familiar faces and places.

The doors opened to the cop car as Heather, Alejandro, Courtney, and Duncan got pulled out roughly. "Welcome to the county jail this will be your new home until further notice" a smiling soldier said...

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