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"Sayu-chan, over here!"

I primly walked towards my older brother as I waved slightly to him without caring.

"Hey, be a little nice to your older brother, you're hurting me,"he said in a sarcastic tone, poking me in the cheek.

"Daisuke-ni san,"I threatened, flicking his finger away from my delicate cheek,"Just get to the point in why you called me."

"Alright, alright! Sheesh, my little sister is too cold sometimes.. Anyway, Naruto-ojisan just wanted me to inform you that the "Parent & Child Mission Event" is going to happen in two days. I'd really like to go, but Tsunade-hokage sama just had to give me a mission that then.."

"Ugh.. is it one of those idiotic events that ojisama made?"I scowled, having enough with the events that the sixth hokage always made.

"Um.. I think it's pretty cool this time. It's when you go on a mission with one or both of your parents for a week long mission. I heard you can choose C through A ranked missions!"

My ears perked up after hearing the last part as I immediately headed home, leaving my brother yelling after me. I was going to go for sure with my mom.

I stopped for a second and turned the opposite way to my younger sisters' academy so I could pick them up as usual. I scolded at myself for slipping my precious sisters out of my mind for a minute.


"I'm home."

"We're back!"

"Welcome home sweeties,"Mom greeted, stepping out of the mansion.

"Mom, did you hear about the event that's going happen in two days?"I immediately asked, smiling hopefully.

"Ah~ You mean the parent and child thing? Of course. You were going to ask if I could attend with you right?"she chirped with a sweetest smile in the world.

"Yeah,"I confirmed, admiring her strong form and beauty.

"Well, sad to tell you, I can't sweetheart.. I have piles of hospital work and missions until the next month.. How about going with your father? He's not planning any missions on those days."


"No buts, just spend time with your father. I know you want to spend time with me more than your father, but give him a chance sweetie. When was the last time you even had a proper talk or training with him?"

I was left speechless and couldn't even remember the last time I even spent time with him. Maybe mom is right..

"Now go on and ask him."

I flashed a quick smile at her and ran towards where my dad was as I sat next to him with glaring eyes. He silently sipped his tea while staring out into the distance of the lake of our personal large backyard.

"Hn?"he grunted, gesturing what I wanted with him.

"Can you attend the event that's happening in two days with me?"I asked, inching closer to him.

He sighed and grumbled something about Naruto-ojisama and turned his gaze towards me.

"And why are you asking this out of the blue?"

"I just wanted to spend time with my own father since I haven't gotten a proper talk with him in a while."

"Hn.. alright, we'll see. Now come here for a second, I want to ask you something.."he said, gesturing me to come closer.

I pressed my side on my dad's arm as I laid my chin on his shoulder with a curious gaze on him.

"Now look into the lake and tell me what you see.."he instructed, looking down into the clear lake.

I stared into the lake to see myself and three black koi fishes swirling around in the water like the commas in a Sharingan. I always longed to bear those eyes, but it was only given to those Uchiha with the inheritance of the Sharingan bloodline. All of my older brothers were those who inherited the bloodline and the lucky ones of course..

"I see a Sharingan,"I answered honestly, studying the koi fishes carefully if I was mistaken.

"Hn. I can tell you long for those visual powers."

"How can you tell dad?"I asked, still gazing on the restless koi fishes.

"What I see is the swimming black koi fishes while all you see is the Sharingan."

"Yes, you are right. When will it be my time dad?"

"...Sometimes, even if you long for something, you won't be able to gain it. But you will be able to if you're willing to work for it."

"Even if I don't inherit the bloodline?.."I asked sadly, my head hanging low in disappointment.

"Hn. No. That is not true. You have inherited the bloodline already.."

"Really? How do you know?"I asked again in astonishment.

"Because you are my child. Born and inherited of the Uchiha name and bloodline."

"But.. that does not tell if I am with the Sharingan.."

"Even if you do not bear the Sharingan, I know that you'll become strong even without it."

"But you never know."

"Yes, I do. Because you have the Uchiha bloodline flowing through your veins and because...you are my daughter. My own child who I have made and crafted."

I was speechless. Conversing with my dad in the longest of time had left a spark in my heart. I grew to love my dad and become more closer to him than I had imagined with my mom.

I blankly stared at him for a moment, then smiled softly and continued to chatter around pleasant topics with my dad for the rest of the day.

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