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The sage of DXD

Chapter one

The great sage of the races


"I am sorry sensei but there is no way around this they started this war now I must finish it" said an old man dress in all white with his grey bred going down to his stock

"I did not teach you to start a war with the fallen angles and devil. boy but it seems that even you can fall to hatred oh well look if you die I will watch over the angles for you ok boy" reply an man in his late teens dress in a ruin clock covering his whole body holding a long staff with six rings hanging off a big ring on top of it (think the staff that the sage of six paths has) his sun kissed blonde hair shined in the light of the sun as his purple eyes with 3 rings in each eye as they closes slowly while he walk away from the old man

{Time skip}

The same blonde clock wearing man was walking through a ruin shrine carrying a sleeping girl in his arms he looked over his shoulder to see a dead body of a woman who was the mother of the child in his arm he then lad the girl down in a summoning circle. As it started glowing the little girl woke up

"Mommy?" the little girl asked well trying to find her mother

"Do not worry little one I will make sure you see your mother soon when you see a man with red hair tell him that the sage sent you ok" said the sage paying her on the head as she teleported away in a flash of red.

"Now that done time to take the body" the sage said to himself as he slam his staff into the ground and a box appear around the body and suck it into the ground

"You can come out now Baraqiel you're late" yelled the sage as a middle-aged, gruff-looking man with black hair, matching beard and a muscular body flew down to the ground with his 10 black wings

"What do you plan to do with Shuri-chan body sage-sama" the now name Baraqiel as he ready himself if the sage attack

"I plan to bring her back to life but it will take some time my old friend I also sent your Daughter to the Gremory's house she be safe there I keep checking up on her if it help I do owe you from that time you save me from that army" reply the sage as he walk away from Baraqiel

{Time skip}

Walking the streets of the underworld the sage came cross a girl in a box she had white hair with cat ears on top of her head well shaking from the cold. What really got his attention were her eyes they hold so much sadness

"Come here little one am not going hurt you" the sage said well turning on his Senjutsu but the little Nekomata withdrew with fear from him using Senjutsu

"Oh you scared of Senjutsu huh it ok little one I will not hurt you" the sage said well turning off his Senjutsu the little Nekomata slowly walk toward him until she was standing in front of him

"What you name mister am Koneko Toujou" ask the now name Koneko as she look up at him

"my name is naruto-jubi no okami and am the sage from the time of old how would you like a new home I will take you there ok?" the now name naruto said as he hold out his hand to her. The Nekomata sniff his hand looking for any danger sensing no she took his hand and they walk off not knowing that a black Nekomata was watching the whole thing

"Please take care of my sister sage-sama" the black Nekomata said as she jump from roof top to roof top

{Gremory's house}

"SAGE-SAMA" shouted two young girls one with bright red hair and the 2nd with jet black hair

"Hello Rias, Akeno have you two been good girls" naruto asked them as he hugged them

"Hai sage-sama may I ask who this is behind you?" the red headed girl now name Rias asked looking at Koneko Toujou I was hoping you father could take her in and that you two could become friends" naruto reply as Koneko hid behind him

"Sure we can sage-sama come on Koneko let me show you around" Akeno said taking the Nekomata hand and running off

"Rias can u stay for a minuet I want to tell you something" naruto said as Rias stop and told her friends to go on ahead

"What is it naru-kun" Rias asked using her nickname for him

"I know about your crush on me and I going tell you when you get stronger that I will add you to my harem tell akneo the same thing please now if you mind me I have to talk to your father" naruto told her as he patted her head and walked away knowing that he made her blush

{Years later}

In the city of Kyoto an 18 year old Rias and Akeno was dodging fire ball that was being throw by a girl with golden blonde hair that is tied in a ponytail and matching eyes. She also has nine golden fox tails and matching ears. The sleeves of her haori features a giant red star-shaped pentagram on the sleeves, surrounded by five smaller pentagrams in between the points

"Give me back my mother you devils" the blonde girl yelled throwing more fire ball but the was suddenly stop when she was hit on the head by a staff

"That enough of that Kunou they here to see me" said a man with sun kissed hair and wearing a dress suit with a golden staff

"owwie am sorry otou-sama" the now name Kunou said well rubbing the lump on her head

"Hello naruto-sama long time no sees huh" Rias said walking toward him

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3rd naruto has two kids one is Kunou and the 2rd will show up in the riser arc

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