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The sage of dxd

Chapter 3

The sage and the snake

{Inside naruto's office}

Inside an office stood Rias and Sona. Sona is a young woman around the same age as Rias with black hair styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes. She wears a pair of red glasses and the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform.

"It good to have you at our school sage-sama" Sona said with respect in her voice.

"It good to be here Sona-san" Naruto reply from beside his desk

"May I ask why you picked to come to our school your well know for moving about a lot" Sona asked.

"one of my spies told me that the fallen angels are up to something as well as one of the 72 devil family have started to move I think you know what family I am on about" Naruto reply while looking over some paper that was sent to him.

"So they started to move. How long have I got until they show up sage-sama" Rias asked with a worried look on her face.

"Not long maybe after the full moon" Naruto replies standing up.

"Now if you two lovely ladies do not mind I have got a meeting with the angels. I will see you two tomorrow" and with that said he walked out the room.


Walking into two big golden gates that leads into a lovely green garden with all type of flowers and roses some of the roses came from his own house in the underworld. Naruto was met by two angels one was a handsome-looking man with long blonde hair and green eyes. He also has twelve wings growing from his back but unlike other Angels whose wings are white, his wings are colored gold: this is Michel the leader of the Angels.

The angel next to Michel is anextremely beautiful woman with curly blonde hair and a voluptuous figure this was Gabriel sister to Michel.

"Naruto-nii-sama welcome to heaven. It is good to have you here" Michel said with a smile on his face.

"It good to see you Michel and you too Gabriel" Naruto reply walking toward them he took a look around. Heaven is a beautiful place with all the flowers and trees. Naruto had to say he felt more at home here because it reminded him of konoha. Naruto walks over to the table that Michel and Gabriel were sitting at and sits down with them.

"So shall we start this meeting" Naruto said well drinking some tea.

"Yes, lets. I want to make peace with the fallen angels and the devils" Michel said getting right to the point as Naruto look at him in shock.

"What brought this on Michel" Naruto asked still shocked at what Michel said now Gabriel decided to speak.

"It's because a group had been growing in strength. The group is made up of all types of people; from angels to fallen angles to devil to even humans" Gabriel said as she took a sip of some tea.

"So khaos brigade is still growing in strength. Looks like Ophis is getting ready to fight. I might have to step in if this goes down hill" Naruto said to himself unlucky for him Michel hear him

"So you know of the group then nii-sama but what does the Infinite Dragon God got to do with the group" Michel asked as he looked at Naruto

"She is the one who made the group, hell she even asked me to join but I said no but then she attacked me. You'll think she know better than to attack the man who showed her how to use her powers ha ha" Naruto said as he got up from where he was sitting "well I got to go I have someone to pick up I'll will talk to the devils and the leader of the fallen angels and set up a meeting" Naruto says as he walk out of heaven.

{At a park}

As Naruto walk out if a white portal he suddenly felt two people hiding and following him. As he walked towards the middle of the park.

"You can come out now I know your both there so stop hiding and come out" Naruto said as two people came out from behind the trees it was a man and a girl. The girl is dressed in a gothic Lolita fashion. Her ears differ from a normal human's as they are pointed tips, although her long black hair makes that feature difficult to notice. This was Ophis the Infinite Dragon God. The man next to her was a handsome young man with short black hair. He wears a combination of Japanese school uniform and ancient Chinese attire this was cao cao the leader of the Hero Faction of khaos brigade

"So Ophis what done for you to pay me a visit like this" Naruto said as he looked at the two of them.

"I'll ask you one last time Naruto join me and help me kill great red or else" Ophis said as cao cao summon his spear.

"Or else what little girl you know not even the true Longinus can kill me because I can't die" Naruto reply as he summon his staff

"good thing this is not the true Longinus then this spear was made to seal you not kill you. You see this spear seals all type of enery inside it" cao cao said as he ran towards Naruto with the spear but it was stopped by a golden sword and two knives. The golden sword belonged to

Altria who was not wearing her suit but now was dress in what looks like armour in the shape of a dress. The style of the dress somewhat resembled a Victorian dress. It's primarily blue with golden lining. Her eyes were blue, like that of a midsummer sky, and strongly emphasised her beauty. She has long blonde hair but, more than often, is thrown up into a neat bun. The holder of the knives was a young girl with white hair and silver eyes. She wore skimpy and promiscuous clothing. Bandages were wrapped around her wrists. Thigh high stockings and corset completed the image and the black colour contrasted strongly with her pale skin. Her talent with knives were great and shouldn't be underestimated.

"Arturia, Jackie what are you two doing here" Naruto ask his knight and rook

"We felt that you needed are help master" the true name of altria being Arturia reply getting ready to fight

"No one will hurt my master" the now name Jackie reply as she got ready to fight

"So are you still going to fight me Ophis or are you and your little lackey going to run away" Naruto asked as he got his staff ready

"cao cao you handle the girls I will handle Naruto if things get bad come find me and we will retreat for now" Ophis tell the spearmen as she jumps away from Jackie trying to stab her from be hide her

"Jackie, Arturia keep him busy this will not take long" Naruto said following Ophis

{With Ophis and Naruto}

"So are you really going to fight me Ophis-chan after everything we have been through" Naruto asked as he jumped away from some pitch black snakes and hit them away with a smell black ball

"Naruto you are my oldest and first ever friend but if you stand in my way of retaking my home I will fight you" Ophis reply as she fires three more snakes at him only for him to block them with a black shield made from the black balls flowing around his head

"Look like there no talking you out of this huh ok then I will not hold back. COME AT ME INFINITE DRAGON GOD I WILL SHOW YOU WHY I AM KNEW AS THE SAGE" Naruto yelled as the black balls around him started to cover his body a minute they suddenly exploded. From the dusk of the explosion now strode Naruto his whole body changed.

He now had white skin with ten protrusion coming from his back five near his shoulder and five near his hips he also has a pattern of magatama on his back. One large one with a rinnegan-like pattern within it. On his mid-back he has nine smaller ones arranged in a row of three below.

"so this is one of your form's Naruto then let me show you one of mine" Ophis said as her body started to change her body started to grow bigger and longer until she was taller than the trees about the same size of a tall building. Her body was now long as 15 tree in a row her from was now that of a snake but unlike a normal snake this one had eight heads and tails it black scales was as dark as the night sky all eight heads looked at naruto

"So you token the form of Yamata no Orochi then huh damn that thing is still as ugly as I remember. It looks like I'll have to use that to even think of hurting you" Naruto said as one of the snake's head roared and shoot forward to attack him but Naruto summon his shield and blocked the attack and started to chant something.

"I am the bone of my sword

Steel is my body and fire is my blood

I have seen over a thousand weapons

Unknown to death nor known to life

Have withstood pain to save many

Yet have seen as many die in the flame of war

Now as I pry for them

Unlimited gears work"

Naruto chanted as the sky turned into a twilight colour as thousands and thousands of sacred gears started to come out of the ground from swords to axes to even hats. This is one of Naruto trump cards his Reality Marble a skill he picked up from a vampire he met a long time ago

"Is this a Reality Marble?" Ophis asked her as she saw Naruto picking up a sword. The sword itself was a Japanese katana with a green handle and what look like a snake head on the end of it and from the feel of it she knew the sword was holy then it hit her she knew that sword since it belonged to a god

"That the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi damn can't stand let that thing cut me or else am done for" she said as her body shoot forward to stop Naruto from using that sword but was stop when one of her snake heads was cut off shocking her on how easily that sword cut through her scales. She then turn right back into human from well holding a bleeding arm and falling on one knee she never knew Naruto had this type of power she knew he was strong but not this strong. She could not beat the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi the sword itself is made to kill snakes. She then saw cao cao running towards her with a broken spear

"Lady Ophis we have to fall back now or else we will be kill" cao cao said as he help Ophis stand back up as Arturia and Jackie ran to Naruto side

"This is not over yet Naruto you will join me just you wait" she said as herself and cao cao use a magic circle to vanish

"We'll see about that Ophis-chan" Naruto said as he fall on one knee from using to much power

"Master are you ok" Arturia asked as she helped her master up

"I am fine Arturia just used too much power. Arturia-chan thank you and you too Jackie now let go see what rias-chan is up to I feel her somewhere near by" Naruto said as Arturia helped him up

{Abandoned church}

Walking toward the doors of the church Naruto felt Rias and her peerage inside the church. As he opened the door he saw the same brown hair boy he saw with his fallen angle spy and by the look of it was about to kill her

"Arturia, Jackie stop him now" Naruto said as his knight and rook jumped the brown hair boy from behind and pin him to the ground

"What the" the boy said as he felt someone jump on his back he look up to see a golden sword and a knave on his neck

"ISSEI" yelled Rias as her and the rest of her peerage came in she was about to jump in and save issei until she saw who had him pin down

"No way why is the knight of golden sword and the rook of the mist here" she asked herself until she heard a voice

"Let him go now I will handle this" Naruto said as he walked past Rias

"Hai master" the two girls reply as they got off the down boy

"So raynare why is this boy now a devil and attacking you at that" Naruto ask letting his power rise more and more

"I was just following orders sage-sama really I was" the fallen angle now name raynare said slowly backing away from Naruto replied

"Is that true Rias" Naruto asked the red hair teen

"Hai she was because he had a sacred gear in him and a strong one at that. Not only that she have just killed a nun named Asia as well" Rias reply as issei walk over to her

"I see and why was I not told of this raynare" Naruto asked walking closer and closer to raynare

"if I told you they would of find out they had a feeling I was a spy and had me followed every time I went out them. I also got twilight healing before they could get their hands one it I can be useful to you sage-sama" raynare said trying to get herself out of trouble

"You broke my trust raynare now you will PAY" Naruto yelled the last part as a strong wind came in and knock her off her feet and onto a cross. She then felt chains wrap around her arms and legs as the cross was lifted into the air

"Now a little time in my kamui will show you not to break my trust again" Naruto said as a swirling distortion appears be hide raynare slowly sucking the cross that she is on into it

"NOOOOO please forgive me" she cried as the cross she was on was sucked into the distortion. All that was left was two silver rings with a blue-green gem on each ring.

"Now that is done why are you here Rias you know better than to come here where devil are weaken" Naruto said picking up the rings

"We came to save that girl but it seem we came to late" rias reply looking at Naruto

"Still you should of told me and i would of done something about it anyway your lucky the leader of the fallen angles was not here or an angle at that thing could of got bad for you and the devils" Naruto said as he picked up Asia body and handed it to his knight

"Hi what are you doing to her body" issei asked wanting to stop Naruto from taking Asia body but he knew if he try something he would end up dead within a minute

"I am going to take her to my house and bring her back to life as my Bishop. she will be at your school by the end of the week so please look after her when she there for me Rias and also be in my office with the brown hair boy tomorrow at 8 in the morning I will be having a word with the both of you" Naruto said as he and his peerage left the church

"So Asia is going be ok then? Will she be a devil like us" issei asked Rias as they watch Naruto walk out of the church

"Yeah she is going to be alright but she will not be a devil" Rias reply as she walked towards the door with the rest of her peerage

"What do you mean President" kiba asked

"When sage-sama adds someone to his peerage they do not change their race but get all the power ups of the chess piece that was used" Rias told kiba as they all walked towards ther homes

{Naruto house}

After getting home Naruto had Arturia put Asia into a bed to rest after bring her back to life as his bishop. Naruto was Now sitting in his study reading one of his books when he felt someone at his front door. Putting his book down and walking to his door he opens the door to see who would be here at this time of night

"Oh grayfia what are you doing here?" Naruto ask the women at his door. Grayfia is a beautiful woman appearing to be in her early twenties, with silver hair and matching eyes. Her hair, which flows all the way down to her back, features a long braid on each side with small blue bows at the ends, while the rest is let down, ending in twin braids. She was wearing she is seen wearing a blue and white French maid outfit with long sleeves and a white maid headband over her head, with red lipstick as a cosmetic accessory.

"It good to see you Naruto-sama may I come in" grayfia asked as Naruto let her in into the house and leaded her towards his study

"So why are you here grayfia how is little millicas" Naruto asked as he sat down be hide his desk

"He is fine thank you for asking Naruto-sama. I am here to ask you for help" grayfia said bowing to Naruto

"So the phenex's family is pushing for Rias to marry riser now huh" Naruto asked sitting back a bit into his chair

"hai Rias-sama have told us a numbers of time she does not wish to marry riser but riser is dead set on marrying her this might end up being a rating game" grayfia replied

"i will help but only if she lose to him after all can't keep someone i have my eye on marry someone else now can I. Like I did with you huh fia-chan" Naruto said with as he winked at grayfia. In the past before grayfia met sirzechs she had a huge crush on him since he was the one who showed her ice magic but after she met sirzechs she find out that it was only a crush and find what love really was

"Hai Naruto-sama thank you for your help I hope to see you at the devil next meeting" grayfia said as she summon a magic circle and vanish

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