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Sometimes it was like his life was going in reverse, playing tricks on his psyche, allowing him a chance to fix issues that had already happened and we're manifesting in somebody else.

Everything could have been different. But his life was moving in the wrong direction, preparing him for events that had already sucker-punched him.

Lilly Kane, the girl he had loved more than anything, murdered. Him, the dysfunctional and hopelessly jaded boy, unable to save her.

Veronica Mars, the girl he did love more than anything and forever would, constantly putting herself in danger. Him, the psychotic jackass and utterly cliched poor little rich boy with a death wish, walking into the River Stix, gun cocked and pointed, able to save her.

Everything could have been different. But he was learning and loving in the wrong direction.

Logan Echolls, innocent in circumstance but never in nature, hand to god facing an angry trigger. He cries like a little boy, aged too soon and seen too much, and wishes they would point the gun at his skull and end his life.

Lynn Echolls, the plastic blow-up doll of pretend mother, escaped, over the ledge of the Coronado Bridge. Him, the mean-streaked, programmed for disappointment son, unable to save her.

Cassidy Casablancas, murderer and rapist and victim all rolled into one, standing on the ledge of the Neptune Grand, asking for a reason to live. Him, aider and abettor and match that lit the fire, unable to speak.

Everything could have been different. But if his mother had asked could he have spoken?

Logan Echolls, victim and abuser and pitchfork wielding leader, drunk and teetering on the ledge of the Coronado Bridge. He turns to face a motorcycle gang, hell bent on his destruction. Shattered teeth and cracking lips is better than been swallowed whole by water. He doesn't speak to save himself, just to twist the knife in further.

Aaron Echolls, phony bastard with a raging temper and utter disregard for life beside his own, luring young girls and stealing their lives, capturing it on video. Him, the beaten and the broken, the damaged and deceived, erasing it. Daddy never needed Logan to save him. Logan never offered too.

Stosh "Piz" Piznarski, honest to god humble and decent good guy, caught in the crossfires of a war he would never understand, beaten and bloody, eyes asking why, desperately needing for someone to save him. Him, vision hazed red, knuckles cracking as they hit lips bleeding red, transforms into the monster as he beats the reincarnation of his own. He would not save him.

Everything could have been different. But he could never quite stand up against the big bad wolf, preferring to instead attack people weaker.

Logan Echolls, irrational and hotheaded to boot, scared of the demons that didn't hide under his bed but instead on the big screen, surrounding him, turned away by the love of his life for finally slaughtering the thing that haunted him at night, only committed to the wrong person. The oppressed becomes the oppressor, a role he'd already played before. Death would have been kinder.

Nothing could have been different. Who are you, to try and save them? You can't even save yourself. You don't even want to.