Grantaire smiled looking up to meet Eponine's gaze. She was also smiling softly, yet there was sadness in her eyes. She didn't know the whole story, only what she had gathered through Grantaire's words, but she could tell that even he was not sure on the truth of it all. But that did not really matter now, what happened was getting Gavroche back with his father figure and finally seeing a smile on his face again. She pressed a small kiss into his tangled curls, both reassuring him and herself. Everything had been so unclear, so confusing, and they had been working so hard to just get through it, to just live through another day, but maybe now they could have some stability, some sense of normality.

"Alright" Grantaire said standing up and looking towards the bedroom door "I will go and get Courfeyrac"

Taking a moment to look at Gavroche, sitting perched on the edge of the bed, Grantaire turned towards the door. He had somehow grown used to seeing the boy as this broken, fragile little thing, a lost little child that did not understand how the world worked anymore. He pinned so much love, hope and understanding onto this relationship, this father son bond he shared with Courfeyrac, that without it he had become a shell of his former self. But in that moment, Grantaire did not see that shell anymore. He saw flickers of that happy little boy, the child who had run through the streets of Paris without a care in the world. Maybe they could get through this after all.

Courfeyrac was sat brooding in front of the dying fire, staring at the embers as if they could give him all of the answers to all of his lingering questions. He was both nervous and frustrated. When he had looked up at the window of his apartment and seen that candle, it had felt as if his heart had dropped to his stomach. He had been so afraid that his poor Gavroche had fallen victim to his injuries, but now he knew that he was alive and recovering but could not just go into that bedroom and wrap his arms around him. He had spent so long thinking about the moment that they could be reunited, and he had never imagined that it would be like this. He had pictured walking through the door and Gavroche running to him, he had imagined that it would feel like all of the dark clouds had suddenly flown away and that was happiness in the world again. But now, he felt strangely empty. His boy was angry at him, disappointed by him, for he had let him down and Courfeyrac was struggling to see how he could possibly come back from that.


The young man jumped slightly in his chair, torn from his thoughts with the sudden mention of his name. He looked up to see Grantaire stood beside him, fidgeting with some uncontained eagerness. Courfeyrac felt as if his stomach was turning over, twisting and squeezing with anxiety. "Grantaire" he breathed "Is Gavroche alright? I know this all affair is a mess, and I let him down, but please, I need to tell…"

"Please do not fret, dear friend" Grantaire said placing a reassuring hand of Courfeyrac's shoulder "Gavroche is fine, I told him everything that you told me. I explained that this whole situation was Enjolras' and Combeferre's fault, and that you never intended to leave him"

"Thank you, Grantaire" Courfeyrac said, trying to allow that nervousness to ease away. "For that is the truth, if they had allowed me to stay, I would have come straight here, to be with him, just like I had promised him. Does he want to see me?"

"He does" Grantaire smiled "He wants to see his daddy"

Courfeyrac smiled, his stomach easing and his heart beginning to flutter. His boy wanted him, wanted him to his daddy again. He jumped from his seat and went to the door, for his future was waiting on the other side. He was not completely sure what his future held; he did not know where he was going to go from here. He had not planned for anything beyond this point, he had no plan for getting back out of Paris with Gavroche in tow, he had not thought that far ahead, but he had to live in the moment now. He slowly pushed open the door.


It is amazing how one little word can change one's entire perspective of the world. Since being pulled into that fiacre by Enjolras and Combeferre, Courfeyrac's world had been dark and lonely, but as he entered the room and saw Gavroche sitting on the bed, looking happy and, most importantly, looking well all things considered, his world was bursting with light again. Eponine sat beside him, supporting him with that sisterly love. It had been so long since he had seen him, it had been so long since everything had felt as if it was going to be alright. "Hello little one" Courfeyrac smiled going to the bed and kneeling before Gavroche "I am so sorry petit, so very sorry"

Gavroche took a moment to look at Courfeyrac's face, to marvel at every detail. His dark curls, now a lot longer and untidier than the last time he had seen him. His dark kind eyes, brimming with apologetic sorrow, and his rosy cheeks, just the way he remembered it all. "Daddy, is it really true? Did Enjolras and Combeferre make you leave me?' He asked, reaching out and putting a little hand of Courfeyrac's cheek, feeling that lovely familiar warmth.

"They did" Courfeyrac nodded "They do not understand and thought that it was wrong of me for wanting to come back here. But, right now, they do not matter. What matters is that I am here with you, the most important thing in the world. And I am so sorry that I broke my promise to you, can you forgive me?'

"Daddy, you are the bravest man I know" Gavroche said carefully leaning forwards to wrap his arms around Courfeyrac's neck. "You came back and made your promise work. I love you"

Courfeyrac shifted forwards, curling him arms around Gavroche's little body, smiling as Eponine helped Gavroche move into his hold. He stood holding his boy in his arms, turning to sit on the bed with Gavroche on his lap. "I love you so much my petit, and I am never leaving you again" he said pressing a kiss to his forehead "I hope I am not hurting you, are you alright?"

Gavroche nodded "Still a little sore, but I am strong" he said. The wound in his stomach did still hurt, although he was healing, and he was weakened by weeks of rest and little food, but that did not concern him right now. He had his daddy back and was happy settled in his lap.

"Of course, you are" Courfeyrac smiled, gently running his hand through the boy's messy curls. He looked to Eponine and Grantaire and mouthed a thank you. He did not know what they had been through since the night the barricade fell, he did not know how they managed to keep going through it all. But that was a story for another time. His main focus now was the small boy in his arms, nestling his head against his chest. He felt calm, and happy. He felt complete.