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Two years have passed and so much has happened since we decided to postpone the wedding. Ron, Hermione and Harry and Ginny got married in a double ceremony. I couldn't tell you who cried the most between Molly and Helen but I think Molly because she had not one but two children getting married at the same time. Bill and Fleur now have two beautiful daughters; Victoire and Dominique. Percy and his wife have a 3 month old daughter that they named Molly. Charlie is still single. (Go fig) Then there is George and Angelina. We moved out of the flat above the shop. George's mental healer said that it would help with his healing process and it has. We have a love Tudor house on the outskirts of the city. It is nice and spacious. If we wanted to we could have 5 children and they would still be comfortable but we won't talk about that. That is for another time. We expanded the workshop to the flat above the shop. Now we have plenty of room to invent new things for the shop. We also opened a shop in Hogsmeade and we are looking for real estate to open a third site.

The best part is that we are finally getting married. I finally get my July 15th wedding with all the trimmings. I am a ball of nerves the only thing I can think about is kissing him and then being announced as Mrs. George Weasley. We have been through so much together, but somehow we both managed to keep the other one grounded. The house looks so beautiful thanks to my mom and Molly. WE have over 1,000 lavender and yellow calla lillies in the back yard and on the archway that George and I will stand under. I decided to go with a nice bun and pin curls so that I can place a single lily in my hair. My bouquet is composed of lavender and yellow calla lilies and I decided that my bridesmaids should have either lavender or yellow. All of their dresses are form-fitting floor length off the shoulder lavender dresses trimmed in yellow. Originally when we agreed on the dresses everyone was ok with it but now Ginny who is 3 months pregnant with her and Harry's first child doesn't like the idea. All the groomsmen will be wearing lavender tuxes with yellow shirts and bow ties. I just can't wait to see my George looking all sexy. I haven't seen my love in two days. What with stag and bachelorette parties and final fittings there was no time.

Just then a familiar voice came as the door opened, "Angelina you haven't finished your hair yet", said Ginny.

"I am almost done, just daydreaming a bit."

"You don't have time to day dream," Hermione retorted.

"Besides mom will have my head our heads if you are not ready at least 45 minutes before the ceremony starts," said my sister Alexis. "Where are Alicia and Katie?"

"I haven't heard anything from them but they need to hurry." Just then I heard the sound of arguing coming up the stairs.

"Well it's not my fault that Oliver's mom was not home when she said she would be. I had to wait for his sister to come home and leave Taylor with her," Katie said.

"If you would have listened to me last night and made sure your mother-in-law was going to be there then we wouldn't be late now,'' Alicia said sharply.

"Ok you two, stop arguing. I will not have any of that on my wedding day"

"Yes now girls you need to get ready," Molly said as she entered the room.

"Angel why haven't you finished you hair," came from my mom behind Molly.

"I am almost done" I said with a smile.

"Almost doesn't count."

I put on my strap less off white dress with diamond embroidered on the top and a lovely train. It had a vail to go with it but I didn't want to cover my face. I wanted everyone to see how happy I was when I walked down the aisle. It was a bit fluffier for my taste but I had to please mom. She said that I was her princess and I had to look the part. We all went downstairs it was almost time to start. My mom and Molly gave me kiss on the cheek and they got ready as they were escorted to their seats.

Oh man suddenly I had a thousand butterflies in my stomach, but why I shouldn't be nervous. I have waited for this day for so long. I am ready. Why am I shaking? My dad came over and hugged me and said "as soon as I get you to him you won't be nervous anymore."

I hoped that he was right. I didn't want to faint when I got up there. The bridesmaid went out; Alicia, followed by Hermione, then Katie, Ginny last but not least Alexis. Victoire was cute but when she realized how many people were there she stopped mid aisle and cried. Fleur had to walk her the rest of the way. Finally the door swung open again and my father and I emerged. I heard the gasps and the comments of "oh she is so beautiful," but I was only fixated on one set of eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. He looked so sexy standing there with that beautiful smile and he let his hair grow out just for me. Molly hates it but I just love the way he looks with long hair. I know I am supposed to walk slow and graceful but I just feel like hiking my skirt up and running. Alas I will respect protocol and gracefully let my father guide me down the aisle. We finally make it after what seems like an eternity. My dad kisses me on the check and whispers "I love you in my ear", gives George a pat on the shoulder and steps back. I know I should be patient but why won't he just say those words. I hate all these formalities. I love George, he loves me, so go head and say you are now husband and wife.

"The bride and groom have decided to make their own vows. George you may start." Announced the minister.

He looked at me and smiled and said, "Ang, you came to me when I was broken in many pieces and I thought that I couldn't be fixed. You helped me through the worst time in my life. You looked beyond that whole one ear thing. You saw deep within. Even when I pushed you away you held and you never let go. you kicked me in the bullocks when I needed it and you pushed me to do better, not for anyone else but just for myself. I love you and I always will. Even when we are old and saggy I will still love you because I am your George and you are my Ang."


"Well how can I top that? We were put together by an angel many years ago but we just didn't catch on. It was only until he was called back that we realized what we felt. It took some time and a simple message to make us open our eyes. I have loved you since our sixth year at Hogwarts when you held me in your arms and sang terribly at the Yule ball. It was the most god awful thing I had ever heard but I knew that you had to be a bit sweet on me to attempt it. I wish that it wouldn't have taken the death of Fred for us to find each other but it brought us together. We healed each other. We have been there for each other and I love you so much George Weasley that it hurts not to be with you. We belong together and I don't see us being any other way. No matter what anyone has ever told you it was always you who I was in love with. It will continue to be you, now and forever more."

The minister went through his formality and then he turned to George and told him he can salute his bride and salute he did. That was bit more passionate for a wedding but I didn't mind. He finally said those magic words. "I now present to you Mr. & Mrs. George Weasley."

We were all smiles everyone came up and congratulated us. The reception was wonderful but all we could think about was the honeymoon. When all was said and done we made it to our honeymoon suite in France.

"Well Mrs. Weasley I know you said not to get you anything but I just had to."

I looked in the box and I was a lovely pair of earing, heart-shaped.

"Oh they are beautiful. I have a gift for you." I handed him an envelope and he opened it.

It read:

Dear Mr. Weasley,

This is to inform you that in six months you will have a new edition to your family.


Mrs. Weasley

p.s. If you don't get it I'm pregnant.

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