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"is this safe!?" Liz and Tsubaki shrieked as I opened the window

I heard the door click which meant Soul was about to come in

I pushed both of them out the window and jumped as green met crimson eyes

I blinked tears out of my eyes and turned

Forget about him I thought as I thought about the landing stay upright, balls of feet, feet first, roll when hit the ground

I landing perfectly and I heard groaning as I sweat-dropped when I saw Liz and Tsubaki in a pile

I helped them up immediately and I took out a few thousand dollars from my duffel bag and I stated. "we're going shopping"

Liz and Tsubaki's eyes sparkled and they started jumping up and down excitedly

I slung the duffel bag over my shoulder and we started walking

After a while, we finally got to the outlet mall

First things first, we change our looks

I dragged them away from the dresses and I grunted," we're gonna shop for outfits later"

They gave in and I led them to the hair salon

We waited and Liz got her hair done, she got blue highlights and her hair layered at the very bottom

Tsubaki stood up and she said." I'm going next. Time to leave the old me behind" Liz and I smiled at that comment. We already lost ourselves.

It took only a few minutes and when she showed herself to us, her hair was cut to her shoulders and her hair was a little bit layered but, not that much

I smiled and said," it looks so cute! Now, it's my turn" I stood up and Liz giggled and said." Didn't have to be so dramatic"

I grinned at her comment and acted like I was giving my life away like a person in a soap aprah

We laughed for that first time after our no good ex's tore our hearts from us.

I walked up to the lady with black hair and a sleevless purple shirt and piercings on her ears and nose

She instructed me to sit down and I did as told

She washed my hair and she asked what I wanted to do with my hair.

I thought for a few seconds

" die it orange to red, layer it to give volume, and… cut it to here" I replied as I used my hand to show a little past my shoulders

She did as told and afterwards blow-dried my hair so I could see her master-piece

I struggled an excited scream and she asked," how's this darling?"

I grinned so big it showed teeth," perfect"

I walked up to Liz and Tsubaki and they looked up from magazines

They gasped and smiled

My hair was down for the first time and my bangs were swept to the side.

She did perfect for my hair-cut

We paid for the hair-cuts and raced around

I paused at the crispy air made my breaths into puffs of air and I stood before a case and a red and black electric guitar is presented in the showing glass

"go ahead and get it! I also want to get some drums!"Tsubaki practically shrieked as she looked me in the eyes with excitement

"I kinda like this bass" Liz commented as she inspected a black bass hanging on the wall of the music store

She turned and smiled at me with a thumbs-up

I grinned and I brought out the mola

We bought the desired instruments and we carried the case of it along with dozens of shopping bags

We called a taxi and went to a hotel and checked in.

Lugging our stuff to our room, we struggled and Liz collapsed once we got into our room

Tsubaki and I sweat-dropped at the record time Liz fell asleep.

I checked on my phone the prices for a house.

I found a nice one with a pretty decent price as I grinned to myself

Knock! Knock!

I stood up and opened the door, he had blonde hair and golden eyes

A man my age stood there, I guess he was a maid, I think

He had a tick mark

He grunted," hi, I'm Jason and I'll be taking care of the cleaning and doing everything to your every needs, is there anything I can do for you?"

"so basically, you're a maid"

Another tick mark," no, just a person who will be-"

" If you're not a maid, why are you wearing a dress?" I said as I started laughing

He gained another mark

"please, is there anything you would like me to do, just say so" he retorded as his eyes were closed like he had a head-ache

"admit you're a maid" I commented

He blew, "LUIS, WILL! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! TRUTH OR DARE IS A STUPID GAME!" he shouted behind him with an angry voice tone

Two more guys appeared out of the corner of the wall and one of them held a camera

One had brown hair and blue eyes while the other had black hair and purple eyes,

They were laughing and the one with brown hair wiped a tear from his eyes.

They stood and walked over to us

"hi I'm will Jakara" the black haired one said as he held his hand out

"hey, I'm Maka Albarn" I greeted back

"oh lovely miss Albarn! My apologies for sir idiot's actions! I am Luis Soma! For your beauty is never in comparison to any other women in the world! I bet you and Jason will hit it off" he praised as he winked at me and kissed my hand

I laughed and Jason turned a bright shade of pink

"look, your reaction is tied to how you dress" I replied followed by a laugh

" looks like you're asking for a challenge" he stated as he raised an eyebrow

"sorry, I don't fight other girls"

Tick mark

"did they hit it off?"Luis asked Will

"I don't think that'd be counted as hitting it off"Will replied in a whisper

Tension filled the halls



"ok ok, break it up, anyway, that's Jason Kayana. And yes, he's the famous violin player from the Kayana music industries and from the band Resonance. Blah blah blah, weapon. And all that stuff" Will broke in using hand-motions

I look at him and I said," you know, I might know someone who's perfect for you" he smirked and Liz came to mind

Luis looked more like Tsubaki's type


"hey, wanna play truth or dare with us?"

"sure, just let me get my friends"

"are they girls?" I rolled my eyes at Luis comment

"yeah" I replied as I woke them which they didn't feel to thrilled about

"I call dibs on the girl with the cute blue eyes and blonde hair" Will whispered to Luis

Luis smirked and whispered back," as long as we agree that the girl with black hair is mine"

Jason and I got a tick-mark

" you know we can hear you guys" me and Jason said in unison

Luis grinned," I think they hit it off" he said to himself


"hm, haven't done that in a while" I said to myself as a grin crept on my face

"great Maka! We have to carry him now!" Liz complained

I rolled my eyes as we all carried Luis to their room

His eyes fluttered open and he groaned and asked," what happened?"

"you got hit by a flying book" Tsubaki replied as I smiled

He stood and pointed an accusing finger at me and said dramatically," you!"

I rolled my eyes as Tsubaki was the only one who was giggling

He grinned at her and bowed to her and said," lady Tsubaki, may I say you have an eye for humor, or ear. Anyway, you're my goddess, my savior, the very caring women who makes this cruel life worth living"

He kneels to the ground and says," I'm not worthy! To be in front of you! Be sharing the same air as you! Oh I bow before your beauty and ask this very woman, if she'll go out with me"

She smiled and she said," of course, I never met anyone who would break down and praise me like a person. I give thee permission" she grinned at her own impression and Luis grinned at her crazily.

"oh happiness fills within me and-!"

"yeah yeah, you're happy, shut-up now" Will commented

"tsk, tsk, tsk, my dear friend, you haven't found your love yet so you're not happy, don't bring that sadness to milady and me"

"you little-!"

"just leave him" Liz says to calm down Will.

Click Liz and Tsubaki are acting the same way they did to Kid and Blackstar.

I looked as Will through a tantrum about how stupid this was and Liz comforted him and told him he was right and it was ok.

Luis was like Blackstar, he was wild and needed Tsubaki only, he praised her, not the other way around,

I almost tripped

Shit! I thought as I almost landed on my face

Long rough arms caught me and I looked up to see Jason, he smiled and said," it's not cool to let someone fall, especially a girl I like"


"it's not cool to let someone fall, especially the girl I like" Soul said as he caught me in his arms once I tripped. I was so stupid, I let myself fall in love with him.


I had a choice to give him a sign yes or no

I smiled at him and I said," it was pretty cool to have a guy I like catch me and tell me he had the same feelings" I said and he grinned back at me

"you think they hit it off now?" Luis asked Will

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