When she was ten after a traumatic event, Justin Fury ( the daughter of General Nick Fury and a mutant mother) is told that she was The Avatar, a mighty spiritual being that is reincarnation that controls the five elements, ( Water , Earth, Fire , Air and Energy). There is prophecy that the world would be destroyed by a powerful mutant and it was up to her to stop it. Now she must join the X-Men to continue her training and find the mutant. Can she save the Earth ? She hopes she doesn't let the world down.


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** = telepathic conversation

~ ~ = self conversation or talking oneself

Chapter 1 The Avatar Has Returned

Metempsychosis (Greek) : the passing of the soul after death into another body either human or animal

Kodiak, Alaska

"Come on J pedal faster," Justin Fury breathed out loud to herself. She was going as fast as her 10 yrs. old legs could go on her BMX. She had been healing training with her grandmother all day and when Justin arrived home around 6p.m., she noticed her mother, Nina Clearwater, had not returned home from her flower shop in town.

When she wasn't taking care of flowers and plants, Nina was the reservation's high school's science teacher. She could control, talk and grow plants. She looked like the Batman villain Poison Ivy with her green hair, eyes and skin with vines. Because of her mutation, her mother had to wear her image inducer bracelet that Justin's' dad, Nichols Fury, had Forge commission for her.

Bored with summer vacation already, Nina decided to try something new. Her cousin Mia and best friend/ college roommate Susan helped Nina open a small flower shop in town that grows and sell rare plants. Money wasn't a problem for the family; Justin's father provided well for them and had established a bank account and trust fund for Justin when she turned 21. Her mother, being hyperactive and fiercely independent, wanted something to do instead of being bored on the reservation. The shop was a huge success because it was very hard to find various flowers or plants in Alaska. Nina would work in the greenhouse while Mia & Susan worked up front with the customers.

Though Justin's grandparents and father did not like that her mother had opened the shop instead of staying at the reservation during the summer, they did not stand in her way. She was happy in her new profession and never missed a day. Justin, on the other hand, worried about her mother every day. She knew that with the constant watering of the flowers and plants, there was a risk that her image inducer would short-circuit and the townspeople would know she was mutant. They knew that there was racism against mutants and some people wouldn't like the idea of a mutant owning a business or even living near/in their town.

With her mother not home at her usual time, Justin had a bad feeling that her mother was in trouble.


The great people of the Alutiiq tribe were the descendants of Princess Yue(A/N) of the Northern Water tribe during the time of the Avatar. The members of the tribe knew the story of how the princess gave up her life to help Avatar Aang and her people. Soon after her death, Yue's brother and sister started to have children with blue eyes the color of the ocean and white hair. So every other generation, children in the family inherited Yue looks and became powerful water benders, Justin being one of them.

Nina was indeed happy to have a human daughter but she knew there was something special about her and she would bring good to the world.

"Why did I have to be a mutant? Why I couldn't be a water-bender like my parents or the rest of my people?" Nina would ask herself sometimes in despair. She was grateful that her daughter wasn't a mutant. Justin was biracial, half Native-American and African-American, and took features after her grandfather. She had honey colored skin, white hair and blue eyes. She and Justin's father were not married and she was just 18 when she gotten pregnant; so the elders on the reservation looked down on her.

Justin's father Nick Fury worked for the government and they met when she was in her sophomore year in college. She had just turned 18 and wanted to party. Susan had gotten them some fake IDs and they hit a club called Justin's. She saw this tall, dark and handsome guy giving her the eye as soon as she hit the dance floor. They danced and talked the rest of the night. They exchanged numbers and began dating.

With his secretive job, the time they spent together became less and less. Finally after four months, Nina got tired of Nick blowing her off and decided to end their relationship. A couple of weeks later, she began to get sick and she was late. After the third day of constant nausea, Susan came into the bathroom

"Take it!" she said as she handed Nina a pregnancy test. Five minutes later, they looked down and saw two pink lines.

She was petrified. Here she is the only daughter of Chief Takodu unmarried, eighteen and having a baby by a man who barely had time for her, let alone a child. When Nina broke the news to Nick, she thought he wouldn't want to be in her child's life but he was delighted. Due to an injury at work, Nick was told by his GP/doctor that he couldn't have children. He told Nina that their child was a Godsend. Little did he know how true that statement was.

Back when Nina meet Nick, her features were normal with copper skin, brown eyes and long black hair. Her mutation did not manifest until after she gave birth to J-Bear as she was known to her family. They wanted to give their unique daughter a name that would match. They decided to name her after the club where they first met. Most people on the reservation didn't treat Nina any different. There were a few other mutants but they weren't visible ones. Nina was most likely treated well because she was the daughter of the chief; yet she was still given funny looks when she left home without wearing her inducer.

When Nina went the shop in town that morning, 20 miles away from the reservation, she had an uneasy feeling. Yesterday her inducer had got wet and stopped working. She thought she saw someone looking in the greenhouse when it happened. The day went by fast and there wasn't anything out the ordinary so she thought she was in the clear.

Nina decided to stay late and help Mia with the inventory. When they were done, Mia went on home and Nina closed the shop. As she was leaving, there were three men waiting in a jeep parked across the street waiting for her to come out.

"You sure she's a filthy mutie?" Dan said lighting up a cigarette.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Andy replied, sitting in the back seat looking at a Playboy mag.

"I went to that shop yesterday to buy Molly some flowers for our date that night. I went to the greenhouse just to see if they had some different flowers. That's when I saw her. She has holding her ugly bracelet or watch and it had electricity coming from it. Then she changed into a fucking plant."

"That shit freaks me out!" Dan grunted, almost choking on the smoke of his cigarette.

"Well, whatever she's using to look normal must cost some money" said the last guy Ed, licking his lips while looking at her through the window of the shop using binoculars.

"That's a fine nice piece of ass even if she's a mutie injun."

"I say we have some fun with her. What ya say boys?" Ed said with a big evil grin.

"Hell Yeah!"

"We with you Ed!" the other two men chimed in.

"Well boys, here she comes!"


"Come on J you're almost there. Just keep peddling!" she told herself, "I'm coming Mom!"

It was getting dark when she finally made it to the flower shop. Luckily John, a friend of her grandfather, was going into town and offered her a lift in his pickup when he saw her on the road.

She walked up to the shop with her bike and saw that her mom's jeep was still there but the shop was closed and all the lights were out.

"That's weird!" Justin said. She went to the jeep and saw her mom's purse lying on the ground as well as blood.

"MOOMM! Please answer me!" she screamed. When there was no response, she began to panic.

"CALM DOWN J. DON'T FREAK OUT! DON'T FREAK OUT!" she tried to calm herself, "I need to find a phone and call the police." She headed to the payphone next to the shop.

"911. What's your emergency?" the voice inquired on the phone.

"My mommy is missing! I went to her job and couldn't find her and there's blood on the ground and her purse too!" Justin cried into the phone.

"Calm down, honey. I'm going to send the police right away. I need the address of your mom's job."

"5436 West Porter, next to Dean's Bakery! Hurry!" said Justin.

"Stay put! Help is on the way Honey! Hello! Hello!" Justin already threw down the phone.

"No one is helping! Maybe I should try to find mom myself? G-Paw taught me loads about tracking when we used to go hunting…..I'm little, but I'm a granddaughter of a chief…I can do this if I try…."

"I'm coming Mom!"


The Woods

With the use of her tracking skills, Justin headed to the woods near the back of the shop. She stood still when she thought she saw some lights and heard voices.


When Justin heard her mother scream, she took off.

~My water bending is not powerful but I hope it's enough to help her. Good thing I always keep a water sack with me.~

When she finally reached the spot, she froze. Her mother was in her normal form on the ground naked with a big white man on top of her and she was screaming. There was also two other big white men who were laughing and enjoying the show.


The three men turned to see where the voice was coming from. "Well lookie what we have here. A little mutie come to save her mommy," Ed said with a smirk as he got off Nina. "Kinda dark to be an injun. You must be part colored. Told ya this injun mutie was a whore."

"LEAVE HER ALONE! SHES HUMAN! J-BEAR RUN!" Nina cried, her voice hoarse "SHES ONLY 10!"

"Yea think we stupid. That half-breed has white hair and blue eyes, I've never seen a normal little kid with pure white hair," Ed spat at Nina. Then he turned and looked into Justin's eyes, "We done playing with yea mommy. Now's it's your turn girlie!"

"NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO! LLLLEAVE HER ALONE!" Nina shrieked, begging for her daughter's life.

"SHUT UP BITCH!" Andy said with a kick to Nina's side.

"We are going to give her a good old beating, and after…we'll hang her! Then we will come back to you," said Ed.

"Let's play, half-bred mutie!" said Dan as he and the other three men turned.

The three men didn't notice while they were yelling at Nina, that the young girl's eyes started glowing white and a light blue aurora surrounded her as she started to rise into the sky. The three men froze in place. "ENOUGH! YOU WILL NOT HURT ME, MY MOTHER OR ANYONE ELSE AGAIN!" a chorus of voices rumbled from the little girl's mouth.

The three men's eyes grew as wide as their mouths as they stood, dumbly looking skyward. Suddenly, the ground started to shake and then there was a blinding blue light.


The Avatar temple somewhere in Antarctica

"Sir! Sir!" the monk cried running into Sage Wei Shen's study. The leader of The White Lotus looked up from the book he was reading. "What's wrong now?"

"The statue of Avatar Aang!(A/N) Its eyes are glowing," the monk huffed.

Wei stood and said "After all these years, the Avatar has finally returned."


Princess Yue was the sixteen-year-old daughter of Chief Arnook, ruler of the Northern Water Tribe. After the death of Tui, the Moon Spirit, during the Siege of the North, she sacrificed her life to replace it, and became the new Moon Spirit. wiki/Yue

Kodiak, Alaska- is a real island in Alaska that is home to the Alutiiq Native American tribe.

Avatar Aang is the previous Avatar before Justin. He was an Air-bender and The Avatar the Last Airbender is based off his life.

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