This drabble was written for the Bludhaven Summer Tournament Fiction Challenge.

Catwoman loved the night, running the rooftops, using her whip to fly from building to building. But she truly loved stealing, no, not stealing, acquiring beautiful things. She only took from those who could stand to lose them.

Approaching the skylight, she cut a careful hole and dropped inside the stately home of millionaire Bruce Wayne. Wayne had a nice collection of family diamonds that hadn't seen the light of day in twenty years, which was a pity. She had decided to tweak Bruce and get a little payback for his ignoring her lately. She'd heard that he was in Dubai on a business trip, so this should be easy. If he was a good boy, she'd let him ransom the diamonds back.

She crept through the conservatory and into the house. The safe was in the library, she recalled. She removed the picture from the wall, a nice shot of Bruce and Dick, and went for the safe.

"Selina, you really shouldn't be doing this," a male voice said from behind her. "What would Bruce think?"

She whirled, to find a smiling young man dressed in a black jumpsuit with blue accents. He sounded vaguely familiar….Wait, hadn't Dick Grayson taken on a new persona? Nightbat or something?

"I thought the little bird had flown the coop," she said, tensing into a defensive crouch. "Mind you, the new outfit does things for you," she said, licking her lips. "You're all grown up now, aren't you?"

"I like to think so," the young man smirked. "But back to business, Catwoman. Diamonds are a no-no. I'm here to slap your paws if you try to steal them."

"Surely you'd never hit a girl, Night-bat or whatever you call yourself now," she purred at his look of pain.

"It's NightWING, thank you. Now are you going to leave quietly or do I have to call Commissioner Gordon's men?" Nightwing asked.

"Party pooper!" she muttered and stalked towards the door, running a quick claw over his shoulder as she passed him. "If it weren't robbing the cradle, we could have some serious fun, though," she cast over her shoulder.

To her delight, she saw Nightwing's reaction to her suggestion and giggled all the way to the manor door where Alfred stood ready to let her out.

"Teasing the boy? I'm surprised at you, Miss Kyle!" Alfred said.

She grinned widely. "Tell him he needs to add a cup to that costume or he'll be even more embarrassed next time! Ta!"