Lost Evening 3

Dick Grayson, age 16, reached around the huge bouquet of roses and pussywillows to ring the doorbell. He hadn't been to Selina's apartment in ages, but he truly owed her for the favor she'd done him and this was personal.

The door opened and Dick peered around the bouquet. Selina had a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin on her face as she caught his eye.

"For me?" she asked, nodding towards the bouquet.

"Absolutely," he said and thrust the bouquet into her arms. "I...uh...wanted to thank you."

"What for?" she purred. "Did I do a favor for you? Or for a little bird?"

Dick blushed. "Both of us, actually. First, you never told Bruce that you saw Barbara and I in the Rolls joyriding when he'd expressly told me not to touch the car..."

She smiled more widely, showing teeth. "And?"

"And...uh...Babs and I...we...uh..." Dick's red face grew even brighter, then burst out the rest of it. "Babs wants her underwear back. Do you think you could...um..."

Selina reached behind the door and presented Dick with a tiny pair of panties, clean and neatly folded. "You aren't going to tell Alfred whose panties these really are, are you?" she asked. "I'd like to leave him guessing."

Dick put the panties in his pocket and grinned back. "Oh never, Miss Kyle. I'd never kiss and tell."