Selena sat again at the tiny table at it Ettore's waiting for Bruce's arrival. She had to chuckle at the way these things had turned out. She had not intended to create the web of mistaken assumptions that had gotten Dick Grayson a black eye and a fight with his girlfriend, nor had she meant to embarrass Bruce Wayne. Not intentionally, anyway.

Selena pulled a pair of silk panties from her purse and admired the fine embroidery that decorated them. A simple pattern of tiny leaves and tendrils was repeated throughout the fabric. The panties were edged in delicate handmade lace that concealed small roses and ivy leaves. She sighed. The panties weren't hers, nor would she dare to wear them, Bruce having told her the name of the true owner.

She thought back to the lunch she had had yesterday with Bruce and smiled a catlike smile. Bruce had leaned forward, a look of panic in his eyes. "I can explain," he had said. "You can tell yourself who these panties belong to. For God sake, look at the embroidery, look at the lace, look at the color of the goddamned things!"

Selena had picked up the panties and did just that. A slow smile began to grow until she smiled a Cheshire cat grin at Bruce.

"However did you get away from her?" She laid the panties back down on the table.

"She was collecting millionaires at that time, seducing them, stealing their money and then murdering them. I set myself up as a target and… And…" Bruce's face was flushed. She had rarely seen either Bruce Wayne or Batman stutter with embarrassment.

"It's not as though we are exclusive," Selena purred. "I don't mind if you get it off with another woman."

"We were driving home from a late dinner when suddenly she was in my arms, totally naked. I threw her, and her clothing out of the car and hightailed it back to the Batcave to take an antidote," Bruce said in a low voice. "I was lucky that I didn't let her kiss me, or I'd be dead now."

"It looks like you missed some of her clothing," Selena purred. "I'll see to it that these get back to their proper owner."

Bruce Wayne stood up, a look of relief crossing his face. "Thank you, I appreciate that." He turned and walked away.

Selena chuckled and ordered herself another iced tea. Half an hour later one of her good friends strolled by the table. "Hi there," Selena said. "I think I found something that belongs to you."

Poison Ivy reached over and picked up the pair of pale green silk panties. "Oh, thank you so much! I hope it wasn't too much trouble?"

"Not so much," Selena said, her eyes twinkling. "You will be glad to hear that they did cause some Batman some inconvenience."

"I couldn't have hoped for more," Ivy smiled, tucking the panties away into her own purse. "Where did you find them?"

"I'm sorry but I can't tell you," Selena said. "This kitty doesn't kiss and tell."