Cyber Trainers

Disclaimer: I don't own NCIS, Pokémon or any other shows or movies mentioned in my story. And I make no money from my fanfics. Oh and I know next to nothing about fixing or hacking computers so I'm just make up the problems and solutions in the story.

Summary: Timothy McGee helps an old friend with what they both believe is a new game design project. But they both get more then they bargain for.

Pairings: Tim/OFC, Leon/Jackie and more to come.

Warnings: Language, Slash and Het

Bashing: Abby and Gibbs


Two trainers faced each other across the freshly repaired battle field. The battle that happened before the current one had destroyed the arena completely, with the help of a rampaging Steelix and an out of control Nidoking.

The female on the Red side had black curly hair just passing her shoulders. Her smooth caramel skin brought out her red colored eyes even behind her glasses.

The outfit that the girl had on was; a white button up shirt, a black tie with red PokéBall outlines on it, black jean pants, a pair of red tennis shoes with white laces and black fingerless gloves with one white PokéBall outline on each backhand.

The other trainer was a male and had light brown hair. He had light tanned skin with glowing blue eyes.

His outfit was made up of; a blue short sleeve shirt with a yellow PokéBall outline in the center, over a long black sleeve shirt, a pair of blue jeans and a pair of blue tennis shoes with yellow laces.

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the final battle of the Unova League. In the Red side we have Christina Vance a two time League Champion. And in the Green side we have Timothy McGee also a two timed League Champion.

Now this isn't the first these two trainers had to face each other in the finals. For the past five years these two trainers have battle their way thought all League Championships. Let's see who will be battling the Elite Four and Champion of the Unova League! Trainers on the count of three release your first Pokémon.

One...Two...Three Battle!"

"Go Tox," yelled Christina when she throw her PokéBall in the air.

With a flash of red a Scolipede enter the once Pokémon less battle field.

"Let the Aura guide you my friend."

And with that a Mienshao joined the Scolipede in the battle ring.

But let's go back to the beginning of this tale before we see the outcome of it.

And before you comment I know that McGee has green eyes the reason for the blue eyes will be explain later on in the story.

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