Cyber Trainers

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Chapter 3

Arecus use Kid Size

"Welcome, chosen one."

A deep strong voice was the first thing that Tim heard when he opened his light green eyes. Only for him to wish that he hadn't done so. From what he was able to see the whole room was bathed in a white glow.

'Am I dead' thought Tim as he got up from the floor.

A small chuckle sounded behind him. Tim turned quickly around only to trip over hisown, now oddly large shoes.

'What is it with humans thinking that death has come when in a white room?' asked an amused voice.

"Who's there?" questioned McGee as he got up off the floor. With Tim now standing upright he noticed that his clothes were too big and long for him. He looked like a kid in his father's clothes.

'My name is Arceus. And you Timothy McGee are in the Hall of Guardians.'

"Why am I in the Hall of Guardians?" asked a confused thirteen year old looking Timothy McGee.

Time Skip

Place Unknown

With a start Tim woke up from the weirdest dream that he can remember having. Something about having to save the Pokémon and human world from Team Parallel.

As he was about to dismiss the odd dream, he saw Chris sleeping in the chair next to the bed he was in. But she looked more like how she did the first time they met if not a bit older.

Before Tim could find his voice to wake up Chris, Jimmy walked into the room with a tray of food.

"Oh good you're a wake."

After Jimmy, Chris and Ziva had recounted their own tale with the mysterious creature Arceus to Tim and his to them. They decided that they all couldn't of had the same dream. So either they were all crazy or they really were in a Parallel Universe.

With dinner done and having a look around the five bedroom house they were in Tim decided to stay in the room he was in.

Even with Oak's Lab being just three miles down the road they decided that since it was already dark out, it was a safer idea to wait until morning light. They each had been instructed to do by Arceus so they could get their chosen a partner.

After saying goodnight to each other the four teens got ready for bed early wanting to have an early start for the next day.

Pallet Town ~ Oak Lab

Professor Samuel Oak had just finished feeding all the fire type Pokémon dinner, when he saw a green glow go over the back forest.

"Celebi." whispered a shocked Professor Oak.

Real World

While Tim and his friends settled in for the night the computer that transporter them to the odd new world, begin to act odd in its own way.

What is happening to the computer?

I know that the chapter was short but I hope to make a longer one next.

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