"And The ball comes straight at him! Robin launches his Baseball bat right at it!" Tim Drake commented himself, roundhousing a Thug who was stupid enough to run at him. "It's a homerun,Ladies and Gentlemen! The crowd goes completely wild! Fans everywhere give him their boisterous praise!"

"Quit wise-cracking and just knock them out!"

Tim rolled his eyes at Lightspeed, who tossed a bad guy into another."Bossy,Bossy, Bossy! I'm starting to see what Mass Master is trying to tell me!"

"Oh-Ho! Look who's Talkin'!" Julie smirked and smacked a guy. Hard. "Who had me make him a sandwich with certain specifications while grumbling?"

"I was Allergic! "Tim pushed a thug to Julie. "What about that time you were teaching me to make a scarf and the pin fell on your foot?"

"I wasn't being bossy!" She landed a perfect kick on the thug, making him the final one." I was in pain. You mix things up."

"Sure I do!"

Then, something came out of the warehouse. He glared at them with beady little eyes and his hands twitched near the sub-machine guns strapped to his holster belt. He growled menacingly, for it was the terrible and Deadly...


That's a monkey...

"...That's a monkey..." Julie announced, receiving a shrug from Tim. The monkey jumped up and down, screeching.

"I'm not just a monkey!" It shouted.

"And it talks." Tim shrugged again. "Well, if a lion can do it, so can an ape."

"Actually, Monkey's aren't apes." Julie pointed out.

"Shut up!" The monkey yelled. "You brats are interrupting the dealership work of Hit-Monkey!"

"Hit-monkey? You're doing the drug trade? How does anyone take you seriously?" Tim smirked, and crossed his arms. Hit-Monkey grinned.

"Like this."

Julie moved quickly to lift Tim in the sky before bullets could litter him. Then, she launched the boy at the simian and Robin followed up by knocking him out. Robin gave her a small smile.

"...uh, thanks."

"No problem. I only saved your life."


"You want me to apologize, don't you?"


"*sigh*...Fine. Sorry for saying you were Bossy."

"There, was that so hard?" She asked, then pecked his cheek. Tim stared at her, making her tilt her head slightly.


"Did you just..."


"...you seem awful Non-chalant about this."

"And you seem to have a crush on me."

"I do NOT!" Tim blushed. "...but if I did, does that mean?"

"Yep. It does."

Tim tried to contain his excitement. "Uh, okay. Cool."

"Yeah." She playfully punched his arm, then walked to the pile of thugs. "Now let's give the police a present."

Tim rubbed his arm, smiled very widely, and followed his first Girlfriend.