Quentin Has A Secret


Quentin Lance was tired and no closer to catching the Hood, which was making him pissed.

He threw the folder down on his desk with a huff of anger, and then scowled as two cops at their desks gave him strange looks, and they quickly turned their eyes away. He sat down on the edge of his desk and ran a hand through his hair, trying to figure out where to start next…

…and then he heard an accented voice he hadn't heard in nearly five years.

"Quentin Lance…you haven't changed one bit."

He looked up and a broad smile crossed his lips, something that was rare, and immediately left his desk and enveloped the man before him in a hug.

"Robert Banner! What the hell are you doing here?"

The pale-haired British man, who was four inches shorter than him, slowly pulled back from the hug, gave him a broad smile, and then tilted his head to the side.

"Well…I have a new job, and part of it has led me here."

"And what new job would that be?"

Robert smiled and said, "Interpol." Quentin let out a low whistle of surprise, and Robert continued. "We believe a serial killer from London has made his way to Starling City, and they sent me to look into it as I happen to know one of the lead detectives on the force."

Quentin smiled again and said, "Yeah. You do."

Robert's smile turned slightly mischievous, and he gave Detective Lance a quick once over with his eyes and said, "Yes…I most certainly do."

Quentin ducked his eyes, and then quickly glanced around the precinct, hoping that no one noticed the look and let out an inward sigh of relief, and then looked back up and gave Robert a wide smile, unable to keep from grinning.

"Good to see you again, Robert. How can I help you with the case?"

"Well, you could start by giving me everything that you have so far on the murders."

The detective nodded and stood up from where he'd been sitting on his desk, and then slid into the chair behind his desk, and quickly flipped through some files, trying to find the right one for his friend, eager to help him out on the case. After a moment, he said, "Aha!" and handed Robert a thick folder.

"There you go…everything we've got on the cases so far."

As he spoke, he realized that he couldn't seem to keep from smiling. No matter how hard he tried, the damn grin wouldn't leave his face.

Robert flipped through the file, his eyes completely focused on the pages in front of him, not noticing the smile on the detective's face, which was fine with Quentin, as he suddenly felt very self-conscious and looked away.

And then his phone rang.

He pulled it out of his pocket and flipped it open, answering with a clipped tone.

"Yeah? What do you want?"

There wasn't an answer, and the ring was still going. And that was when he realized that it was his other phone. The one that was his only connection to the Hood. He quickly snapped his own personal phone shut and slipped his hand back into his coat and pulled the other phone from a hidden inside pocket.

He said nothing as he picked it up and was rewarded with a low, raspy voice saying, "So…Robert Banner is back in town. Take advantage of it, Detective. You're going to need his help catching the man who has already killed two women in two nights."

"Wait, how do you know-"

He cut him off.

"It doesn't matter how I know, Detective…what matters is that you have a serial killer on the loose, and a sick one at that. I can tell you this about him: he's ambidextrous and has a tattoo of a pair of scissors on the inside of his left wrist. Give Robert Banner my best."

And with that, he hung up, leaving Quentin feeling disoriented. He was pissed off, annoyed, and grateful. Correction, he was annoyed and pissed off about the fact that he was grateful to the murderous bastard. It didn't matter how much good the man did, he was still a murderer. But it seemed he was still a decent guy and that irked him to no end.

He closed his phone and tried to ignore the inquiring look from his old friend, but Robert then said, "Who was that? A romantic interest, perhaps?"

Quentin barked out an incredulous laugh.

"Yeah, right. More like a parasitic annoyance," he said, rolling his eyes. "But it doesn't really matter. I just got us a lead."

"And that would be…?"

The detective gave Banner a smug look.

"Your serial killer has been spotted. Apparently, he's ambidextrous and has a tattoo on the inside of his left wrist of a pair of scissors. That should narrow down the search, don't you think?"

Robert nodded, crossing his arms over his chest and then said, "Yes, yes it does. However, it does not answer the many questions in my mind right now…such as, why do you have a second phone? And why, when you answered it, did you not say anything? And then, of course, the ultimate question…why is it that you say that it wasn't a romantic interest when even I know that glimmer in your eye means you like something about whoever was on the other end of that phone?"

Quentin looked at him in shock, not quite believing what he was hearing.

"Are you kidding me, Robert? That was most definitely not a romantic interest-"

He cut him off, his tone severely scathing.

"Quentin, I don't like it when you lie to me, let alone anyone else, but it simply pains me when I see you attempting to lie to yourself. Whoever it was on the other end of that phone obviously intrigues you in more than just a passing fancy sort of way. I know you, Quentin…more so than anyone ever has."

At that, the detective flushed slightly red, and Robert continued.

"And I know that look in your eyes. You may not know it, but you are lying to yourself so well that I'm afraid that you don't even realize it's happening…"

Quentin shrugged it off and said, "Yeah, well, we don't have time for any of your psycho-analyzing right now, okay? We've got a serial killer to track down."

Robert simply nodded, and the detective sighed as the man finally let it go. Thank God. Robert could be like a dog with a bone sometimes, and he couldn't let any thoughts distract him from tracking down the serial killer that was now in Starling City. He could only hope that he would catch the Hood, as well, in the process…

And besides, Robert didn't even know what he was talking about.

He did not have any interest in the Hood other than putting the man behind bars.

But if that's true, whispered an evil little voice in the back of his head that for some reason sounded like Oliver Queen, then why are you hoping that phone will ring again?

He brushed the thought to the side and got to work. He had enough problems in his head already…there wasn't any room for any more, so why was Oliver Queen now pushing his way inside of his head as well? And why wasn't he hating it as much as he should?

Again, he brushed it to the side.


He needed to work.

Part 1/?

A.N. - Bonus points to anyone who knows who Robert Banner is based off of! So...how should I continue it? Should he end up having to talk to the Hood face to face? Should Robert Banner meet the Hood himself? What should come next? I'd love your input!