Heidi had woken up in the hospital a few hours later. She had been disorientated and confused, and so when the nurse came in and told her what had happened she didn't believe it at first. When it finally sunk in she just sat there doing nothing. She could feel the tears fall down her face but didn't make a move to wipe them away. She heard the nurse tell her that they had called her emergency contact, which she knew was Dean, and that he was on his way. She still didn't reply. She heard the door close quietly as the nurse left but she didn't move, just sat there staring at the wall. She was still sat like that when Dean arrived.


He got the call when he and the team were in the middle of a friendly game of poker. When he heard it was the hospital he got up from the game and moved away, wanting some privacy. The only reason the hospital would be calling is if it was something to do with Heidi. He was the emergency contact for three people: Heidi, Chase and Lachie. Chase and Lachie were right in front of him currently fighting over whether Lachie was bluffing or not, so that meant it could only be Heidi. The worried feeling he got was only made worse when the nurse on the phone told him that she couldn't tell him what was going on as she thought he should hear it from Heidi. He told everybody that he was calling it a night and would see them tomorrow, even though he knew that he probably wouldn't. He arrived at the hospital in record time and found his way to Heidi's room. He knew it was bad when he saw her sitting on the bed with tears streaming down her face.


Dean entered the room and went and sat in front of Heidi on the bed. She moved her head so that she was looking directly at him. He wasn't expecting to hear what she said.

Heidi: 'I had a miscarriage.'

Dean: 'Heidi,'

She broke down. She started crying and couldn't stop. Dean took her into his arms and held her as she cried. He held her for what seemed like forever until she stopped and he knew she was asleep. He laid her back down on the bed and quietly left the room to go and speak to the nurse. The nurse said that she hadn't told Heidi the specifics yet as she wasn't sure how Heidi would respond. She told him that it looked like Heidi had been about eight to nine weeks pregnant which fit with her conceiving just before she and Jordan broke up. It wasn't uncommon for women to not know they were so far along in a pregnancy, some could go four months without finding out. Dean had to sign some paperwork that allowed Heidi to leave first thing in the morning and afterwards, went back to Heidi's room.

He sat next to the bed and watched her sleep, trying to understand how so much could happen to this one girl who had never done anything wrong in her life except get together with the wrong guy. He felt helpless, not being able to take away any of the pain he knew she felt and would feel when she woke up. He made himself more comfortable in the chair and settled himself down for a long night. He wasn't leaving Heidi's side for a minute until he could make sure that nothing else would happen to her to cause her any more pain. Right at that moment, he never felt so much hatred for Jordan in his life, not because he had gotten Heidi pregnant and started all of this, but because he knew that Jordan wouldn't care about the fact that she had miscarried. He never wanted to become a father, he had made that fact well known among everybody at the station and so knew that if he found out it would just add to his ego. Which is why he was determined that Jordan wasn't going to find out, not unless Heidi wanted him to know.


It had been six days since Heidi had had the miscarriage. When Dean had brought her home, she had been better than he thought she would be. She hadn't sat for hours looking out the window not saying anything, and that was what he feared would happen. When that happened, it scared him because he didn't know what she was thinking or what she was feeling so he didn't know how to help her. All he could do was wait until she came out of it and just be there for her up till then. This time was different though. She had still been feeling dizzy when they left the hospital, but the nurse had told them that it would stop in a couple of days when she had recovered. Until then Heidi was to be watched closely in case she collapsed. She told Dean what had happened, how long she had been feeling sick and why she didn't tell him sooner. He had listened and not interrupted, and after she had finished he held her as she cried again.

Since then she had been okay. She stayed off work for three days, and Dean had just told Michelle that Heidi had gotten an infection because she had been doing too much and not giving herself time to heal and that the doctor had recommended taking a few days off to rest. She had gone back in on the fourth day and was strictly limited to extra light duties. Basically, she wasn't to do anything but sit at her computer and do paperwork. Heidi hadn't minded though; she said that she quite liked doing paperwork now; especially as it meant that she could take some of the pressure off of Vince, and to be quite honest, he had been in an exceptionally happy mood since Heidi had taken over that part of his job for him. Overall she had dealt with what happened pretty well.

Dean was even more proud of the fact that she had managed to go the past couple of days without letting Jordan get to her. He had been a typical jackass and had brought his most recent hook up to the station under the pretence of forgetting something. Really it was just to parade her in front of Chase and Lachie who had told him that he really needed to give women a break. They were also getting a bit annoyed with Jordan's recent antics and had already voiced their opinions to Dean, Heidi and the rest of the team. Michelle had agreed that if he kept it up she would have to talk to him again about the station being a place of work and not a show arena for him to parade women. They had had a good laugh about it while Jordan had been out with the same girl he brought in.

Later that evening the past couple of days had finally caught up to Heidi; she was so tired and exhausted that she had collapsed while they were cleaning up after dinner. Dean was stood right next to her so he was able to break her fall, and he took her into the lounge and sat her on the sofa. He got her a glass of water, brought it back in and supported her as she drank a little bit of it. Afterwards Dean decided that they needed some quiet time so finished clearing up, turned the television on and sat down next to Heidi on the sofa. She had pretty much recovered by the time they went to bed but had developed a temperature. That night Dean didn't sleep, instead going to check on Heidi every hour to see if her temperature had gotten worse. By the morning it had gone, just a repercussion of the collapse, and so he finally relaxed knowing that she was okay.

But he had no idea of what was going to happen two weeks from now which would reveal to the team Heidi's secret. He had no idea that everybody was going to find out what Jordan had done to her and he also had no idea that it would turn out to be the best thing that could happen. Because the event that will reveal everything will turn out to be the one thing that convinces Heidi to confront Jordan. It will help her to find peace and finally put to rest her feelings about him and the miscarriage and move on with her life. This event will help her to heal. And Dean will be there for her every step of the way.