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Bump in the Road- Chapter 1

There it was. That little pink positive sign every foolish teenage girl dreaded to see. I sighed and threw down the little pink plastic rod in frustration. This couldn't be happening to me, not now! Not because of... Him.

After our Total Drama contracts finally ended, we all went our separate ways, a couple of months ago everyone met up to celebrate a year of freedom... But one thing led to another and... Well I guess you get the rest of it.

It was his fault in the first place with his glowing green eyes and his devious smirk and his... Seductive Latino voice- SNAP OUT OF IT HEATHER!

I want to hit myself for falling for him in the first place, I shouldn't have let my guard down. I'm 18 now! That's basically an adult, but this little incident clearly proves that within me is still a dumb little child who should have known better.

Taking in another breath, I stood up off of the toilet lid and looked around the bathroom, trying to think of ways to get around this problem, the majority either included razors, bleach, alcohol or cigarettes. All of these concepts however were things I would never have the guts to go through with. After that, I quickly picked up the little white stick of evil and disposed of it so as my parents would be none the wiser, I couldn't risk them finding out until it was absolutely necessary.