SORRY First Kick Fanfic so please don't insult me TOO hard!

Chapter 1

Kim Crawford walked into Seaford High for the first time in two years. Two years since she's seen her ex-friends and ex-team.

"Two years," She murmered as she watched the students flee in the buliding. When Bobby Wasbi Karate Dojo closed because Rudy lost the rent. It's now a Black Dragon dojo. Just thinking the name made want to strangle them.

Here she is, with a new look with a new personality. Today her blonde hair had a blue streak as she rocked a graphic tee with fingerless gloves stripped red and orange and gray skinny jeans and camo converse. Her brown eye liner was smudged as always. Her skate board was worn from all it's rides around New York City. Now it takes on Seaford. People barely noticed her. Just the way she liked it. She walked in and past the "Popular Table" And saw Jack Brewer. Figures, he was always the center of attention. From the looks of it he grew out of the scrawny skater boy stage.

"Remember when you used to skate," Asked Lindsay.

"Yeah, I was such a loser too, I mean really? Karate? Pretty stupid!" said Jack tears threated to fall from Kim's eyes. As she walked by the "Nerd/Geek Table" She heard Milton Krupinick (spelling?) say he was the best of acdemics and all of that stuff such as that.

"Then Ella McGreen actually thought she could beat me! Ha that's like Jack Brewer not wanting to play soccer," It's happened before. She passed the Jock table and saw Jerry Martínez showing off a new dance routine.

"Now 5, 6, 7, 8" She heared him count the beats. She sighed. As she passed the Uncatagorzied Table with Eddie practically dominating this random dude in a food eating contest. Tears fell freely as she got her book and went to first period.