Chapter 1: What's Up With Laney?

Corey's POV

We were jamming to the music and Trina complaining to us as usual.

I just strummed the last note on my guitar.

"That was wicked guys!" I said turning to my exhausted band mates.

"Yeah Corey. Let me just-" Kin said before crashing on his keyboard.

I walked past him and put my guitar on my guitar stand. I sat on the couch and closed my eyes.

"Wow, that was a long practice. I'm going to Belchies." Kon said walking near the garage door.

"Hold up, I wanna come! How about you, Lanes?" I asked Lanes. She was putting her bass guitar in her case.

"Sure, I would like to-" Lanes' phone dinged. She looked in her phone.

"On second thought, I got something important to go to." She checked her phone again. She laughed and text something back.

"Um, bye guys." She walked out the door with her texting.

"Uh, is it me or is Laney keeping something from us." I said looking back at Kon and a half awake Kin.

"Dude, you're just over thinking things. Maybe it was something like a family get together, or she has to get home." Kin said putting back his glasses after cleaning them.

"Yeah, right. Laughing and texting to your 'family get together' invitation."

"Just forget it. Lets to to Belchies for cheese fries!" Kon said. The twins ran out the garage with me walking behind.

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