Chapter 4: Try A Way To Break. . .

Corey's POV

"What?!" Carrie nearly screamed. "When in hell did Lenny go out with that bassist?!"

"I dunno. But I just found out that they were dating today." I said.

"No, wait. I know what you're doing. You're trying to side track me into something else so I will get lost in my music. Lenny will never date Lamey." She crossed her arms. "Plus, you don't have proof."

True. She won't believe anything in her damn head until she saw evidence. I was thinking until I heard laughter.

"Come!" I said. I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind a bush with me.

"Ew, Riffin! You touched me-" I put my hand over her mouth before she could say anything else.

"Shhh, look."

"Really?" Lanes said in between laughs.

"Yeah! Kim was working on an invention and then it exploded everywhere!" Lenny said putting an arm around Lanes.

I looked at Carrie and she gritted her teeth. I could tell she was pissed, and so was I.

They sat down on a bench across from where we were hiding. Shit. I can't move until they're gone.

"So, what now?" Lanes asked.

"How about this?" Lenny started to kiss Lanes.

Carrie was about to scream until I covered her mouth again.

"But, Corey. He is kissing her!" Carrie whispered after I put down my hand.

"I know. This is what I was talking about."

We looked back at them, and Lenny is now working his way to Laney's neck. Laney groaned with pleasure. Lenny pulled away and smirked. He just gave her a hickey.

"Hey, I gotta leave. My mom wants me home in five minutes." He said getting up.

"No, already?" Lanes got up too.

"But hey, we could meet tomorrow. I'll pick you up after your band practice." Lenny said spreading out his arms, ready for a hug.

"Ok. See you, sweetie." Lanes said taking his hug offer.

When they walked different directions, Carrie got up and yelled.

"WHAT THE FUCK LENNY?!" I was glad no one heard that.

"Urg! We have to break them apart." Carrie said.


"I don't know!"


There was silence until Carrie spoke.

"I've already got an idea!"

"Really? What is it."

"I'm going to tell you tomorrow. Just don't tell anyone else if you already did"

Carrie turned and ran away. I turned and walked towards my house.

Whatever this 'plan' is, I hope it'll help me get my Lanes back.

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