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Clockwork once told me that time had different options. Almost like alternate endings, there are also alternate timelines, different universes in fact! I've also been informed you know one of these 'alternate timelines'. One of the ways that the story I'm about to tell you could have gone. Except in your version I'm not in it.

Now I don't know how that's possible considering in my timeline I'm such a part of the action. I guess I'm mostly just miffed to know the universe could have gone on without my help and sacrifices.

Anyway Clockwork wants to record how my universe is so different then the others. So he's instructed me (since I'm part of the reason the universe is so different) to record the differences.

Now I don't exactly know how things went in your version of the timeline, so a simple venn diagram is going to be a tad difficult. And long lists of facts will just get boring. So instead I've decided to express my data and differences through a narrative. Sure it will take a while but hopefully it's more interesting then a list and will cover more bases. Also I'll be doing this through a voice recording, because it'll take less time and it seems more fun to me. Plus I got a new recorder I want to tryout. Yes Clockwork will get his report, but with my own personal touch.

But anyway where do I start? Oh wait just reread Clockworks request. He wants me to talk about Danny. Well I guess that makes sense that's where most of the craziness in my life really started to come out.

For you see my life has always been confusing, and absurd at times. Half the things that have happened to me seem like something out of a fairy tale! Scratch that, it's more like a ghost story. One told by the fire on a cool crisp fall night. But I digress.

I guess things really began to change the night I moved. But I've moved multiple times, so more specifically I mean the night I moved to Amity Park. See that's where Danny comes in, well where he comes in eventually.

It was a Tuesday, if my memory serves me right, and my mom and I were driving in my mom's old pick up truck. Yeah my mom's kind of into that sort of thing. Trucks, country music, and stuff like that had kind of been her thing after we spent three years on a farm in Alabama.

I remember it had rained most of the way to Amity and the sound of the heavy raindrops on the roof and low drone of the radio had lulled me to sleep. My mom had to shake me to get me up. Something I wasn't too happy about since the leather front seat and my large cotton jacket had suddenly become so comfortable.

"Look Jenna-bug! It's Amity Park!" My mom said excitedly. She leaned foreword over the wheel to get a better look through the windshield. She bit her lip excitedly as she passed a large sign. 'Welcome to Amity Park!' It proclaimed in large font.

I stretched out and yawned. As I pulled my jacket tighter around me I realized it had stopped raining. I looked over at my mom who still looked really excited. She was practically shaking! She turned to me with happiness in her brown eyes as bits of her black hair fell out of her messy bun. "I'm so thrilled to be back here," said my mom happily.

Oh yeah I guess I forgot to mention that part. See before most of the moving around my family did, apparently we had originally lived here in Amity Park till I was three. Then we had to move because of my dad's job. He works for some big shot tech company that caused us to move a lot. Of course his job was only half the reason we kept moving.

I turned to see what my mom was so excited about. It looked like a normal town, normal city, normal buildings, normal park, normal trees, normal puddles, and normal people walking around. Just like every other place I'd ever been to, well at least they had been normal till I got there, but that's beside the point. Besides maybe this place would be different, my mom had assured me it would be. Boy were we both wrong! If anything it only got weirder.

"Look sweetie!" I turned to see a building I just knew I was going to hate with every fiber of my being. "It's your new High School!" I groaned. Again a typical school building, large, brick, and with large windows, the place was crowned with two things a flag and a sign declare the dreaded place to be none other then Casper High. I slowly sunk into my chair as we drove by.

I glanced back to see my brother drooling in the back seat. Jamie's baseball cap was crooked and he was slumped up against the window. He was only seven, and an adorable pain in the butt. He had inherited mom's black hair and my dad's green eyes. Jamie had fallen asleep by the time we'd left New York, our last place of residence.

Before we headed to our new house my mom had me go run into a pizza shop and get us two sausage pizzas, two sweat teas, and an apple juice for Jamie. I paid the teen behind the counter with a twenty and skipped over the puddles to the tarnished blue truck. I placed the pizzas on my lap and the drinks in the cup holders; I buckled up quickly and turned to my mom.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Ready." She said in reply, we both broke out into evil grins as my mom shifted the truck into gear.

Several minutes later, I was sipping my sweat tea when my mom suddenly turned and parked on a street corner. She looked out across from me and smiled, "There it is." I turned. Outside my window was our new house. It was an old brick house that sat on the corner of the street. Its angled roof and wooden fixtures gave it, in my opinion, character. It was almost eccentric. No it was eccentric, and I loved every bit of it!

In a haze I opened the door and hopped out of the truck, pizza's and ice tea still in hand, leaving the sleeping Jamie inside the truck. As I stared at the house in awe my mother appeared next to me. We both stared at the house is I said, "Are you sure it..."

"Yes." My mom broke in. "I had it checked. Both this house and the town are completely clean." She turned to look at me. "But you still want to do a run through don't you?" She sighed. I turned and nodded with a weak smile. I handed her the pizzas and my drink.

I walk up to the house and stopped when my hand found the old brass knob. I turned back to my mother and gave her a pointed look. "What?" She said a little too innocently. I waited. My mom rolled her eyes, "I'll wait out here till your done," she sighed. Satisfied I smiled before entering the house. Per my usual routine I began with the basement and worked my way up. Peeking into each room to make sure it was empty.

I discovered that the house's interior was entirely made of either wood or brick. Although sometimes the former was painted, this fact was almost always a constant. Once I'd checked the entire house I ran back down the stairs and into the foyer. I yanked open the door.

I found my mom, along with a sleepy looking Jamie, sitting on the front step; she was taking the first bite of a slice of pizza. When she heard the door open she dropped the piece quickly and slammed the box top down. She turned and spun around to greet me with a guilty smile and sauce all over her mouth.

I glared at her, then the pizza box, and then her again. "You started eating without me?" I asked with mock accusation. In the corner of my eye I saw Jamie smile.

My Mom's face got serious as she crossed her arms and stood up. "I'm an adult, Jennifer. I can eat when I want." She tried to act mature but it came out sounding like a stubborn five year old. I smiled. I love my mom.

My mom whipped the crumbs of her hands and onto her pants leg. "So... Is the house ghost free?" She asked looking up at me.

I gave a relieved sigh. "Yep. No ghosts in sight."

There it is. Right there. The other reason we kept moving, the reason things went from normal to weird when I came to town, and basically the reason I'm even telling you this story to begin with.

I'm a medium.

No I'm not talking about my dress size. I mean a medium in the supernatural sense. A medium is a person who can connect with the spiritual side of things meaning I can communicate with and see ghost.

Now I know what your thinking. Aren't mediums those people who have psychic readings and 'claim' they can see dead pets and family members but are only trying to con you out of a couple 20's? Well um maybe but that's not me. I'm sure some of those people can actually see ghosts but that's not how I operate. I don't do readings, you don't have to get in a circle and hold hands to 'connect with the spirit world', and you don't need to pay me. Not that I wouldn't mind some extra cash.

But another thing I don't just 'see' ghosts. I see them all the time. Meaning even when they turn invisible so no one can see them (not even other ghosts at times) I can still see them. And I can't turn it off. This always seems to piss off my ghostly neighbors and tends to get me into a lot of trouble.

I've always been able to see ghosts even when I was little. Although then I had always assumed that other people could see them too. But by the time I was four I noticed something was up. Because when little four-year-old me pointed out into seemingly empty space and asked people why the green man's feet didn't touch the ground, or why the weird lady's hair moved when there was no wind, people tended to look at my like I had just asked them if their wallet tastes good. That tended to give off a couple of warning signs. After my revaluation I tried to keep things to myself and figure it out on my own.

Soon I realized that it was ghosts I was seeing, mostly because they would proclaim stupid stuff like 'I am the ghost of the night!' Or something like that, I even met a weird ghost once that claimed to be, 'The Box Ghost'. Oh, no! I'm terrified! I mean really? Why boxes of all things?

Anyway after one too many ghostly encounters that cost us to move. I finally had enough. I broke down and told my parents everything. And here lies one of the main reasons I love my parents. Although they were skeptic at first, (my Dad still is considering that he's never seen a ghost) they always supported me. Always. But just like any good parents they took my to a physiatrist first. Several actually. But they all said that the ghosts I was seeing was either a cry for attention, or things I created in my head to interact with when I was lonely, and that all the weird occurrences were just me trying to cope with the fact that deep down I know they were just imaginary! Yes because I'm just so troubled that I make up ghosts just so they can terrorize me and I just burn down barns for kicks. My parents ignored the doctors and docked their pay. I think my dad even slugged one of the ones that called me crazy. How cool is that!

And my mom always supported me. She would always listen when I talked about ghosts. She would almost seem interested. Although I think she didn't fully believe me till she saw a ghost herself almost a year after I told her.

My brother however thought it was the coolest thing. He'd constantly ask me questions about ghosts and what I was seeing, how it worked, and stuff like that. When he was younger he'd resorted to making me the one to check under his bed and in his closet for monsters and ghosts, claiming I was the only one who could see them and make them go away. I know it sounds sweet but considering all the times I did find ghosts... Not as comforting.

Soon we found ourselves having a pic-nic of sorts on the living room floor. We ate our pizza and drank our tea and apple juice, talking about who knows what. The living room was kind of cool it had a window on the side that showed the front street where we parked. There was a brick fireplace on the adjacent wall. Opposite the wall with the fireplace was the wooden stairs and railing that divided our living room from the dinning room/ kitchen area. It was spacious and the walls were mostly brick with wood frames.

When we finished our dinner my mom was just shoving our trash into a black trash bag when we heard a car park outside. I looked through the window and spotted the moving van.

"Okay guys," began my mom. I spun around to face her. "Why don't you two get your stuff out of the truck and up to your rooms while I order around some big strong guys on where to put our furniture?" She suggested with an amused smirk. We nodded and headed out to the truck. I opened the tailgate while mom went to go talk to the movers. I grabbed a random box and headed back to the house. I paused and turned around.

"Hey Mom!" I hollered out to her. She held a hand up to the man she was speaking with, in a 'hold on' kind of fashion and looked up at me.


"Hey um which room is mine?"

My mom smiled, "Upstairs first door on your right." I nodded and headed in. I shut the door behind me with my foot and dashed up the stairs. And another cool thing about this house? There's no attic so the second floor ceiling is technically the roof. So the ceiling is all slanted and cool. Sure in a couple places you could hit your head if you weren't careful but I thought it was the coolest thing. I kicked open the door to my room and gasped.

"Sweet." I whispered.

My room had a slanted ceiling like the rest of the second floor. My door was directly under the tip of the roof and it slanted off to the left and right. The walls bellow the slants were only about two feet tall and made of brick. The wall with the door was also brick. The wall opposite the door had a large window at the center that lead out to the other street that crossed the one that our car was parked on. That wall and the ceiling slants were all made of a dark wood. The room it self was spacious and empty.

"I think this will do just fine." I said with a smile. I went down to get more boxes.

After several more trips from the truck to my room I got stuck outside for a moment in a traffic jam of movers trying to get my mom's giant sectional into the living room. I sighed waiting and tapped my foot. As I waited I decided to peek into the box. Trying to figure out what on earth I was carrying that could be so heavy.

I found myself staring down at my computer. Yes, my tech gear! I thought with a smile spreading across my face. Yeah I'm kind of big nerd. For someone who loved old things, like this house, I was I big fan of tech. I am also a 3.6 average student, a major fan girl, I'm an avid reader, and have played my fair share of video games. I'm just one of those avid geeky nerds whose proud of it. When the traffic cleared and I placed the last box on the floor, there was a knock on the door. I answered it to find two men struggling to hold my bed in the hallway.

I grinned evilly; ready to order I mean, instruct them on where to put my things. By the time they were finished my bed was against the wall under the slant on the right. My desk was under the window with my computer system and tech gear of to the left of it. My bookshelves and reading chair were in the left corner against the wall and my dresser was up against the wall to the left of the door. And I had just enough space to walk between the dresser and the bed. I started to open the boxes putting all my tech and papers on my desk including all my books on ghosts. Because of my medium status I tried to make sure I was informed on these supernatural beings that I had no control over seeing.

I began to pin all my design sketches and invention outlines on the corkboard beside my window. I had a lot. I was also kind of an inventor. I was trying to build things to help with the ghosts, defend myself, and understand my abilities more.

I opened another box with books in it. It took me a while to get them all on the shelves. Next I hung all my posters up, some where movie posters like Star Wars or Harry Potter while others were of bands like Queen, Maroon 5, Muse, and Owl City. Then I hung up my grey currents with the green trim. My bed sheets were similar. I unrolled my dark green shag rug into the center of the floor and then began to put my clothes away in the dresser. By the time all my stuff was away, and just the way I wanted it I collapsed onto my bed. It was late.

Then suddenly I remembered something. I still needed the finishing touch. I grabbed my purse, for I had been too paranoid to put the special item in any of the boxes or the back of the truck. I opened my purse and pulled out an old picture frame and set it on my dresser. Now the room was perfect.

It was a picture of my older brother Liam. In the picture he was all decked out in his air force gear. He was a pilot. He'd joined the air force two years ago and was currently serving over seas. I hadn't seen him in forever and I missed him terribly. Liam had been my confidant my best friend. He'd been the first person I'd told when I found out I was a medium. He'd kept my secret when I asked him to and he had stayed by me. Always. When I had been sent to all those physiatrists, Liam had always stood up for me. Making my parents see sense whenever they started to believe the stupid doctors. He had always comforted me when all the ghosts came to be too much. To say the least we were close. I missed him.

Then I wondered how my dad was doing. He was staying behind in our old house to finish getting it ready for the new owners. Plus his job wasn't transferring him for a couple more days anyway. Suddenly I heard my mom's voice call up the stairs.

"Jen! I'm going out to the grocery store! Is there anything you want?"

I sprung up, and banging my head on the ceiling. Ow.

"LUCKY CHARMS!" I shouted so my injured head did not get hurt in vain. Lucky Charms were my life.

"Okay! I won't be back till late!" She screamed up the stairs. "Good night! And make sure you both get to bed at a decent time!"

"Good night! I will!" I hollered back. Just a normal day at the Clark residence.

Ahhhh. What to do? What to do? I settled with drawing up more invention ideas, but after a while it just turned into doodling.

Soon I could feel myself falling asleep, but I pressed on ignoring the urge to dive into my warm jersey sheets. And just when I was about to dose off... SWISH!

Suddenly something green flew past my window! It startled me so bad I nearly fell out of my chair.

"What the..." I wondered. I opened my window to see if I could spot what it was when... SWISH! Another figure, this time black and white, zoomed past my window knocking my papers to the ground. I scrambled to pick up my precious papers and then looked out the window again. Whatever it was it was to far away to see. I squinted but could only make out two figures; they were in the park two blocks down. I almost wanted to grab my jacket and check it out. I know that probably sounds stupid, but I'm curious. And I know, I know curiosity killed the cat but still, don't cats have nine lives?

Just as I was about to go get my jacket, whatever it was ended before it even began. There was a blue light and I squinted at its brightness. I tried my best to keep looking not wanting to miss anything. Even though I still couldn't see much. When the light faded only one figure remained.

"Oh. Shit." I whispered. What the hell was that! Aliens? Government conspiracy? ...Ghosts? I saw the second figure lazily flying towards my house. What the duck was going on here! As it got closer I know it was a ghost, its glow was a bright white. Oh yeah ghosts glow to me it's almost like an aura. When ghosts turn invisible the glowing aura thingy almost aluminates them, so that I can still see them even when there invisible. I knew the same thing was happening with this ghost. The ghost was a young kid probably my age. It always made me sad to see young ghosts, to know that they had died so young. This ghost boy wore a weird looking black and white HAZMAT suite and his messy hair was a snowing white, his eyes a ghostly green. And was that a thermos on his belt? Why was a ghost carrying around soup? As the ghost boy past my window he saw me looking at him. He stopped. Looking confused. He flew to the left. I knew that I should have pretended I couldn't see him, so that he didn't know I was a medium and would hopefully leave me alone but a couldn't help it, my eyes followed the ghost boy. His eyes in turn widened as he flew to the right and I continued to watch him. Ghost boy looked down at himself then back at me.

"You can see me?" He asked. I nodded. His eyebrows knit in confusion. And then he dropped out of the sky.

"Ghost boy!" I shouted and ran to the window looking down in worry, only to see him standing calmly on the sidewalk. He put his finger to his lips. What was he doing?

I looked farther up the street to see a man walking home. As the businessman talked loudly on his cell, the ghost boy held his hand out in a heroic STOP kind of way. But the man walked right through him! When the man was gone the ghost boy floated back up to my window.

"Nope, still invisible. How are you doing that?" He asked taking a closer look at me.

"Me! But you! You just... You dropped and I thought... grrrrr! You scared me half to death-" I stopped short. Was that considered offensive? The ghost boy just laughed for some reason. He looked back up and frowned.

"Is that really the time?" He asked. He pressed his face up against the window. I followed his gaze. He was looking at an alarm clock that I had built myself. The base had several clock faces along the bottom with the current time to every place I'd ever lived. In the center of each clock face was also the digital time. The center of the clock was supposed to have the current time but it was still set to New York time. New York being the last place if lived before moving to Amity. I had left it on my desk in hopes of moving the New York time down to the base and adding a new face for Amity Park. The clock it self was pretty cool it taken my forever to get right, and it even downloaded all the current times from the Internet to make sure it was always current. I'd even hooked it up to provide its own Wi-Fy to other devices. The clock currently read 12:15.

"Oh no that clock is still on New York time." I informed him. I ran over to my dresser to check the time on my back up clock. I grabbed it and turned to find the ghost boy had phased into my room. There was a ghost in my room... brilliant. "It's only 10:15."

His eyes widened, "10:15!" He snatched the clock out of my hands and stared at it intently as if to make sure I had read it right. He scowled at it like it down him wrong and through it down on my bed. "Oh man." He groaned placing a hand on his head, "I'm so dead." He eyed me. "I mean more then I already am." He floated a few inches of the ground before phasing through my window.

"Wait!" I called after him, "Where are you going?"

He floated outside my window and turned back to face me. "I'm sorry I got to go I'm already late." He flew off. Leaving my speechless. As I was just about to turn around thinking he was gone, he was suddenly at my window again. I spun around to see him. "But don't think we're done talking about this you being able to see me when I'm invisible thing, he said pointedly. He waved and was gone again.

I almost thought he would come back again. But after I couple minutes I just sat back in my bed thinking. I thought that with all the adrenaline from the weird encounter would keep me up for good, but before I was able to come up with any logically conclusions about what had just transpired I found myself drifting off to sleep. That night my dreams were filled with bright lights, friendly ghost boys, and of course Lucky Charms.

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