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The battlefield was a mass of blood and mangles bodies, not a place that one would expect to find such a small, young child, but there he was. The Holy Roman Empire, in the midst of a battle that could very well mean the end of him, the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, and yet all he could think about was the pretty little nation under Mister Austria's care. Italia. Would she still be there when he returned? Will anyone be there? Will everyone have gone and left him alone?

"Italy! I'm sorry I never told you I love you and all I did was frighten and intimidate you! Italy…" There was a sharp pain in his chest. He felt his heart breaking as he collapsed on the blood-soaked grass, his blood mingling with the blood of the hundreds of others who were also dying alone on the cold battlefield. Holy Rome realized that Italy wouldn't be there when he got home. He was not going to live through the next few hours. He wasn't going home.

"No! I can't die in battle. I can't die here! I promised to go back to her!" Tears filled his eyes and he no longer tried to hold them back. They flowed freely down his face mixing with his crimson blood. "No… God, please… no… Italia…"

Holy Rome laid on the grass, remembering the times he had spent with Italy, every fumble that made her laugh, coming home for the first time to see her sweeping his house, all up to their final goodbye. "I'm sorry… Italy… I won't be coming home… it's what… God wanted… I… hope you… never forget… me… and I wish… I wish I could have told you… that I… I have always loved… loved you… If I was someday reborn somehow… in another life… I hope that I could be with you again… and in another life… I would tell you… everything… I hadn't…

Holy Rome's eyes closed as he succumbed to the exhaustion.

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