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Chapter 2: Split

Characters: Russia, China, and Japan (mentioned)

Pairings: RuChu, implied ChuPan

You're a madman, Aru! I always knew that there was something off about you! I should never have trusted you!

No! You can't make me stay! I'm leaving you, Aru!

Aiyaa! Leave me alone, Aru! What the hell do you think you're doing, aru?

Cheating? Of course not, Aru!

Wha-What did you do to him? Where is he Aru? Where is Japan!?

No! You're a monster Aru!

Let me go! Leave me alone aru! Aiyaa!

Stop chasing me Aru!

Aiyaa! Put it down! Put it down Aru! Agh!

Wha- why are you- Aah!

Rus- Stop-! Agh! Ngh…

Okay, That was supposed to be kind of confusing. I hope it wasn't too bad. Here's an explanation of it , just in case: Russia was a psycho and China finally realized that so he tried to leave him, but Russia didn't like that. Russia also suspected China of cheating on him with Japan so he killed Japan. China keeps trying to leave so Russia kills him too. This was a one-sided conversation and it was kind of an experiment for me. Please review and tell me what you think! If you guys like it I'll do it again.