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Once upon a time, in a world where magic and mythical creatures exists, there was an island, prosper and peaceful. It was a land where nobody reigned. There was a rumor that the island was once inhabited by the Gods, however the rumor was never proven.

Soon, magicians set their eyes on the said land, in which name was now The Island of Gods, due to the vast amount of magic streaming around them and the knowledge that could be gathered.

The Island of Gods was full of things that they haven't yet discovered-things that weren't known to humans, magicians, and beastmen alike. Species of flowers, beasts, insects, even rocks and minerals they've never seen. The island was, as they said, filled with knowledge.

Due to this, the magicians decided to gather people and start a Magic Academy on the island, hell bent on discovering everything that could be discovered on the said island.

The Academy's name was Sigrun Academy. Having over two thousand students and houses to board them all in, vast amount of talented magicians and endless properties, it was referred to as 'The City of Magic' due to the amount of magicians, apprentices and magic 'seeds' inhabiting the island.


You quickly rose from your bed in surprise, hearing the obnoxiously loud and blaring alarm that your roommate, Mizukawa Minori, set up for you. She had been your friend since you were five, and she has your habits, quirks etcetera memorized; including your heavy sleeping routine.

"Minori... you could've been a little gentler, you know!" You complained as you shot her a weak glare.

Minori snorted as she crossed her arms over her perfectly tidy school uniform, "You know very well that normal methods don't work on you," she said while not giving you time to retort, "Once, your mother and I were even forced to flush cold water on you."

"Hey! That time I pull off an all-nighter because I had to finish homework, you know!" You justified.

Minori sighed, but then smiled at you, "Just go and get ready. This is our first day at school and you wouldn't want to get late, would you?"

"Oh, yeah! Today we're officially enrolling as Sigrun's freshmen! I can't wait~ I wonder if I'll meet a senpai-or a freshman, too, you get the drill-destined for me?" You said, snickering to yourself.

"Well, considering you're like this... I don't know." She replied, holding back a laugh.

"Hey, that's mean!"

"Go and change already. We don't have all day, you know! I don't want to get detention on my first day." Minori stated as she threw your uniform to your helpless self.

"Fine, fine." You finally obliged and went inside the bathroom. It's not like you hated the uniform or something. Quite the contrary, it was cute; the usual sailor uniform, but with more colors and a cute ribbon as its bowtie. The checkered skirt went above your knee a little, but it's not too much of a problem, at least because you wore white, mid-tigh length stocking.

"What should I do about you, (F/N)..." Minori sighed.

After you finished getting ready, Minori led the way outside the girls' dormitory called the Gretel Dormitory. The boys' are called the Hansel Dormitory, likewise.

Walking around the way, you could see a lot of girls waving their wands, some in excitement, some boasting, some in plain boredom (only a little amount of them, though. Why would you get bored in this place where you'll learn magic?!). Minori walked straight, her pretty yet stern face and her straight figure adding up to her charisma. She was always a very amazing girl, you had always thought. You admired her ever since you were a snotty brat.

"Minori... this place is huge!" You said in awe.

Minori sighed, "(F/N), you said that about ten times today. And twelve times yesterday. How long are you going to be awed for?" she said exasperatedly.

You grinned at her sheepishly, "Ah... you counted?"

"Of course I do." Minori replied.

"Well... that just means you care for me, Minori!" You smiled full force at her.

"(F/N)..." Minori couldn't do anything but to helplessly look at your overly-bubbly self.

"Come on, Minori! Let's race!" You said, as you picked up your pace, running towards the huge academy building towering in front of you.

Minori sighed, again, for the umpteenth time today, "Watch out, you'll trip over and fall."

"I won't, Mi-AH!" Just as she said so, you tripped-over nothing-and fell. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately), you fell right on top of someone who were walking in front of you, who doesn't seem to be very elated about it.

"O-oh! I'm sorry!" You quickly said, as you turn your head to look at the person (whose stomach) you're currently sitting on. It was a very handsome boy with blue hair and peculiar hairstyle. He has a frown marring his features-it effectively made him look more attractive, at least that's what you think.

"Oi. When will you get off me, fatty?!" He yelled at you, successfully making you flinch. "You're god damn heavy!"

"S-sorry!" You replied as you frantically stood up, bowing at him in panic.

"Tch," he said, "What a stupid girl." He stood up and dusted his uniform. He then proceed to glare at you with irritation fully visible on his face.

"I-I apologize!" You said, as you secretly looked to your right-towards Minori, who only sighed and covered her face with her hand. "She's not helping at all!" you mentally screamed.

"You." He said coldly.

"Y-yes?!" You looked up, not daring to stand up straight and kept your lower body bowing.

"Stop bowing already!" He snapped.

"I-I'm sorry!" You quickly stood up straight, and you felt like you were an ant on his fiery gaze. "What have I got myself into?" you thought, crying inside.

"What's your name?" he asked.


"I'm asking you! What's your name?!" he yelled impatiently.

"More like you're ordering me!" you thought, but you complied and said, "I'm (L/N) (F/N), a freshman..."

"Oh. Just like me," He said, "I'll remember your face. If you ever bump to me again..." he purposefully hung his sentence there.

"I-I'm sorry!"

"Stupid girl." He then turned around and walked away with his group of friends, leaving you confused and scared. He looked really, very scary back then.

"...What..." You said to yourself. "He didn't even tell me his name! W-wait, that's not the problem here..." you thought.

"(F/N)!" Minori called you. Suddenly she was standing right beside you, her face showing real worry, but really, you don't give a damn right now. She didn't help you at all!

"Minori! You betrayed me!" You said, feigning hurt.

"Well, you're the one who didn't heed my warning." Minori retaliated, "I already told you you'll trip!"

"Exactly! Because you said I'll trip, I tripped!"


"Well, technically, you're praying that I'll trip!"

"I didn't!"

"Words are prayers, you know!"

"Maybe the Gods just liked to laugh at you and see you miserable, then, (F/N)."

"That's just cruel!" you said, faking a tear.

"Let's just go inside," Minori said, "We're almost late."

"Alright!" You grinned as Minori held your hand and led you inside.

You just can't stay mad at Minori for long. Maybe it's because she's just so adorable.

"Alright, class." said your stern-looking, cape-wearing teacher (you weren't sure that it is a cape, but well, it looked like one, so all's well), "I'm Kidou Yuuto, your teacher for the semester." This peculiar teacher also wore weird goggles. "Did he hurt his eyes or something? Doesn't look like it." you wondered.

Kidou coughed, "My eyes are fine, thank you for the concern." he said as he glanced at you through his goggles. Your face immidiately flushed red; how did he know?!

"Ah. I can read minds." he said again, and the whole room gasped. Some even muttered "Are you kidding me?!", "He looks serious...", "What the hell?!", "Shit!" and some curses or another under their breaths. Kidou coughed again, and then he mustered a small smile. This happens a lot in his teaching career.

"Don't you worry," Kidou said, "I wont breach your privacy without a reason." And he heard his classroom's residents sighing in relieve.

...But he could always make up a reason or two. It's not like he had to tell his students that, right?

"So, without further ado, let's start by introducing ourselves," Kidou said, "I'll take the rollcall now."

Everyone in the classroom gets called one by one; it was a huge classroom, but Kidou's voice blared through, despite being low pitched and a bit soft. It was probably because of his charisma everyone decided to shut up and listen to him.

"Tsurugi Kyousuke." he called, and you could hear muffled "Present." near-well, not that near, but kind of-you.

"Mizukawa Minori." Minori put her hand up, stood on her place and calmly said, "Present." After a nod from Kidou, she sat back on her seat.

"Matsukaze Tenma." Just then, you saw a student shuffling on his seat and stood up clumsily, as he said "Present!" a bit louder than needed, invoking a laugh from his classmates. He quickly went back to his seat, blushing and blabbering something incomprehensible.

Kidou decided to move on, and called a few names before you heard a familiar name, "Ibuki Munemasa.", "Manabe Jin'ichirou.", and "Minaho Kazuto."-It seems that Minori beside you also perked up when hearing those names; your friends from the same town were on the the same class as you are! What great luck you have!

You turned around to check them and the three smiled at you (Ibuki only glanced and nodded at you, though), and you smiled back at them. Lots of names later and Kidou finished his rollcall. The class is filled with different kinds of people and you were more than happy to be a part of them.

"Alright, now..." Kidou said.

You just realized that Kidou hasn't called your name yet, so you decided to bug him about it. "Teacher, you haven't called me yet," you said.

"Ah," Kidou said, as he looked down to his thick book, "You're... (L/N) (F/N), correct?"

"Yes," you said without hesitation. Kidou fixed his gaze at you, as if he's thinking about something, but then shook his head and called your name. You stood up, nodded at him and said, "Present." and the class continued as usual.

Suddenly, before Kidou could say anything, the classroom door was knocked. With a flick of Kidou's fingers, the big oak door opened smoothly with ease, revealing a purple haired man in a suit.

"Kogure," Kidou said, nodding at him, "What can I help you with?"

The man, whom Kidou referred to as Kogure walked in and handed Kidou an envelope with Sigrun Academy's signature gold and dark blue stamp on it.

"From Board Chairman Endou. His assistant Gouenji told me to give it to you." Kogure explained.

Kidou nodded, and after examining the envelope for a while, he opened it, and read the contents intently. "This..." He said, as he shot Kogure a questioning glance.

"Yes, they're giving the list earlier this year. Everything has been a smooth sailing since Board Chairman Endou took over," Kogure said with a smile, "Well, I'd better go and deliver the other letters, so see ya, Kidou."

"Thank you, and see you later, Kogure."

Kogure then clapped his hand once and suddenly he's gone, leaving a lot of frog on his wake. The whole classroom stared at the frogs, and when the frogs each hopped to the students' heads (while croaking), everyone screamed, except a few people, including you and Minori. Back when you were a child you liked to play on the vast field and swamps back in your hometown, so a frog doesn't really scare you (now, anyway. It did scare you senseless back then).

A few moments after that, Kogure peeked his head inside the classroom from the door, "Ushishishi! That was hilarious! You got a lot of scaredy cats on your classroom this semester, Kidou." and with another clap the frogs were gone, leaving candies on their place earlier. "Well, there you go, free candies. No hard feelings, yeah?" Kogure then quickly ran away when Kidou glared at him.

"He hasn't changed at all." Kidou sighed exasperatedly.

"Teach, could you tell us the contents of the letter?" came a voice from a bit far away behind you. It was a boy with purplish colored hair-you remembered that his name is Kishibe Taiga. He looks so calm and solemn that you couldn't help but to remember him.

"Kishibe, correct?" Kidou asked, and Kishibe nodded. "Great question. Firstly, all the people I called should step forward towards the blackboard." The students nodded in sync, as Kidou smiled in satisfaction. He then started to call the names one by one.

"Tsurugi Kyousuke, Kishibe Taiga, Mizukawa Minori, Fey Rune, Kariya Masaki, Manabe Jin'ichirou, and Minaho Kazuto." Kidou said.

You and Minori exchanged worried glances, but then Minori steeled herself and stepped forward. You could only watch as the others joined her, some indifferent, some surprised, despite all of them held curiosity within their facial features. Minori stole glances at you and you replied by nodding your head and gave her a smile, "Everything will be ok."

"Tsurugi, Kishibe, Mizukawa, Fey, Kariya, Manabe and Minaho..." Kidou said, "Would be moved to the special class. This class consists of other geniuses and people on you guys' level."

Everyone gasped. They hadn't heard about the special class before!

"This class was kept secret from the new students so that they don't try to cheat the tests and get falsely put into the special class. However, I would be surprised if that works," At this, Kidou gave a mysterious smile that sent shivers down everyone's spines, "You seven are put into the class because the school has huge expectation of you, so do well."

The seven students in front of the classroom nodded.

"Here's the map that tells you the direction to the Special Class. Everyone else from another classroom should be there right about now, and you will, from now on, attend classes there instead of here."

Your heart broke at the mention of them leaving the classroom. You didn't know Kishibe, Tsurugi, Fey nor Kariya, but Minori and Manabe, also Minaho are one of your closest friends, and you wouldn't want them leaving... Minori seemed to be reluctant in leaving too, but she has to. You didn't want to be an egoistic friend either, so you nodded at him and whispered a faint 'congratulations'.

Manabe and Minaho looked at you and Ibuki, their eyes conveyed that they were proud, yet a little sad to leave the classroom. You looked at Ibuki and he looked back at you, and at that time you felt that you two had reached a mutual understanding.

With the others gone, you two must be united!

...Unless the both of you wants to fall and fail, considering studying isn't really any of the two of your forte.

"Now, go," Kidou said. Tsurugi accepted the map and nodded at his friend, Matsukaze Tenma (and the little guy. His name seems to be Nishizono Shinsuke?) before leaving the classroom, leading the rest of the chosen students behind him.

"With that sorted out..." Kidou said, "It's time to start the essential elemental test." Kidou said.

...A...A test?! On the first day of school?! That's ludicrous!

"This test will determine your element-those of you who already knew what's yours are also obliged to join-in magic. There are Wind, Fire, Earth, Wood and Void element." said Kidou, "However, Void element is quite special because it has no weaknesses nor is it strong against anything else. Void element magic could be created by mixing two or more elements-however, having two elements are very hard and not everyone have the talent to learn two, let alone more."

You listened intently. Hey, without Minori here, you couldn't slack off!

Without you realizing, Ibuki changed seats into the empty one beside you as it was left by Minori. He then looked at you with swirling emotions in his eyes. Your smile made his heart beats so fast, but thank goodness he could maintain his poker face quite well (anything less and he would be as red as tomato).

When you turned around, you finally realized that Ibuki is now sitting beside you. "I-Ibuki!" you said, half whispering half yelling.

"Hmm?" the white haired boy asked.

"You're-...ah, nevermind." You said finally. You don't mind a company. With Minori going to another class, it would be a bit lonely. Thank God you still had Ibuki. "Thanks for keeping me company, Ibuki." You said, smiling at him. He nodded at you and then turned his head, as if he doesn't want you to look at him. "Anything wrong?" You asked. He shook his head and you decided to do continue listening to your teacher.

"So, for now, I'll teach you a spell." Kidou said, "It's a spell to call forth an elemental light-each in their different colors." Kidou said, "You must concentrate and say the chant. I'll give an example." At this, everyone's eyes turned sharp and they concentrated their sight at Kidou.

"The elements whose existence are the essence of the world," Kidou chanted, "Heed my call!"

Suddenly, a small cyclone formed on Kidou's hand. It swirls around and then forms his name in alphabet, clear and shining "KIDOU YUUTO".

Everyone looked at Kidou, some amazed, while some indifferent (because really, that magic isn't hard at all).

"Forming letters and numbers are easy, however, first you must have a good grasp of what your element is. In the count to three, everyone proceed to concentrate and then chant."

You gulped, and then exchanged glances with Ibuki. He nodded at you with confidence, and somehow his smile made you feel a little bit better.

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