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Classes went by very slowly if you're not having fun, people always said. And you got to give props for them because it's very true. Without anybody to talk with (except occasional small talks with other classmates), you were bored out of your mind. Even though you still diligently took notes (you wont be able to face Ibuki and Minori if you failed your tests), you were still a bit skeptic on whether or not you could make it alone.

"Excuse me..." You suddenly heard a voice. It wasn't a familiar voice so you didn't know who it is, but you nodded and turned around anyway. Ah! It was the boy that was beside that Kariya Masaki, the boy who got into the Special Class along with Minori, Manabe and Minaho... what was his name...?

"I'm Kageyama Hikaru." He said, catching on that you were fumbling about his name, "May I sit beside you?"

"Oh, sure!" You replied. At least the seat beside you isn't empty right now. Truth be told, it was quite a huge shock that the seat beside you was empty after being used by two people. "I'm (L/N) (F/N)."

"Thank you, (L/N)-san," he said, "I was getting a bit lonely without Kariya-kun, the only person I know in this entire class, went to Special Class. I had just befriended him yesterday, and we parted on the same day."

You nodded at him, "It must be very hard on you."

"No... at least I have you now," he said, "We're friends, right?"

"...!" You smiled brightly at him, "Yeah!"

However, you didn't notice the blush that was spreading on his cheeks.

After the long-awaited lunch break, you walked back to your classroom along with your newfound friend, Kageyama. He was a very sweet boy. Kind and a bit shy, you clicked with him easily (despite you being a bit rowdier than him). You hoped that your friendship with Kageyama wouldn't be severed.

"Alright, class." Kidou said, whilst writing something on the blackboard, "Listen carefully. I will only be explaining this once." The whole classroom fell silent and Kidou looked satisfied. He then continued, "Everyday, after lunch, you will be having practical, element-based classes with different teachers. That said, you will be separated based on your element."

"Teach! Can I ask something?" It was the voice of an energetic boy—you remembered that his name was Ten-something. Ten...ko? Tennou? Tenshi? Haha, nope. Oh well, you'll remember later, anyway.

"Sure." Kidou replied.

"Will the Special Class students be in the same element-based class as we are?" He seem to be quite ecstatic at the prospect of (perhaps) meeting his navy-blue haired friend.

"Sadly, no," Kidou replied, and the Ten-something kid sighed in disappointment, "Moving on. This element-based classes will teach you the basics of using your magic, whilst I'll be teaching you theories for written exam."

"I-I see..." Ten-something then sat back to his seat, whimpering along with his tiny friend.

"However, take note that although the written tests are important, the practical tests are also, if not more important than written ones," said Kidou, "You could see the student handbook for the map to your own class. Any questions?"

Nobody said a thing, and so Kidou continued, "Then, class dismissed."

Well. That was quite a quick introduction to this 'practical classes' your teacher spoke of... but the thing is, you've lost your handbook! How were you supposed to know where the classroom is?!

"Umm... (L/N)-san, aren't you going? Everyone's out already." Suddenly you heard a familiar voice; true, it was none other than Kageyama.

"Eh? Oh! Sorry, were you waiting for me?" You asked.

"Well, yes... too bad we're not in the same classroom. I guess we'll part every after lunch, huh?" Kageyama said as he chuckled and gave you a good-natured smile.

"Ah, that's true... the thing is..." You said, as you gave him an awkward smile, "I... kind of... lost my handbook."

"Huh?! You lost them...?" Kageyama asked, "That's quick! It's not even the fifth day of school or something."

"S-stop teasing me! I don't know... I think I dropped it somewhere..." You replied, your cheeks reddening.

"Hmm... should I go and lead the way to your classroom?" Kageyama offered.

"Oh, no! You don't have to go out of your way for me. Please, tell me the way and I'll get there myself." You replied hastily. However, your words were getting answered by Kageyama's unbelieving looks; it was as if he was saying 'are you sure you could get there alone?'

"Kageyama-kun...! I'm sure I could!" You said, a bit louder than expected, with a cute frown (at least, that was what Kageyama thought, anyway) marring your features.

"Hmm, okay then! Here you go... I'll just write it in a piece of paper so you wont forget about it, alright?"

"Yes! Thank you!" You replied. A few moments later, you and Kageyama were walking together until there you had to split ways. Kageyama to the right, and you to the left. On your hand was Kageyama's neat handwriting on a piece of white, flawless paper.

"Kageyama-kun is a very nice person," You thought, as you checked your watch, "...Oh no! A few more minutes until the class starts!" That was the last thought you had, until your nice and pleasant walk broke into a sprint.

"Alright, is everybody he—" The calm, perfectly composed and charming voice was interrupted by a loud BANG!, caused by the door being flung open. There stood you, with your uniform all wrinkly, panting and wobbly from all the sprints you did in the past few minutes. Curse the school for being too big! Even after Kageyama gave you directions, you still need to turn around a few times!

"...Umm...?" You heard someone approaching you, their steps light and quick.

"A-ah, I'm sorry I'm late!" You said hastily, still trying to catch up with your breathing. The snow-white haired man in front of you just smiled. Somehow, his smile soothes you, in a way.

"Don't worry, just relax." Said he, as he helped you straightening your uniform. What a nice man!

"Fubuki, we need to start the class," said another man with long, blueish teal hair, "Miss, do you need help getting to your seat?"

"Kazemaru-kun, there's no need to rush!" said the man helping you earlier, "I'll help you to your seat! Let's go!" He held out a hand, which you gladly accepted. He then led you to an empty seat.

"Thank you, um..."

"I'm Fubuki. Fubuki Shirou, and that person is Kazemaru Ichirouta. We're your teacher for the practical classes."

"A-ah! I see! I'm sorry for being very unsightly..."

"It's fine," said Fubuki, "Let's start the class now, shall we?"

You nodded, but you were still uncomfortable due to the amount of stares you're getting. Damn, you need to stop daydreaming. But hey, at least you weren't late... not that late, anyway.

And then, Kazemaru coughed as he sent his thoughts to Fubuki, "Fubuki, you need to stop spreading your pheromones everywhere!" which was replied by Fubuki with an innocent smile. Kazemaru sighed afterwards, opting to just start the lesson in case Fubuki was planning on giving him a bigger headache.

"Alright, as you've heard, we're your teachers for the practical classes," said Kazemaru, "Now, let's start the lesson for the day."

"Alright everyone!" said Fubuki, "I'm pretty sure Kidou told you guys how to use the simplest spell, yeah? Now, we're going to step it up a notch!"

"...Cough. Just as Fubuki said, we're going to learn how to control your small cyclones." Said Kazemaru.

"Seems useless, yeah? But it's actually essential! If you can learn how to control the cyclones you made, that means your concentration is great!" Fubuki chimed in.

"Anyway, concentration is the number one key towards being a successful magician. Understand?" Kazemaru ended the quick introduction as he looked at his some enchanted (by Fubuki and himself) students, and some serious students.

"Now, let's begin!" said Fubuki, "Everyone, chant your spell!~"

Everyone began chanting their own spell, however, you then noted that there was someone that looks very very familiar within the mass of students... how could you miss him, really?! What with his dastardedly good looks...!

"Matatagi!" You called, smiling very brightly yet very awkwardly. Matatagi seems like he had noticed you ever since your 'flashy' entrance, but he kept quiet! What a jerk.

"Yo, (F/N)!" He replied. His seat was like two desk away from yours; how could you even miss him?!

...Well, maybe because of that teacher Fubuki who liked to spread pheromones and made you blush beet red until you felt light headed... b-but that's not the problem here!

"...Matatagi, that wasn't funny! You should've told me-"

"Ssh, the teachers are looking!" Matatagi said as he glanced at the two teachers, "Concentrate on your spell!"

"Fine." You said as you complied. Together with the others, you chanted the spell and summoned a small, green cyclone on your hand.

Fubuki and Kazemaru also chanted, but it seems they altered the chant a little. At least, that was what you think, since you couldn't hear them clearly from where you are.

"Hmm, it seems (L/N) knows that we've altered the chant!" said Fubuki.

You looked at him in surprise. How did... just... what...!

What is with this academy's teachers?!

"Don't worry! I'm not Kidou, I cannot read minds. It shows on your face, you know. Isn't that right, Kazemaru-kun?" Fubuki said as he smiled his usual charming smile.

"That's true," Kazemaru replied, as he nodded, "That's very observant of you. Very nice, (L/N)."

You blushed under their and your classmates' gazes. Geez, why do people like to look at you so...?!

"Alright, alright! Now, let us tell you why." Said Fubuki, "You see, because we're advanced magicians, it's pretty hard for us to summon small cyclones like yours."

"Yes. If we do not use our powers wisely, it might clash with yours and the whole room might be broken in the process," Kazemaru continued. "By altering the chant, we could minimalize the power we used. For advanced magicians, we don't actually have to do so, but it helps because it doesn't deplete our energy that much. Keeping up the concentration for minimalizing powers without altering the chant is very energy-consuming."

"I see...!" You said to yourself.

"But altering chants actually don't help much. Like this," Fubuki then whispered the altered chant under his breath, and then a strong gust of wind blew, as a green cyclone, about three meters tall came into sight.

...Oh! So that was why the ceiling was so high! If that power went out of control... then... gulp. You don't think you'd want to imagine up until there.

"Though, if Kazemaru-kun or I messed up... well. That'd be a trouble, wouldn't it, Kazemaru-kun?"

"We're not supposed to mess up, Fubuki," said Kazemaru, "That's why there are two of us."

"Hmm, that's true! Alright, we've digressed for far too long! Back to our magic now~" Fubuki said, as he twirled his fingers around, as the gigantic cyclone moved along in circle, like an obedient pet.

"Well," Kazemaru said, "It seems that Fubuki unintentionally gave you students an example of what we're going to learn." Everybody laughed, as Fubuki blinked in surprise. He himself didn't even realize his actions!

You smiled to yourself; the class' teachers seem to be very fun and interesting! Despite your earlier mistake, Fubuki doesn't seem to dislike you or anything...

"Eh? That looks easy enough!" Beside you, Matatagi said those words with his usual easy-going grin. You nodded at him. What could go wrong, anyway?

"That's true," You said, "But remember, Matatagi! Don't let your guard do—eh... did you hear about Ibuki?" Realization dawned on you that you were not in the same class as Matatagi. Chances are high that he hadn't heard about what happened to Ibuki earlier...

"Hmm? What happened to him?" Matatagi replied with another question. Well, it seems that you were right.

"Ah... actually..." You tried your best to summarize Ibuki's situation without leaving anything important; but of course you didn't tell him anything about your embarassing headbutt to the door and all those jazz after that...

"I see..." Matatagi said, "But don't worry, (F/N), as long as I'm by your side, you'll be fine!"

You blushed at his sentence; what was he implying?! B-but you guessed that it'll be fine anyway... Matatagi was always protecting you too when you two were just a child. You liked his brothers, too! You were just like a sister to them. "...I believe you, Matatagi," you said as you smiled a soft smile, "I can always count on you."

"Yeah! Of course you can. By the way, when will you start calling me Hayato?" He asked, his face full of curiosity and excitement.

"W-what!? Where did that come from...?!" You said as you held back a blush. C-calling each other with first name basis...! Y-you guys weren't even lovers or anything!

"Ee? Is it too much to ask...?" Matatagi gave you a look, "I thought we were close, (F/N)...!" he said, with a mock-hurt tone.

Somehow this conversation triggered that certain memory with Matatagi's brothers... you actually had wanted to forget it, but somehow it was stuck in your head, for years, even.

"(F/N)-neechan...!" said Matatagi Shun happily,as he tugged on your sleeve. You were about ten years old then. You were still young, and so does Shun and Yuuta, Matatagi Hayato's brothers.

"Yes, what is it, Shun?" You asked as you smiled back at him.

"(F/N)-neechan, would you be our real sister one day?" Shun said, as Yuuta continued, "Yeah! We love (F/N)-neechan!"

"H-huh?! R-real sister...!? What do you mean?" You said, a bit shocked. Were they implying that they want you to... marry Matatagi?!

"Well... (F/N)-neechan is very kind! Big Bro loves (F/N)-neechan too, so it's fine, right..!?" Shun replied, with Yuuta nodding beside him.

"B-but—huh?! Matatagi likes me...?!" You said, "No... must be a friendship kind of like... Right?"

"But Big Bro loves (F/N)-neechan! So... Nee-chan loves him, too, right?" Yuuta and Shun asked, as they gave you their infamous puppy eyes. "Well...?" Shun said. Damn Matatagi's impossibly adorable brothers...!

"Uh... that... um—"

"Oi, (F/N)!" said a familiar voice. It was none other than Shun and Yuuta's brother, Matatagi Hayato, also currently the person you were thinking about (because of the Matatagi Brothers' incessant plea). "Huh? Shun, Yuuta, were you playing with (F/N)?"

"Mm! We just asked (F/N)-neechan whether or not she—Mmph!" At that, you covered Shun's mouth with your hand, as you shook your head to dismiss anything Matatagi was thinking about. Unfortunately, Shun's got an ally!

"-...whether or not she wants to be our real sister!" Yuuta continued innocently, as he winked to Shun.

"EH?!" Matatagi shouted, as he looked at you, his eyes wide.

"I-I don't know anything!" You hastily replied, "It-it was Shun and Yuuta who-!"

"Hmm... that's fine," said Matatagi, cutting your words, "Well, what's your answer?" He grinned.


"Is it a' yes'?"


"Or is it a 'no'?"

"—Stop it! I hate you, Matatagi!" You shouted as you ran away from the scene. Needless to say, Matatagi tailed you around for the whole day, asking for your forgiveness like a lost puppy.

That was your (very) embarrassing moment with Matatagi and his brothers... ugh. If only you could turn back time...!

"(F/N)? Hello? Anybody home?" Matatagi said as he pinched your cheeks. You abruptly pulled away, blushing. "H-huh? Why are you all red?"

"It's nothing!" You replied, a bit louder than expected.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure!"

Suddenly, you felt a hand patting your head from behind you. You turned around to see Fubuki smiling at you, and then at Matatagi—it seems that the smile for him is half-threatening; you didn't know why, but oh well.

"(L/N), Matatagi, is there anything you two would like to share with the class?" He asked.

"N-nothing... i-it's nothing!" You quickly replied. You have just realized that Fubuki's hand was still on top of your head and that it's... cold... it was as if his hand held no warmth inside them; you briefly wondered why. Fubuki was such a nice man, then why was his hands felt so... cold...?

"(F/N)? Are you daydreaming again?" Matatagi's voice snapped you back into reality. You looked around as you blushed, seeing that everyone's eyes are on you, once again.

"Anyway, now that it's all settled... shall we continue the lesson?" Fubuki smiled at Kazemaru, who nodded in response.

"Let's start the lesson, then."

An hour had passed since the start of the lesson, and you have yet to be able to grasp the basics yet! Why is it so hard to just concentrate?! Fubuki said that it wouldn't be so hard, but you have yet to succeed even once!

"Man... this is impossible!" Matatagi said, "I've restarted my spell for like, a thousand times."

"That's exaggerating, Matatagi." You said, "But yeah, it's hard indeed..." No matter what you did, you just can't feel it.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew. It was a sudden and very strong that you almost, almost fell if not for Matatagi who held your hands in his.

"Th-thanks," You said, "But what was that...?"

"It seems that it's him," Matatagi said, "What an interesting fellow."

"Who...?" You asked. You hadn't been able to see who he is because he was surrounded by lots of students who are now gaping in awe. "I'll go and see."

"Alright," Matatagi replied. After you left the seat, you turned around for a splitsecond to see Matatagi retrying his spells and each looking more frustrated than before. You couldn't help but to giggle, as you continued your way towards the mass of students.

Obviously, you hadn't expected that the person you'd met inside the sea of students was someone you had met...

...and your first impression of that person wasn't good, nope, not at all.