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Saryuu Evan watched the mass of students in his class with boredom apparent on his face. This kind of class is pointless for him—it was too easy—as he is the son of the renowned half-beast magician. Indeed, a very rare kind of species, since almost all half-beasts couldn't use magic, not in the least bit—but in return, they have an incomparable physical strength and stamina. And so, a half-beast who could use magic is truly an amazing combination that most people would rather avoid, if not to save themselves should there be a fight centered around even just one of them.

However, Saryuu was different. Even though he's a half-beast, most people do not run away from him. Instead, they pledged their loyalty to him, and swore never to anger him. It was because of Saryuu's charisma, or so everyone said. It was actually also Saryuu's pride, being able to convince people—even the coldest one—to do his bidding.

Amongst these people are also other half-beasts—who have enough power to mask themselves as humans, despite having to exert a lot of energy—whom pledged their loyalty to him.

"Oi, monkey."

—And then of course, there's the mandatory unruly dumbass.

"Zanark," Saryuu replied. His voice was calm, probably because he had gotten used to the way Zanark Avalonic addressed him—that, and he'd grown tired of telling him off, too. "What is it?"

"Let's have a match."

Saryuu couldn't help but to sigh, "Zanark, you do know that I value peace."

"I know you'd say that, but..." Zanark replied, his eyes showing no sign of backing off. "I'll just have to force you if need be."

From the other side of the classroom, Kabeyama Heigorou sighed, "Saryuu, Zanark," he said, for the umpteenth time that day, "Please quiet down and listen."

And for the umpteenth time that day as well, he was ignored as the two started chanting spells inside the classroom, making the other students scream in panic, trying to run away.

Why did he have to be these trouble children's homeroom teacher, anyway?

You watched as the blue haired young man continue to surprise the other students with his amazing magic. You immediately thought that he should just be a teacher already, not a student. With this kind of concentration and strength...

"That's enough, Yukimura-kun," Fubuki said strictly, as he eyed his student. If this were to continue, Yukimura's magic could go out of control—the kid's concentration was good, but his strength was unusually strong for someone his age. If his concentration is shattered for some reason, the result could be disastrous.

"...Understood, Fubuki-senpai," Yukimura replied, as he stopped his magic.

Kazemaru looked around, and he inwardly sighed seeing the students gaping wide. "That Yukimura kid, he shouldn't have turned down the invitation for the special class," he thought, "You're strong, and you have so many potentials..."

Fubuki clapped his hands, "Alright, everyone! Nothing to look here, so go back to your own seats and concentrate on your own magic!"

Everyone did as they were told—nobody dared to approach Yukimura, as he had a glare on. You, however... well, due to your clueless nature, you approached Yukimura, seemingly forgotten about your earlier 'conflicts' with him.

"You're amazing!" You said in awe, "I wouldn't even imagine being as strong as you!"

"...It's no big deal," He said, as he turned and walked away.

You gasped, and then said: "W-wait!"

He stopped in his tracks, and without turning around, asked: "Why should I?"

"U-Um, I just wanted to know if you would teach me or-"

"I'm not interested," He hadn't even let you finish your words. And then, without warning, he threw something towards you.

You stepped forward and fumbled as you caught the thing; it was your student handbook! Your eyes widen, as you look at Yukimura's back, "T...thank you!"

"..." He didn't say anything and continued walking away. You continued to stare at him. Maybe he wasn't such a bad person after a—


The loud exploding sound almost made you jump. The room was shaking, and you immediately realized that whatever that made the sound was in the room right on top of this one.

Everyone was surprised and scared: the class was in chaos.

"Everyone, calm down!" Kazemaru's strict and loud voice successfully stopped all the panicked whispers, "It's just the usual. Don't worry, it's nothing bad."

"...The usual?" You could hear Matatagi ask.

"Yes. It's just those certain second years; we're going up for a while, you guys wait here and continue the lesson, ok?~ I want everyone to be able to manipulate their cyclones when we're back!" Fubuki said, and the two teachers immediately dashed out of the room.

"...? What was that all about?" without you realising, Matatagi was already beside you.

"?!" you grabbed your chest in surprise, eyes wide.

"...Why are you surprised?" Matatagi asked, holding in a laugh.

"You were on the other side of the room a second ago—"

"I'm fast, remember?" Matatagi winked, "Anyway, let's just go and do our thing. We're gonna get into trouble if we still fail by the time they're back."

You decided to just nod.

However, you couldn't shrug away your curiosity; who was 'those second years'? What happened? You made a mental note to ask Fubuki or Kazemaru about it later.

Mizukawa Minori sighed as she tidied her books and put it in her bag. Her face still had the same emotionless expression, but she was dead tired. The 'Special Class' wasn't special for nothing; they were drilled materials three times faster than the usual class. It was tiring, but Minori felt like she'd be able to accomplish so many things in this class.

Moreover, she couldn't stop worrying for you, (F/N). Ever since childhood, Minori has been taking care of you; be it from people who want to use you, or just caring in general. The both of you were like glue, always sticking close to each other. Minori worries if you'll get used by nasty men... you really need to take better care of yourself. "She has no sense of danger at all..."

"Mizukawa," When she heard a low voice calling for her, she immediately turned around.

"What is it?" She asked, with her usual tone, "...Tsurugi-kun, was it?"

The navy-haired boy nodded in confirmation, "Yes, and I was wondering..."


"About... your female friend earlier," Tsurugi willed to say, slowly.

"You mean (F/N)?"

"Ah, so that's her name," Tsurugi mumbled.

Minori was getting impatient, "So what is it that you want to ask? Just say it, loud and clear," she almost changed her tone of voice.

"Actually, I..."

Oh my god, what is wrong with this kid.

"Nevermind, sorry."

Tsurugi turned around and walked away, leaving Minori dangerously glaring at his back.

After all, he couldn't say that he wanted her to tell him more about you, right?

That would be really embarrassing!