Eventually, Nick decided Sheldon deserved to keep his humility, but it required forcibly guiding Sheldon up top in secret by manually controlling the walls, lifts and moving doors to get him through five more games to catch up with the guys. By time he was up, the guys had enjoyed dinner and were filling out their questionnaires on their experiences as they waited for Sheldon to catch up with them. The experiences had lifted their spirits and had re-affirmed their friendship, but they had a few suggestions.

Raj thought if the Planet Hollywood tableau had refreshments then the Wonka Room should too, and instead of life-size cartoons in the White Chapel tableau, Nick should take Sara Michelle Gellar as Supergirl from the Marvel-DC Room and make her Daphne instead with Matthew Lillard as Shaggy and a fake Great Dane as Scooby Doo. Leonard thought Penny's likeness should be used to replace Supergirl, but Howard suggested actress Kristy Swanson and Raj suggested actress Alicia Silverstone. They all suggested replacing the Avengers characters with the current movie versions and separating the Marvel and DC characters into different rooms, placing them in their own respective canons, but they didn't mention Mork, Alf or the space ship from "Lost In Space" in the "Star Trek" game. Sheldon just wanted all the tunnels in the area not to keep leading back to it, but Nick assured him the program taking him back to it was just a fluke. Of course, when he said that, Jackson and three other programmers broke up laughing. Could they have been leading him back on purpose out of spite?

The guys also suggested other prizes such as free game days and Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia. Nick liked that idea since he had given away a reproduction of a Storm-Trooper uniform to one tester who had done very well in record time. Despite the hotel also having a swimming pool and golf course, they tried going through the game again as friends. Leonard and Raj went through and discovered the Harry Potter and Doctor Who rooms they had missed before, and Sheldon and Howard went through the room together and found the Godzilla and Lord of the Rings tableaus before getting separated at the Jurassic Park game. Luckily, Sheldon caught up with Leonard and Raj in the Planet Hollywood tableau and went through the Submarine Attack game together. Over all, they had a very good time, and once again, Raj got his clothes cleaned and pressed from the Willie Wonka room, but at the end, they had to return to their regular lives in Pasadena and normal reality.

"How was your weekend?" Back in Pasadena, Penny was taking her laundry down when she saw the guys returning to the apartment.

"Great!" Leonard looked up to her and showed her what he got. "Look, with the points I racked up, I got I got a little me!" He lifted a plain white box with a plastic window revealing a ten-inch tall figure of himself with curly hair and little eyeglasses and wearing his usual attire with the jacket, slacks and sneakers. Penny was immediately charmed by its likeness to him and took the box to look at him.

"That's so cool!" She grinned uncontrollably. "How did they make that?"

"They got cameras all over the place taking pictures of us." Leonard revealed. "The images all go into a computer."

"Well," Penny was excited. "Hurry up and take him out so I can see him!"

"Take him out?" Leonard scoffed. "Why would I do that?"

"Look, we also got figures!" Howard showed his and Raj's. Their figures also looked like them, Howard's little guy had an ascot and a creepy grin, and Raj's little clone had his black hair, brown eyes and accurate skin tone with a tiny blue little shirt and brown khakis.

"They're all so adorable." Penny noticed one missing. "Sheldon, where's yours?"

"No comment…" Sheldon unlocked his door and entered their apartment.

"He didn't get one." Howard blabbed.

"Yes, that's right, I didn't get one!" Sheldon sounded upset as he dropped his keys by the door, strolled over to his spot on the sofa and placed his overnight bag down in it. "Three hours on the highway home listening to the ballads of Howard Jr. Leonard Jr. and Raj Jr. No, I did not get my own action figure, but I swear I will return one weekend out of every month to get through that stupid underground amusement park until I get my own Little Sheldon."

"He didn't get anything?" Penny asked.

"Sheldon…" Leonard grinned and looked to his buddy to reveal his consolation prize. Sighing out loud, Sheldon hesitantly groaned, turned around and opening his bag, pulling out from the top a square pillow with a photo of his face etched on it over a black background. Penny grinned at it too.

"That's cute!" Penny loved it.

"Well, then, you're easily amused…" Sheldon stepped away trying to live with his imaginary disgrace. The guys tried to stick up for him, but Raj pulled out and shared his pillow and Leonard offered his to Penny as a gift. Grinned and shrieking with adoring admiration like a girl on Christmas, Penny couldn't stop from grinning at the guy's photos stenciled on the pillows, but again, they were one short.

"Where's Howard's?"

"Howard got fined…" Leonard tattled. "In the Planet Hollywood Room, he moved George Clooney over so that he has grabbing Katy Perry's ass."

Penny turned her head toward Howard with a look of confused disgust.

"What?" Howard enjoyed his little action figure. "You mean to tell me if George Clooney met Katy Perry at a party that he wouldn't enjoy a little innocent grope."

"You're disgusting."

"Look…" Leonard had one more thing to share. "Nick loved our feedback and suggestions on the games that he also gave each of us free passes to come back when it finally opens to the public. Would you like to be my guest?"

"I'd love to!" Penny alighted excitedly. "You think I might get my own little me?"

"Oh, Penny, Penny, Penny…" Sheldon started.

"What? What? What?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"This game complex is so incredibly complex and physically exhausting that for you to even hope to get through would be…"

"How many times did you get sent back to that one room?"

"Twenty-two…" Sheldon confessed and looked to Howard and the guys. "I know those programmers kept sending me back to the beginning on purpose!" His eyes flared at their annoying disrespect to his intelligence.

"You called them glorified Disney animatronic nerds!" Leonard was still holding Little Leonard in the box. "What did you think was going to happen?!"

"I meant it as a compliment…" Sheldon claimed. "How was I supposed to know they could hear me?"

"Are you kidding?" Howard reacted. "The place had more cameras, microphones and proximity sensors than CIA headquarters! Of course, they heard you!"

"All I know is I can't wait to put Leonard Jr. in his box with my boxes of Captain Kirk and Captain Picard." He reached for the table where Penny had left his action figure. "Wait a second…" Leonard looked at Little Leonard's box. "Where's Little Leonard?"

"Maybe he escaped for a date with Barbie?" Howard suggested.

"Barbie?" Raj reacted. "Oh, she is so out of his league."

Leonard looked at him from over his glasses.

"I know where he is…" Penny walked over to the guy's door to return to her apartment and turned to look back. "I've got him somewhere on my body, and if he could… he'd be smiling ear to ear…" She turned and strolled out with an evil grin.

"You took him out of the box!" Leonard groaned and followed after her to get his action figure back. "No…"

"Now, that's the kind of amusement park I'd sure like to visit…." Howard added.