Harry lied on the sofa in the Gryffindor common room, enjoying the silence for once. Of course he would soon break it once Ron woke up or Hermione but for now he was just going to watch the sun rise and try to block out the fat lady denying someone entrance. Only I can't with her screaming, Harry thought moodily getting up and walking out to see who had forgotten the password.


"Uh, hello." Harry greeted when he walked out of the common room to see four older teenage boys, he never saw before, begging for entrance.

"No password no entry!" The fat lady screamed as Harry went unnoticed.

"We told you, we don't know the password - we're new!" The boy with blond hair and green eyes responded a little bit desperate.

"I know the password." Harry told the group making them notice him.

"You do?"

"Yeah it's Cornish pixies." Harry responded as the blond smiled his thanks before turning back to the fat lady.

"What he said Cornish pixies." The boy responded making the fat lady open to reveal the Gryffindor common room making Harry lead the way inside.

"Woah this is - unbelievable." Another boy, wearing a black helmet told the group making Harry shrug his shoulders as he sat back down on the sofa.

"What's your name?" Another boy asked, smaller than the blond and skinnier.

"Harry. What's your names?"

"I'm Logan, Carlos is the one with the helmet, James is the one checking himself out, and Kendall is - where is Kendall?" Logan responded looking around as Harry grinned spotting Kendall by the radio.

"Over there." Harry told Logan pointing to Kendall and making him rejoin the group.

"What you never saw a radio before?" Logan teased him making Kendall just shrug his shoulders.

"Not a wireless one. So Harry where is everybody or is this everyone?"

"Everyone's sleeping I'm awake because - I don't know why I'm awake." Harry responded as Kendall and Logan sat on the floor across from him, while James and Carlos took the armchairs.

"Well it's a good thing you are awake otherwise we would still be outside." Logan told Harry who didn't really know how he felt about the older boys.

"I guess. So you're new here?"

"Yeah and we know nothing whatsoever about this world."

"Wait you're all muggleborns?"

"Yes. But even in the muggle world we're special."


"We're a famous band called Big Time Rush." James told Harry excitably making Harry moaned, he was too familiar with the band thanks to Hermione, and now that he looked at them he was surprise he didn't realize it was them sooner. How many times have I seen their face, Harry mused as James frowned at him seeing he wasn't interested.

"I'm guessing your not a rusher?" James asked somewhat disappointed.

"My best friend Hermione is obsessed with you guys, when we aren't here she makes me listen to all of your songs. When we are here and she is upset or sick she asks me to sing your songs. When we are in class and my other best friend Ron and I are not paying attention she lectures us and asks us what would Logan do. So please forgive me if I'm not interested in the band." Harry explained making Logan blush when he was mentioned.

"No problem Harry, I think if we were in your shoes we would be sick of ourselves also, but for James' sake do you like our music?" Kendall asked making Harry think before answering.

"Yeah you guys are good. I mean I don't really know all of the songs by name or have a favorite one but - " Harry began than stop hearing someone scream. Harry turned around to see Hermione screaming as she ran over to BTR.


"Hermione shut it you're going to make us deaf or wake up everyone!" Harry screamed putting his hand over her mouth.

"Now are you calm?" Harry asked making Hermione nod her head.

"You're done screaming?" Hermione nodded her head again and Harry removed his hand from her mouth letting her hug each member.

"I love you guys! Ask Harry if you don't believe me I took him to one of your concerts last summer and he actually sang with me!"

"Yeah Hermione your not embarrassing me or anything." Harry mumbled making Kendall laugh.

"Hermione what's your favorite song?" Carlos asked Hermione as she sat down next to Harry who look like he wanted to duct tape her to the sofa.

"All of them! Harry seems to like-"

"Moving on why are you here I mean aren't your suppose to be touring and stuff?" Harry asked cutting off Hermione.

"We still have to learn how to be great wizards while we also make music and tour and stuff."

"Well welcome to the hard life of wanting a normal life." Harry greeted making the band look at him confused as James asked him.

"How is your life hard and why do you want a normal one?"

"When I was one I lost my parents thanks to a mental evil wizard name Voldemort who then tried to kill me. Yeah but for unknown reasons I survived the killing curse and went to go live with my uncle, aunt, and cousin who hate my guts and then once I was eleven I found out the truth and the reason my parents were dead so I came here and I love it here, but in my first year I faced Voldemort again only he was possessing our defense professor and I killed him, well the professor with my bare hands and then last year I found out I could speak to snakes and luckily I can because the chamber was open by Ginny who was being possessed by Voldemort's diary so I wound up killing him again and saving Ginny's life." Harry finished to find everyone starring at him.

"Are we sure this school is safe?" James finally asked making Hermione nod her head.

"Hogwarts is one of the safest placed there is. Harry just has a tendency to go looking for trouble."

"Hey I don't go looking for trouble, trouble usually finds me!" Harry responded folding his arms. Hermione smiled at him before turning towards the guys.

"Do you want me to show you around today?" Hermione asked kind of shyly which Kendall thought was kind of cute only he had a feeling Logan was more her type.

"Sure, I mean if you want too and you're allowed too." Logan responded making Harry somewhat interested in hearing if Hermione was willing to miss class for these guys or if she was going to treat them like she treats him and Ron.

"Of course I'm allowed too!" Hermione scream making Harry a little, no a lot, annoyed he would have to take notes in class today. I could always play sick Harry mused looking at Hermione flirt with the band. Yeah I can fake being sick Harry thought as Ron came down and made for the portrait.

"Harry, Hermione, lets go get breakfast." Ron moaned as Harry gladly followed him to the great hall.