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Ron and James entered a white underground room that held a thousand spy gadgets making James finally relax as he saw Penny's dad appear.

"Mr. Lane -"

"Agent Lane, James." Agent Lane corrected James making him look at his feet.

"Sorry. Agent Lane Penny sent us here. Moon has-"

"I know all about Moon." Agent Lane cut James off as he walked over to a screen and started typing stuff as pictures appeared.

"When MI6 finally managed to get Moon down, Moon hypothesized our boss and MI6 now posses as a threat since Moon is controlling them."

"This is great but again, thirteen, what does MI6 want with us?!" Ron asked annoyed at the lack of information. Agent Lane study him for a moment before continuing.

"Moon's latest invention is to control the most smartest and powerful female in Britain, that if he forces her into a partnership we will cave to him from fear. Just so happens -"

"Hermione is the smartest and most powerful girl in Britain. So MI6 -"

"MI6 is working with Moon, kidnapping all potentials even though Moon already knows who he is after. Also once Moon were to get Hermione he has the power to make her give her powers over to him which knowing Moon he would do."

"And that would kill her?" James asked confused as agent lane and Ron nodded their heads in agreement.

"It would kill her or if it didn't he would. Well grab your weapons boys and come on." Agent lane ordered making Ron and James quickly grab random objects from the tables. James however took a pen from Ron and put it back knowing what that had caused last time.

"Just out of curiosity what happens if we don't get there in time?" James asked as they ran down a corridor following agent lane.

"Pray Penny and Carlos are already there or Kendall and Harry have this invention that Moon plans on using."

"Fate of my best friends lies in their favorite band's hands. No irony there." Ron muttered under his breath as they got into a black Aston Martin.


Penny kicked open the doors to find Moon starring at her with a twisted smile.

"Well well, look who we've got here. Tell me how does the dream end this time?" Moon asked Carlos who at once looked put down.

"We beat you again and then send you to a mental institution. Right Carlos? Carlos?" Penny asked making Carlos blush as he responded.

"I didn't get this far in my dream. I don't know how this ends."

"Carlos!" Penny screamed annoyed at him as they duck to avoid two hence men. The men collided with each other and the weapons they had held went into each others chest making them fall as a puddle off blood slowly emerged as Penny and Carlos jump over the dead bodies.

"Very well, lets fight." Penny responded flipping another hence man over onto his back.


"We have the most dangerous job, are we sure she didn't mean the most tiring job?" Harry moaned as he dragged his feet as he followed Kendall who also dragged his feet both of them unkempt, tired, and dying of thirst.

"She said most dangerous. If only we had the motorbike."

"Yeah well who decided to jump off it?"

"The person who wants to live." Kendall shot back both of them annoyed at each other.

"Everyone else doesn't have to walk."

"Please be quiet for like five minutes Harry." Kendall begged making Harry shut up as their trackers started to beep making Harry rip his off as he started for the invention, Kendall following him.


Harry ran into a dark room and hitting something hard fell onto his back. Kendall walked in and seeing Harry felt around before feeling the invention and picking it up. His legs started to cave in but Kendall, determine walked outside where there was light and put it down before going back in and dragging Harry out of the room.

"Wake up when you feel like helping." Kendall told Harry as he laid on his back his eyes close, while Kendall took out a knife and began to cut through to the wires. Finally Kendall saw the wires and at once sighed. Not only were they the same color but there was a note.

~if you get this note congratulations BTR, only it's not because if you dissemble this device something I know is very special will be taken from you. For good this time.~

"Katie please be safe." Kendall moaned as he touched the wires before cutting one and then another.


Ron and James held onto each other as the black Aston Martin drove through a wall sending debris and dust everywhere. Agent lane made the car swerve and only stop when he hit somebody. The three got out of the car to see Moon lying on the floor unresponsive.

"Well that was -"

"Terrifying?" Ron suggested as agent lane looked around and tilting his head made Ron, Penny, Carlos, and James look to see Katie tied to a chair while a laser stood in front of her.

"No, no no no." James responded as Carlos frowned there was no way they could do this.

"Katie hang in there." Carlos finally told her making her just look up at him.

"I found Kendall and Harry they destroyed the device." Penny told the group as she looked at her tracker which showed all of the guys.

"Great tell them to come." Ron responded only to have Penny hold her hand out in front of him.

"There's something - both had taken the trackers off to get the device, but why isn't Harry's picking up a signal?" Penny asked more to herself than the guys.

"They should - oh no. Dad help the guys rescue Katie - I'll be right back." Penny responded running out of the building.


(Tbc we find out what happed to Harry!))