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"Where the hell are we?"

Trish glanced over at Lady, who had huffed in annoyance after voicing the question on her mind.

"I'm not quite sure," Lucia answered, brows furrowed.

Trish brushed her golden hair back from her eyes, "Doesn't look familiar."

"That and it looks too... wholesome," Lady glared in distaste at the quaint houses lined along the street that comprised the suburb.

The three women took stock over their surroundings when suddenly a loud, masculine voice rang through the sky.

"In the city of Towns—"

"Who's there?" Lady barked out, trying to pull out a pair of handguns before realizing she had none.

Silence echoed around them. After a few minutes passed with nothing happening, Lucia looked over to Lady and Trish and frowned at their state of dress.

Trish met her gaze with a raised eyebrow, "What?"

"You look different."

Lady turned to Trish and broke into a grin, "Nice pig-tails."

Trish ran a hand through her hair and felt the pig-tails protruding from her head.

"It wasn't like this when we got here!"

Lady shrugged and turned to Lucia.

"You have a red bow in your hair now."

"And you're outfits have changed," pointed out Lucia.

Each of the huntresses gazed down at themselves. Lady found herself wearing a short green dress with a black belt and shoes, whereas, Lucia and Trish were wearing red and blue, respectively.

"This is messed up," Trish stated.

Lady quirked her eyebrows, "No joke."

A loud explosion rocked the ground and the three turned to the direction of the source of the sound.

"Should we check it out?" Trish posed the question to the other two.

Lady nodded, "Might be able to find some answers."

"Let's go then," Lucia led the trio away form the suburb and toward the city in the distance.


Panicked people ran past the three as they entered the city.

"Wonder if it's demons," mused Trish aloud.

"Nah, would be more blood," Lady sneered at a small man wearing a spectacle, cowering behind a tall , buxom red head.

The bespectacled man pointed to the street in front of them.

"Girls! It's a m-m-monster!"

Trish smiled kindly, "Thank you, but I think we can handle ourselves."

Before he could reply, the three women moved onto the street filled with debris.

"That's a monster? Pathetic," Lady snorted, her raven hair ruffling from the monster's rancid breath.

In less than two minutes, the devil huntresses had destroyed the creature, leaving the carcass to lie in the street. The remaining townspeople could only look on in horror.

Lucia flicked the blood from her hands before smiling broadly at the crowd.

"You're all safe!"

A hush settled over everyone... then they all collectively ran screaming from the three, blood covered women.

Lucia turned her puzzled expression to her compatriots, "Was it something I said?"








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Trish = Bubbles

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