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The bell rang and Courtney hurried to toss her books in her locker and leave for the day. Since the show ended she hated being famous. The paparazzi wouldn't leave her alone and from what she can tell, everyone else was having the same problem! No matter where she went or what she did there were between 12 and 20 people with camera's flashing everywhere! It made going to high school almost impossible. Courtney couldn't even focus on her assignments with them following her almost everywhere she went and waiting for her to leave her house. Courtney sighed as she slammed her locker door shut and took a deep breath and exited the school. Within seconds they surrounded her and started yelling questions at her.

"Courtney! Have you spoken to Duncan since you've been home?!" one reporter yelled.

"Is it true that you and Gwen are lesbian lovers!?" another yelled at her.

"Courtney!? Is it true that you're moving to Ontario with Owen to start a new reality show?!" a woman yelled to her.

Courtney smirked and rolled her eyes at the reporters as they continued to yell questions at her and flash pictures.

"Courtney!? The world wants to know why you have been hanging out with DJ last weekend!" some reporter yelled as she got into her car and put her window down.

"I have nothing to say at this point accept that I'm putting my school work before anything!" Courtney giggled. "Now, if you'll excuse me I really need to get going."

Courtney drove off and made her way home and strolled into her house, ignoring all of the paparazzi at her house. When she got home, she turned on the TV and saw that she was on a celebrity gossip show and decided to see what they had to say about her.

"Guess who Courtney from Total Drama was seen with last weekend?!" Someone on TV said, sounding shocked. "Courtney was seen shopping with Duncan! Well, he had a hat and sunglasses on, but we studied this picture and we're 80% sure that that's Duncan!"

"Does this mean that Duncney is getting back together?" a guy asked the female reporter. "We're not entirely sure but we sure hope to see those two together soon!"

"Courtney's been a very busy girl." The female reporter added in. "She was also seen at a local coffee shop texting someone for almost 20 minutes! She was smiling the entire time! Does she have a new man in her life? We sure hope so! We're hoping that whoever makes her so happy, we'll get to meet this person soon!"

Courtney turned off the TV and started laughing. She picked up her house phone and dialed a number that she knew by heart. She got a 'Hello?' on the other line and she instantly started laughing.

"Are you watching the TV?" Courtney started laughing. "Where do they come up with this stuff?!"

"Girl, I don't know what to tell you." LeShawna laughed. "I've been told that I'm dating Harold and we're moving in together while I'm carrying Trent's love child."

"I'm apparently starring in a reality show with Owen." Courtney laughed. "Reporters never get anything right! Since I've been home, I've been stalked by camera's and paparazzi so much that I barely have time to study."

"I hear ya." LeShawna laughed. "I haven't even seen Harold since I've been home! I kinda miss being on that stupid island, at least Chris kept us away from these people."

"Yeah." Courtney sighed. "I hate to admit it, but I'd rather be there with Chris and Chef then home with these annoying paparazzi dimwits."

"I'm going to do my math homework." LeShawna sighed. "I'll text you later."

"Alright." Courtney hung up the phone.

One thing was for sure, everyone was paranoid about what they were doing at all times now that the paparazzi would see or say about them.

Okay, so do you guys like this? Do you want more or no? I'm leaving the choice up to you guys! If you want more I have plans of rumors being spread about everyone, including couples and secret friendships. Some will be true and others won't. This is what it's like for them now that they're back in the real world. I think this has potential as a story, but it's up to you guys if you want to read it or not.