This is an edited version of my fanfic (my first one ever I might add) so advice would be apperciated . Also, thank you to those you favorited and follwed my story, but i was intending this to be a one shot.

Annabeth and I were sitting on the river bank in the woods, near were I was claimed. It was a beautiful day, and we were enjoying a beautiful picnic. We had just finished lunch, and Annabeth was lying next to me, her nose buried in a book. As I watched her read, I smiled, remebering the first time I saw her, fifteen years ago today. She looked just as, if not more, beautiful now.

I heard a small splash come from the stream. A brightly colored fish was trying to get my attention. My trip down memory lane was abruptly forgotten.

"Psst. Percy! (I was on first name basis with all the water creatures in camp.) Are you ready?" Without warning, the butterflies in my stomach took flight all at once.

Glancing, at Annabeth, I swallowed nervously. This was probably one of the most terrifing things I had ever done, and that's saying something for a guy like me. Suppressing my doubts, I nodded to the fish, and then turned to Annabeth.

"Could you grabbed my camera out of the picnic basket?" I asked her, trying to keep my voice steady.

"Sure." Annabeth put down her book and began rummaging through the picnic basket. I had purposely buried the camera under everything else so she would have to dig for it.

"Aha! I foun-" Annabeth stopped short. I was down on one knee by the river, holding a ring,while my fish buddys used their bodies to form the words "Will you marry me?" I grinned nervously. "Annabeth...?"

She just sort sat there, looking shocked. My smile froze on my face, and I started to sweat. A lot. I didn't know what I would do if she said no.

Finally, Annabeth blinked, like she was coming out of a trance. She slowly raised the camera to her eye, and snapped a picture. The sudden flash startled me aand the next the I knew this blonde blur was throwing itself into my arms, crying.

"Of course I'll marry you seaweed brain!" She said. I pulled her into a long kiss before slipping the green gem on her finger. "Oh Percy. Its beautiful!" she whispered, hugging me again.

"I love you Annabeth" I whispered. "I love you forever."