Harry Potter and the Nanny Job

The Weasley family was gathered in the Burrow's living room, all talking amiably.

They were all having a great time, then Bill said, (after a few beers)

"Women don't do nearly as much as we do. They get to stay home on the couch and relax!"

"Yeah!" All the men except Arthur agreed.

Of course that wasn't close to the right thing to say. All the women in the room whipped their heads around to glare at Bill.

"Eef you zink zat's what we do, why don't you have a go of taking care of ze children!" Fleur shouted at her idiotic husband. " You know what, take zem now! I'm leaving!"

All of the other women (Ginny, Hermione, Audrey, and Angelina) decided sine their husbands agreed end with Bill, they should look after the kids.

Angelina gave George his dear daughter, Roxanne, and stormed out, muttering 'Stupid freaking idiot'.

Fleur dumped Victorie, Dominique and Louis on Bill, and sashayed out, swearing in French.

Hermione and Ginny dumped their kids on/around their handsome fathers and high-fived each other and the exit from the burrow.

Ron laughed.

Audrey just quietly gave Molly to Percy with a sad smile, and crept out.

"What was that?" Ron asked incredulously.

"I have no idea at all..." George mumbled in reply.

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