Chapter 6

The next day, everyone met up. "Mummy!" Rose squealed as she ran towards her mother. Everyone greeted each other lovingly, then the children went outside to play while the parents chatted about their day.

"Well we went shopping and spent all of your money (but that's a different story), then we went clubbing, yes Ron even your dear wife," stated Ginny proudly.

"Yeah, and we took the kids to this muggle place called Disneyland. They had a great time and so did we! Hermione, I got Rosie a jumper form her birthday so I've got that covered." Ron said.

"Well I guess that we all had a great time and also learnt our lesson," Angie said looking at George who cringed.

"Yes dear," George mumbled.


AN: Thanks for reading! I hopefully will be starting a new series soon, so follow me and wait! 3 I apologise for how short the end is, but I didn't want to drag it on...