A/N: I have writer's block for my other story. And then I watched Game of Thrones so... yeah 3 seasons 1 day, little sleep. This was supposed to be longer and I may expand upon it.

A Dangerous Game

The girl intrigued him. That would be what he told himself later. She spoke her mind, and he could see the intellect and something else that shone in those dark winter eyes. It was refreshing; it had been so long since he had an intelligent conversation with someone. He would have never guessed that it would come from a scrawny half-grown girl. He had known that she was a noble, as soon as she had said "My lord" instead of "Mi'lord". He called her on it and the lie she had used, and it was a lie, was clever. So clever, that if it had been any other noble, she might have fooled him. He even surprised even himself when he forgave her for it.

He had only meant to prevent the girl from being made a raped by the fools who guarded this place. Despite rumours, not even he was that cruel. It had been an unexpected blessing that she sharp for someone so young. He had seen her examine the walls as if she was trying to find a weakness in them. He watched her reactions from the corner of his eye as she took in conversation at the council meetings. The small smirk, which had appeared on her face when one of his advisors had said something particularly stupid, had interested him. So he engaged in conversation with her. Only to find her wit was a match that a common man would envy. It became a game.

And he was wiser and more experienced, he held the advantage. So he handicapped himself, it was only fair. He had told her subtly that he was not fooled by her act. And she had responded, with little hesitation or even stumbling. It was so quick that he wanted to know what house would raise such a wild girl. Once he asked himself that question it took him only few moments to know the answer. And he had one conclusion.

That this was a dangerous game they were playing. A very dangerous game indeed.