A/N: Requested by slendie258! This is incredibly short by the way. (Language as well)

"No tips again?!" Anne Maria said to herself after walking away from a newlywed couple. They had filled out a check, so Anne Maria had come to pick it up, and it turned out, all the money was there to pay for the food they had eaten. But was there anything else? No.

"HEY COULD I GET SOME SERVICE OVER HERE?!" A particularly rude man yelled. Anne Maria rolled her eyes, she hated this pizzeria job. But how else would she afford her luxurious tan and hairspray?

"COMING SIR!" She yelled back reluctantly. She whipped out another can of hairspray and furiously sprayed her head with it. There had been a wisp coming out of the perfect hold she had on her hair anyway!

"My name is Anne Maria and I'll be your waitress today." Anne Maria introduced to the ignorant man, handing him a menu.

"Whatever, just get me a glass of water." The man said, picking up the menu and scanning it over. Anne Maria gritted her teeth.

"I'll be right back sir." The last word was clearly said with venom, which the man also ignored.

"How is it out there Annie?" One of the cooks asked. Anne Maria sighed.

"People are so rude! I haven't even gotten any tips today! How do people think my hair and tan are so flawless?!"

"That would suck..." The cook, named Matt replied.

"Yeah, well, can I have a glass of water? I gotta give it to the rude guy." Anne Maria asked.

"Sure." Matt said, and carefully filled up a cup with water, then quickly spit in it. "Give this to the guy."

"Thanks Mattie!" Anne Maria said, the cup in her hand.

"Oh not a problem...not a problem at all." Matt smiled sinisterly. Anne Maria had her back turned however.

"Here." Anne Maria delivered the glass of water, which the man downed quickly.

"I'll be having a pepperoni pizza." The man ordered, and shoved the cup in Anne Maria's face. "Oh and you can take this as well."

Anne Maria growled mentally at him. "Ok sir."

"Pepperoni pizza!" She called into the kitchen.

"Here's your check." Anne Maria delivered after he had eaten.

"Ok." He started to fill out the checkbook. Anne Maria tapped her foot and waited. She also looked at an invisible watch. The man started to leave, while Anne Maria picked up the book. Inside was a crumpled $20, paying for the pizza.

"NO TIPS?!" Anne Maria had had it today! She marched up to the man and grabbed his collar. "You didn't give me a tip!"

"Who said I had to?" He replied rather rudely. Anne Maria whipped out her hairspray and sprayed his eyes with it.

"FEEL THE PAIN OF GETTING NO TIPS!" Anne Maria yelled at him as he screamed.

After a nice 30 seconds of this, Anne Maria got off the man, who was spluttering and coughing.

"Fuck you!"

"That's what happens when you don't tip me asshole!" Anne Maria replied madly.

"I will not be coming to this establishment again!" The man stormed out the door.

"We don't need your damn business anyway!" Anne Maria yelled back. She stomped towards where Matt worked.

"These people I swear!" Anne Maria made a choking motion with her hands.

"I guess some are ridiculous." Matt replied.

"The worst part is that I didn't get a damn tip!"