Author's Note: Do with this what you will. Think of this as future Finchel directly from the show, or think of this as Finchel meeting in some way you make up in your mind and brings them to this point. At any rate, I wanted some happy Finchel times with their family, friends and each other.

I've already written a few of these, but it looks like this drabble series will turn into an actual story. But I'll still only be writing in drabbles, if that makes any sense at all.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. This story title comes from the song "Rebel Beat" by the Goo Goo Dolls.

"Pssst! Momma!"

Finn Hudson slowly woke up when he felt the mattress shift underneath him. Opening his eyes, Finn lifted his head only to find his son trying to wake his mother up. As usual, Rachel Hudson was dead to the world. Despite the fact that she was an early riser, she only woke up when she wanted to wake up. Instead of responding to her son's pokes, she snuggled further into Finn's chest.

"Hey, little man," Finn said around a yawn. "What are you up to?"

Scott Hudson struggled until he could pull himself up onto the bed. He clambered over his mother before he settled next to his father, his lower lip protruding in a pout. "I'm hungry, Daddy," he said.

Finn chuckled and ruffled his son's messy hair. Scott was definitely his son, that was for sure. "Buddy, you know that Mommy is sleeping. We'll have breakfast in a little bit."

Scott's pout became even more pronounced. "But I'm hungry now," he grumbled.

Finn kissed his sleeping wife's forehead before he slid out of bed and picked Scott up. Despite the fact that he had just turned four years old, Scott still liked being picked up by his parents early in the morning.

"What do you feel like having?" Finn asked as he headed into the kitchen. He perched Scott on the counter and turned to get the breakfast basics out of the fridge. He left it up to the little boy to decide on the main course.

"Pancakes!" Scott exclaimed.

"Good choice, little man." Finn got a bowl out of the cabinet before he searched around for the pancake mix. "What kind of pancakes?"

"Chocolate chip!"

Laughing, Finn grabbed the bag of chocolate chips from the cupboard and handed them to Scott before he began to mix the ingredients for the pancakes together. Scott, ever impatient, broke into the bag of chocolate chips and began to munch on them.

"Daddy, can I help?" he asked.

"Sure, buddy." Finn handed a measuring cup full of flour and pointed to the bowl. "Go ahead and pour that in there and then mix the rest of the ingredients with this spoon."

Scott eagerly did as he was told while Finn busied himself with getting the bacon ready. He only stopped when he heard Scott let out a quiet, "Uh-oh." Turning, Finn could only laugh when he got a good look at his son.

Somehow, Scott had managed to get himself covered in flour. He stared down at his hands before he set his spoon aside and shrugged his shoulders. It appeared that he wasn't very concerned with the mess he had made, as he just continued eating the chocolate chips once again.

Finn wet a rag in the sink and started trying to wipe the flour from Scott's little face. "You better not let Mommy catch you eating those, buddy."

"Catch him eating what?"

Both Hudson boys turned to find Rachel standing in the doorway of the kitchen. She was wearing one of Finn's sweaters and had a month-old baby tucked in her arms. Finn grinned when he saw his girls, and Scott waved excitedly.

"Morning, Momma!" he exclaimed.

Rachel gave her son an amused look. "And what are you up to?"

"Hungry, Momma," Scott said by way of explanation. He popped a few more of the chocolate chips into his mouth and gave her the Hudson smile.

Rachel laughed and shook her head. She never had been able to resist that smile from either of her boys. "Oh really?"

"Uh-huh. Daddy's making breakfast." With that said, Scott picked up the wooden spoon and began to stir the dry ingredients once again, sending little puffs of flour everywhere.

Finn shrugged his shoulders when his wife gave him a pointed look. "What can I say? The little man was hungry. And he wanted chocolate chip pancakes."

"You know he shouldn't be eating just chocolate so early in the morning," Rachel chided gently. Still, she walked over to the counter and kissed Scott on the forehead before she turned towards her husband. Finn grinned at her and kissed Rachel in greeting and then leaned down to kiss the little baby's forehead.

"Look how big you've gotten, Abby!" Finn cooed as he studied his daughter. "I swear you've grown a full inch since last night."

"And I thought that I was supposed to be the dramatic one," Rachel teased. "She's only a month old, Finn. I don't think that you have anything to worry about."

"Yes I do." Finn pointed the spatula at her. "Pretty soon, she's going to turn a year old. And then she's going to high school and college and then she'll get married…" Finn trialed off and shook his head. He so didn't want to think about his baby girl growing up so quickly.

"I think you missed a few years there, Finn," Rachel said with a laugh. Settling down in one of the kitchen chairs, Rachel grabbed a blanket and covered little Abby with it before she began to feed her. Finn took a moment to watch her, amazed as always by the simple act of watching Rachel feed their daughter. When Scott had first been born, Finn had been the same way.

Everyone in the kitchen feel into a comfortable silence after that. Finn finished making the pancakes, eggs, and bacon while Rachel fed Abby. Scott poured the chocolate chips into the batter before he attempted to clean the rest of the flour off of himself.

Rachel smiled at her son before she handed Abby off to Finn and picked up the washcloth. She cleaned the rest of the flour off of Scott's face and hands. She picked him and kissed his forehead, setting him in his chair at the kitchen table.

"Pancakes, Daddy," Scott said sweetly as he looked down at his plate expectantly.

Rachel arched an eyebrow. "You're not full from all of those chocolate chips?"

Scott didn't look very apologetic at all. "Momma, chocolate chips can be eaten all the time."

Scott spoke as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. The statement made Finn laugh, and Rachel whipped around to level him with a pointed look. Still, Finn continued to laugh as he shook his head. He passed Abby off to Rachel and stood, dropping a kiss onto to top of his wife's head.

"Come on, Rach," he said as he moved to serve the breakfast. "There are worst things he could do besides have some chocolate chips early in the morning."

"You can deal with the sugar rush that he's going to have, then," Rachel said pleasantly. "Abby and I will be going shopping with Kurt and the girls, so have fun with that."

"You have fun with that," Finn countered. "Shopping with Kurt isn't exactly how I would want to spend my day."

Rachel made a face at him and Finn returned it before he grinned. On the other side of the table, his face now smeared with chocolate, Scott babbled away about what he wanted to do on that day (clearly, the sugar had already kicked in). Abby was cooing and waving her hands in the air, and Rachel returned Finn's grin before she looked down at their daughter.

Finn settled back in his chair and took a moment to watch his family before he started eating his breakfast. Mornings like this were always his favorite.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading. :)