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When Rachel woke up, she discovered that she was cocooned in the blankets.

She took a moment to enjoy the warmth given off by the fluffy comforter around her before she rolled over, taking in the sleeping profile of her boyfriend. She had to press her lips together at the last second to keep a giggle from escaping, but she just couldn't help herself.

Rachel rarely ever slept with anything but the base sheet and a thick comforter on her bed. Having the comforter wrapped around her own body, it left Finn's bare as a result. He was sleeping on his stomach, his naked body exposed to the cool morning air.

Now laughing so hard that her giggles were shaking the bed, Rachel couldn't help herself anymore. The shaking of the bed stirred Finn from his sleep, and she reached out and touched his cheek as he slowly began to wake up.

Finn gave her that adorable half-smile once he was fully awake and he realized that he was lying in bed next to her. The smile widened even further when he saw that she had the blankets wrapped around her body, while he had none.

"Hmm," he murmured as he reached out and playfully tugged at the corner of the comforter. "I seem to remember falling asleep with the blankets covering both of us last night."

Rachel ducked her head as a blush formed on her cheeks. "I have no idea how this happened," she fibbed, even though she totally knew how it had occurred. Rachel Berry was a complete and total blanket hog. Even when she was in bed by herself, she often woke up with the blankets wrapped around her like a thick cocoon.

It was only the third time she and Finn had spent the night together, however. Rachel wasn't about to admit that particular fault to him. She was just going to have to learn how to share the blankets, whether she liked it or not.

There was a knowing look in Finn's eyes, but he didn't say anything as he tugged the blanket from around her body and slipped underneath it. He drew her easily into his arms, and her much smaller frame was cradled perfectly against his larger one. She giggled as his cool skin pressed against hers.

"You're cold," she complained, even though there was no real annoyance to her words.

Finn ducked his head into the crook of her neck and kissed the delicate skin there. "I can think of a few ways that we can warm up."

Sharing blankets wasn't an issue after that.

The sky was still dark when she woke up.

Rachel yawned widely and tugged the comforter up further, until it was around her ears. She turned more onto her side, snuggling further into the pocket of warmth offered by the blanket wrapped around her, and she closed her eyes once again.

When Rachel felt the bed shift next to her, her eyes snapped open.

It wasn't that Rachel forgot that Finn was next to her in bed, exactly. It was more that she was wrapped so tightly in her comforter, her sleep-addled brain had confused being cocooned in blankets as the same as being wrapped in Finn's arms.

Rachel's mouth formed an 'o' of surprise as she stared at her boyfriend. It was summer this time, and her apartment had no air conditioning, so at least he wasn't cold. Rachel had always been the kind of person to sleep with blankets, no matter how hot it was. Finn was that kind of sleeper, as well, but it seemed that he had sacrificed the blanket to her Rachel… and most of the space on the bed, as well.

It appeared that Rachel had taken her bed hogging to new heights by taking not only all of the blankets, but nearly all of the space on the bed, as well. Before she had snuggled into a ball under the blankets, Rachel had been spread-eagle on the bed, taking up a ridiculous amount of space for someone so small. Poor Finn was practically clinging to the edge of the mattress, which was an impressive feat for someone so tall.

Due to the early morning hour and the fact that, after nearly five months of spending nights in each other's beds, she was still hogging blankets, Rachel couldn't help the giggle that escaped her. She slapped a hand over her mouth to stifle them and inched towards Finn on the bed, unfurling the blanket from around her body to toss it over Finn's body.

As soon as the comforter touched his skin, Finn's eyes fluttered open. Rachel gave him an apologetic smile and shifted closer to him on the bed, hoping the offer of more blankets would be enough of a peace offering. When the corner of Finn's lips tipped up in a sleepy half-smile, Rachel knew that she had been forgiven for her bed-hogging.

"Not that I'm complaining about your sudden willingness to share," Finn murmured, "but do you think we could move towards the other side of the bed? Because my ass is hanging off the side, and it's freezing."

Rachel laughed outright at that, and she scooted back the way she came, tugging her boyfriend after her. Finn made sure the blankets were fully covering both of them as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against him. He dropped a kiss to Rachel's temple and then fell back asleep almost immediately, making Rachel smile.

God, she loved this man.

Rachel was positive that she woke up in the middle of her developing hangover.

She felt absolutely horrible—her mouth was dry, her head was pounding, her stomach was rolling with nausea, and she was still just a little bit drunk, so she knew the worst of her hangover was still to come.

Rachel slowly became aware of the fact that she was only wearing a tank top and her underwear, and she was spread out across the top half of the bed horizontally, instead of how one normally slept in a bed, vertically. The blankets were tangled around her legs, not really covering anything, which Rachel was thankful for. She felt like her body was overheating, although that probably had more to do with the long, hard body stretched out perpendicular to hers.

Tilting her head up, she found that she sleeping with her head pillowed on her boyfriend's bare stomach. Finn was only wearing a pair of boxers and he was stretched out awkwardly on the bed, barely hanging on to the small bit of space Rachel had given him. He had one arm slung across her shoulders, more than likely as a way to keep himself on the bed, despite the way she was taking up all of the space.

His eyes were open, and he was watching her with an amused smile on his face. He looked as bad as Rachel felt, leading her to believe that he was just as hungover as she was. If he looked that bad, Rachel was honestly afraid to look in the mirror.

Rachel covered her face with her hands, blocking the sunlight streaming through the windows. "How long have you been awake?" Rachel asked with a groan.

"About ten minutes," Finn answered. He lifted his hand, trailing his fingers gently through Rachel's tangled hair. "You looked too comfortable to wake up."

Rachel took in their positions once again: the way she was stretch diagonally across the bed, how Finn was laying, the way she was resting on top of him. Then there was the fact that she had all of the blankets around her body, even though she wasn't using them.

Rachel pressed her face into his stomach, nuzzling against the warm skin under her cheek. "I'm sorry," she said sheepishly.

"Nah, you're cute when you take up all the space on the bed," Finn said. His fingers massaged gently at the back of her head, and it gave Rachel some relief from her pounding headache. "Besides, I'm too busy thinking about how I'm going to kill Santana for getting us that drunk last night."

That made Rachel smile, because she was thinking the exact same thing. Still, she had defend her friend. "I don't think it was really her fault. We weren't exactly complaining every time she brought out the shot-ski, you know."

"Yeah, but she's the one who brought out the tequila, too," Finn reminded her. He nudged her, tugging Rachel up until she was tucked against his body and no longer taking up the entire bed.

Her stomach rolled in protest, and Rachel closed her eyes again and pressed her face against Finn's shoulder. Despite the fact that they were both in desperate need of a shower, she still took comfort in that underlying scent she always identified with Finn.

"You're right," Rachel muttered as she fought back waves of nausea. "I'm going to kill Santana."

Finn watched his girlfriend for several long moments. She was spread-eagle on the bed, the blankets tucked securely around her. Finn was on his side near the edge of the bed, with only a corner of the comforter covering his bottom half. One of Rachel's arms was tossed possessively over his middle, and her face was completely relaxed and peaceful. Finn hated to disturb what was surely a deep, rejuvenating sleep, but enough was enough.

They had been together for a year, at this point, and Finn had put up with as much as he could. It was time to make a change, and Rachel needed to be awake for it.

He poked her in the shoulder, once, and then twice when she only shifted slightly. When that didn't work, Finn poked two more times and then dragged his fingers down her ribs, tickling her side. Rachel's brow furrowed and she let out a murmur of protest before her eyes fluttered open.

Finn smiled at her. "Morning!" he said brightly.

Rachel stared up at her boyfriend, her brow furrowed as her mind tried to wake up. She was torn between asking him why he woke her up and yelling at him for doing so without waiting for a reason. In that split second of time, Finn glanced pointedly at the way she was spread out across the bed, and Rachel froze.

"Oh no," she groaned. "I did it again!"

"You did it again," Finn confirmed. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her against him as he shifted their bodies across the bed, so that they now had an equal amount of space. "You, Rachel Berry, are a bed hog."

Rachel pressed her lips to his bare chest. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," Finn said as he stroked his hands up and down her back. "After a year, I think I've finally found a way to fix this problem."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah." Moving suddenly, Finn tugged Rachel on top of him and wrapped his arms around her. She squeaked in surprise but settled against him, relaxing fully as the curves of her body fit against the hard lines of his. "We're just going to have to sleep a lot closer to each other."

His hands got busy then, slipping between their bodies as he pressed his lips to her neck. Rachel moaned appreciatively and arched into his touch. "I think I can live with that."

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