Terence and Sled took off their helmets to prove that they weren't Stormtroopers. Tinkerbell set her eyes on Terence.

Vidia: "I'm calling her a psychiatrist as soon as we get back to the Millennium Junk"

Terence: "It's the Millennium Falcon"

Periwinkle: "Come with us if you want to escape"

Tinkerbell: "I was expecting a professional Rebel squad"

Periwinkle: "Well, you currently don't have any other option"

Tink followed them, but she tripped over R2. Terence caught her.

Terence: "Watch out. He's coming with us, so this might not be the only time I have to catch you"

Tinkerbell: "May I know your name?"

Terence: "It's Terence. Terence Solo"

Vidia shot a blaster bolt which passed between their faces. "Are you coming or what? We haven't got all day"

Terence: "Okay, no need to fry anyone"

Vidia (mumbling under her breath): "What does she have that I don't?"

The group advanced through the hallway. Which lead to a crossing of two other hallways. And each of them was leading to another crossing. Like always, Terence and Vidia were arguing.

Vidia: "Why don't we just ask for directions?"

Terence: "Oh, great idea. Let's find a nice Stormtrooper and tell him 'Hey, we're lost in this space station where we've lived since it was built. Can you tell us the way to the dock so that the intruders and the princess can escape with that awesome ship?'"

Finally, they reached a command room full of Stormtroopers. They had to hide.

Vidia (whispering): "I told you the jalopy was the other way around"

One of the Stormtroopers turned around. "Hey, you there!"
Sled: "I have a plan. Just do as I say" He turned to the Stormtrooper. "These intruders tried to rescue the princess. Good thing we caught them"

The Stormtrooper: "Well done, soldier"

They proceeded to walk through one of the corridors.

The Stormtrooper: "The cells are over there"

Terence: "We know that. We just wanted to check their ship and make sure they didn't bring anyone else"

The Stormtrooper: "Your voices sound different"

Terence: "We caught a cold"

The Stormtrooper: "On a space station with optimal temperature?"

He took off Terence's helmet. Another soldier took off Sled's helmet. "Blast 'em!"

Vidia: "Something to take care of, he said. You'll be fine, he said"

Fawn: "Come on, I'll show them"

A Stormtrooper shot a blaster bolt which missed Fawn's head by 1 millimetre.

Fawn: "Or not"

3PO and R2 hid inside an elevator. Five Stormtroopers cornered Peri's team. The sixth soldier typed some command on the panel which opened a trap door. The princess and the rescue team fell through it. They reached some kind of trash chamber.

Tinkerbell: "They officially owe me a new dress"

Fawn: "Is it just me or are the walls moving?"

Vidia: "Is it just me or is the monkey girl crazy?"

Everyone looked around. Fawn was right.

Periwinkle: "It can't end like this! I haven't even got my pilot's license, I haven't seen the Force Dust tree on Endor…"

Terence and Tink were kissing.

Vidia: "Seriously?"

Terence: "What? I don't want to die without having kissed a girl"

Vidia: "Well, this would've happened if I hadn't missed on purpose in the cantina"

Terence: "I shot first"

Vidia: "No you didn't"

Fawn: "Vidia, he has the fastest shot in three systems. With that being said, Terence shot first"

Vidia: "But-"

Fawn: "But Terence shot first"

Sled: "If you're finished, we have something more important to take care of"

Tinkerbell: "Right. Terence has a princess to kiss"

Vidia facepalmed. "Why didn't I stay on Tatooine?"

Periwinkle: "Let me try something" She reached for her comlink. "3PO, can you read me?"

Meanwhile, in the elevator where 3PO and R2 were hidden:

3PO: "Are they ever going to leave?"

A voice came from the speaker placed in the room. "Attention all units! There is a Jedi abroad. Show yourselves in Lord Vader's room right away!"

The Stormtroopers left the room. 3PO and R2 got out of the elevator.

Periwinkle: "3PO, can you read me?"

3PO: "Madam? Where are you?"

Periwinkle: "In the trash chamber. The walls will soon crush us and…could you wait a moment?" She turned to Tink and Terence. "Get a room!"

3PO and R2 went to the command panel.

3PO: "Okay, so everything's encrypted. Only if I could hack into the system and modify this command line…"

R2 electrocuted the panel.

3PO: "Watch out, R2"

The walls stopped moving.

Periwinkle: "Whatever you did, you did well. Do you think you can open this door as well? It seems to be magnetically sealed"

3PO: "I'm not sure about this, madam. Even though I'm a master of this programming language, this variable here is…"

R2 electrocuted the panel again. The door opened.

Periwinkle: "Great job. Now all you have to do is come after us. Try to open the trap door"

R2 electrocuted the panel again. The trap door opened.

3PO: "And we have to fall through it?"

Periwinkle: "Would you rather walk through the whole Death Star?"

The droids jumped though the trap door.

Vidia: "It took you a while"

As soon as they got out of the trash chamber, they found the Millennium Falcon.

Tinkerbell: "That's it? That's the Millennium Falcon?"

Periwinkle: "In a galaxy where decent ships are too expensive for Terence Solo…"

Sled: "Can you see that?" He pointed at Darth Vader's chamber, where the Dark Lord was duelling Hyacinth.

Vader: "It's time for my revenge"

Hyacinth: "Revenge is what turned you into what you are, Milori"

Half of the Stormtroopers in the Death Star arrived in the chamber. They were behind Hyacinth, aiming their blasters at him. The other half came to the dock.

Vader: "It's over. You lost, old man"

Hyacinth: "If you strike me down, then I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

Vader swung his lightsabre at Hyacinth. The old Jedi disappeared, leaving only his robe behind.

Periwinkle: "No!"

Peri fell to the ground, bursting into tears. She heard Hyacinth's voice. "Run, Peri" However, she just stayed there until Sled grabbed her.

Sled: "Come on!" He carried Periwinkle inside the ship.

Terence: "Here we go!"

The Millennium Falcon dashed out of the Death Star.

Sled wiped Peri's tears. "It's okay. He's happier now"

They were both surprised to see Hyacinth stepping next to them, not as a Force ghost, but as himself.

Hyacinth: "I wouldn't say that unless Terence decides to clean his ship"

Periwinkle's tears stopped. "But you…I mean…how?"

Hyacinth: "Vader's mind is clouded by the Dark Side. It was easy to fool him. You didn't think an old Jedi like me would let him win, did you?"

Periwinkle hugged her Jedi Master. "I'm so glad you're alright"

Hyacinth was struggling to break free. "You're so sweet. Now if you don't mind…okay, just three more seconds…I said three seconds…for the sake of the Force, let me go!"