Mr. J: Mr. J here again

Danny: Hello folks

Renesmee/Nessie: Hello folks

Danny: so how did I get stuck in a twilight story?

Mr. J: Because I had an idea and it is genius, genius I say.

Nessie: how is it genius?

Mr. J: (glares) because it is damit. Anyway I got the idea from flarsanzain. His story Follow you gave me this idea. So shout out to flarsanzain and thank you for letting me use the idea for this story.

Danny and Nessie: Ok then, as long as your not taking credit for coming up the story itself

Mr. J: (shrugs) the plot of this story is mine, story idea goes to flarsanzain. And while I'm on the subject I don't own Danny Phantom or Twilight. If I did I would be rich. Now that I did the disclaimer and gave credit where credit is due, let the story begin.

A/N: So everyone gets an idea, here is the story timeline, if it confuses you, blame clockwork.

Post PP and Post Breaking Dawn

Danny is 18 (body and mind, he will no longer age past 25, just roll with it)

Renesmee is 16 (mind is caught up with body, but is smart due to home schooling by her family slowed ageing at 15, will stop ageing at 25, just roll with it.)

A/N: slow start

The Hybrid Experience

Danny Fenton, your typical 18 year old was walking down the street late at night minding his own business when he heard screams coming from a nearby alley. He ran to see what was going on and it was another ghost attack and turned into his alter ego Danny Phantom.


What, did I forget to mention he lives in the ghost capital of the world Amenity Park California, and is the worlds savior many times over? Well let me get you up to speed.

Danny Fenton was turned into a human/ghost Hybrid by his parents ghost portal when he was 14. He and his friends Tucker Foley and Sam Manson (related to Charles Manson? Wouldn't surprise me, that would have been a hell of a twist in the show) were down in his parents Lab, looking at a devise that was supposed to open a rift between the human world (lets call it Earthrelm… go Mortal Kombat) and the Ghost Zone. Danny was dared to go into the machine by Sam which would lead to who he is today. A hero to some, a menace to others. He went in and accidentally pressed the on button which was put in by his father.

The machine turned on and a shock occurred. It fused his human DNA with Ectoplasm which half killed him. He had White hair and a black lab suit with a logo Sam came up with which was a D and P together. He fell trough the floor and got freaked out fearing that he had died. Sam and Tucker tried to calm him down and eventually doing so. He then somehow turned back into his human form, but he still had powers.

Danny had started off with a few powers such as turning invisible, intangible and firing Ecto blasts. However not everything was good for him.

His parents were ghost hunters and obsessed with capturing, dissecting, learning more about ghosts. Jack, his father, Madie, his mother, Jasmine or Jazz, his sister were all knew about something or other about ghosts.

His dad was a giant of a man with black hair who wore a orange and black jumpsuit (now that I think about it, Naruto comes to mind). His mother was about average height with red hair and wore a blue and black jumpsuit which covered her body but hers also covered her head and wore red goggles while working. His sister who is 2 years older than him about the same height as their mother with orange hair(wonder how that happened) wears blue jeans a black turtle neck and a blue headband (sorry, I have no idea what it is called)

Then there is his clone that he sees as a cousin. She was cloned by Vlad Masters.

Danny used his powers to help his parents when he could and help out the town. He fought ghosts. He had made enemies and friends of said beings.

He had taken down ghost after ghost by sending them back to the ghost zone. He had taken down many strong opponents who tried to take over the world and making his life a living Hell.

His parents friend Vlad Masters who was also half ghost like Danny had been turned by accident. He went to college with Danny's parents He was in love with Danny's mother, and wanted to take Danny as his son/apprentice. So began the Danny/Vlad feud.

There was Dark Pariah, king of the ghost zone. He was a menace to the ghost zone and six strong ghost managed to seal him in the sarcophagus of eternal sleep. Vlad masters found a key to let him out in hopes of taking over the world. However Vlad's plan didn't turn out how he hoped. Pariah used his strength along with special items such as the crown of fire and the ring of rage. With the items he was nearly unstoppable. He planned on taking over the ghost zone and Earthrelm.

Danny had used a suit his parents built that amplified the person who wears the suit strength and other abilities. He also had help from his friend who helped him win.

Then there was Walker, Warden of the ghost zone. Danny had previously caused havoc with him and walker wanted revenge so he took over the town with his ghost soldiers overshadowing the people and overshadowed the mayor making Danny look like a villain. However Danny was able to get everyone back under control and eventually defeating Walker.

Then There was three other strong ghosts.

Nocturne: Nocturne set his Sleepwalkers on Amity Park, at one point battling Danny Phantom and defeated him, before putting him to sleep and having his minions toss him into the Ghost Zone. He then put the rest of the town to sleep and began harnessing their dream energy, however Danny managed to wake up. He returned to Amity Park to find everyone fast asleep and was confronted by the Sleepwalkers and Nocturne. They subdued him and the sleep ghost brought Danny back to his parent's lab, then proceeded to introduce himself, before explaining what he was doing. Nocturne and the Sleepwalkers went from town to town, putting the people to sleep and harnessing dream energy from them. Danny broke free of his bonds and fight ensued between the two, with Danny emerging the victor after he succeeded in freezing, then shattering Nocturne. He went off to deal with the Sleepwalkers, not knowing the dream ghost had reformed, though he was still weakened, and had teleported back to his base. Danny managed to figure out the only way to get one of the sleep helmets off was by shocking the sleeper in their dream. He managed to use his overshadowing powers to enter the dreams of Sam, Tucker, and Jazz and woke them up, then managed to track down Nocturne's base, an abandoned mattress factory. They found him asleep in a chamber in his lair that would allow him to gain more energy. Danny and Sam went to face Nocturne in his dream, but their attempts to fight him did little due to the amount of power he'd gained. However Tucker managed to jam the frequency of the antenna that the sleep ghost was using to harness dream energy. Nocturne was weakened enough that Danny and Sam managed to beat him and wake him up, along with everyone else. He was left powerless and was easily subdued with the Fenton Thermos. Nocturne later appeared amongst the countless other ghosts to help Danny turn the planet intangible, to save it from the Disasteroid

Vortex: Throughout the centuries, Vortex unleashed destructive weather across the Earth, but he was eventually subdued by the Observant High Council

They kept his powers under control with the Spectral Barometer, however during his sentencing, Vlad Plasmius appeared and freed Vortex. The weather ghost was ready to resume his rampage, but Vlad got him under control with the Spectral Barometer. He commanded Vortex to unleash a massive heat wave on Amity Park, then told everyone he had developed a weather controlling device (actually the Spectral Barometer). Vlad fired it into the sky, hitting the weather ghost, and he used his powers to unleash a rain storm, increasing Vlad's approval rating. But when he told Vortex to stop the rain, he became enraged, refusing and Vlad attempted to use the Spectral Barometer to force the weather ghost to obey. However he managed to overpower it and reflect the energy back, destroying it and leaving the only thing able to control him gone. Vortex went off to begin a worldwide rampage with Vlad attempting to subdue him, but he quickly defeated the half-ghost. In revenge for the humiliation that Vlad had subjected him to, the weather ghost condemned Amity Park to the worst storm ever, the maelstrom. Panicking, Plasmius got Danny to join him in battling Vortex, but when they went to confront him, Vlad left Danny to fight the weather ghost alone. They battled and the half-ghost soon discovered that he was out of his league, proving unable to even hurt Vortex while he was blasted again and again. Soon enough Danny was defeated and the weather ghost left to begin his rampage, not knowing that one of his attacks had left the half-ghost with some of his weather manipulation powers. When Sam, Tucker, and Vlad realized that Danny's mood could now control weather, Sam and Tucker went to draw Vortex back to Amity Park. They found him in Venice and taunted the fact that Amity Park wasn't under the effect of his powers, causing him to angrily head there. The weather ghost began ravaging the town with intense heat and cold, but Sam, Tucker, and Danny used Tucker's virtual reality program to manipulate Danny's emotions, allowing him to unleash various weather attacks to weaken Vortex. He managed to blast the half-ghost again to remove the weather-manipulation powers, but the Fenton Plane's weapons managed to weaken the weather ghost enough to capture him. Danny returned him to the Observants, but he escaped again. Later Vortex was amongst the countless ghosts that helped to turn the planet intangible to save it from the Disasteroid.

Undergrowth: is a character who first appeared in the Danny Phantom episode "Urban Jungle". Angered that the people of Amity Park were destroying his children for urbanization, he attacked and used mind vines to turn everyone into his slaves. With Sam turned into his "daughter", he had her attack Danny, however, with his currently uncontrolled new ice power, manages to escape. Sometime later, Danny returned, having finally mastered his ice power thanks to Frostbite. Using it, he managed to destroy Undergrowth's new plant world by defeating Undergrowth. Undergrowth was reduced to a shrub, that was destroyed by Tucker's lawn mower.

Then came his biggest challenge, himself. He battled his evil self to keep from destroying the world Dan Phantom

A/N got info from villains from wiki/Category:Danny_Phantom_Villains

Then an event happened with the Disasteroid (look it up, if you don't know it, this intro is getting to long)

In the end somehow Danny came out unscathed. His parents and the world knows who he is now.

For saving the ghost zone the zone itself gave Danny his own lair. It was by his mentors tower. The door had the DP symbol. Inside was a five acres of land. It had a huge house with 10 rooms and a full bathroom in each one. A two car garage. Danny had gotten a green motorcycle like Johnny 13 has and a black 68 dodge charger

For the whole two years his powers grew. He had intangibility, invisibility, flying, ice powers, ghostly wail, Ecto blasts, duplication, overshadowing, telekinesis, teleportation, able to make(rip open) a portal to the ghost zone and close it, enhanced strength, vision, speed and he keeps getting new powers randomly.

For the next two years Danny has continued fighting but he has also changed. He now wore Blue jeans with a black shirt and combat boots. His ghost form also changed. Gone was the jumpsuit and now wore a black duster with black jeans and muscle shirt, but the D was gone and only leaving the P which was acid green. With all the fighting he had done he had also some more battle scars, but the most noticeable was a crescent scar over his right eye. He also had a goatee like his favorite wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin and is now over 6 feet tall and 300 bounds. (think undertaker with short hair)

He had graduated High school barely passing due to his constant absence which some of the teachers didn't give him a break. Of course he didn't give up ghost fighting and protecting his town. However, his parents and co-fighters were getting lazy. They would let Danny handle all of the hard work. He would be lucky if he could get 12 hours of sleep a week. His parents didn't really notice because they were to busy going over new ghost equipment and other ghost business. Danny was getting tired was getting more stressed easily.

He was now a hardened fighter who always had a plan before going in. He still had a caring attitude, but he had trouble expressing it. This caused the breakup of him and his girlfriend Sam who could no longer see 'her' Danny, but she still was friends with him and every now and then helped with ghost fighting but was becoming more distant.

Mr. J: and now back to the story, sorry for the long intro into Danny Phantom


Danny flew up to meet the ghost which happened to be just the box ghost, a real annoying ghost in his opinion. Danny rolled his eyes and sucked the ghost into the Fenton Thermos and decided to call it a night.

Danny got home around two in the morning and he was tired. He walked in and was confronted by his parents about him not doing his chores down in the lab. Danny had been busy that day with fighting ghosts, however they wouldn't hear it. "Danny, you know you were supposed to clean the lab, we just came from there and it was a mess, you are really irresponsible sometimes you know that?" his mom told him. Danny was shocked, shocked that his mother knows what he does and how important it is and is making judgment about him. It wasn't even his mess. When he left earlier in the day, he only had to put the beakers away.

Danny was frustrated. "Mom, I only had to put away the beakers, you are the two that keeps dirtying the lab. All day and week I fight ghosts night and day. I've only gotten five hours of sleep this week, so lay off."

His parents were surprised by his attitude, normally he would just do as they ask, however they did realize that he has been working a lot lately, but they have been busy with their stuff. "Well Danny, I know we messed up the lab, but we did have research to do. You have been working hard, but really, it isn't that hard."

That gave Danny an idea. They thought that his job was easy, well they could have it. "Well ok then, since what I do is so easy, have fun doing it. I'm going on vacation." as soon as he heard that the song vacation by the Go-Go's mysteriously started playing around them.

They looked around but couldn't find the source. Danny looked at his mom and shrugged, "well that was weird, anyway I'm going, don't know when I will be back." with that Danny teleported to his room and got his stuff ready.


Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice….I mean Forks Washington…..which could be where the Hall of Justice is….no bad Mr. J, back to the story


Renesmee Cullen or "Nessie" as some people call her was walking in the forest at night Thinking about what has been going on with her life. Her family has always treated her special and said she was special because she was a half vampire.

However she got older she noticed some changes. they would try and keep her away from other people as soon as her body started craving blood. Sure she could still eat regular human food, but because of her half vampire status she needed some blood.


A/N: Now the Cullen intro

She had her family, her mother Isabella or "Bella as she liked to be called. She was turned by Edward, her husband. Her power was a mental shield. She could block her mind from any mental powers

Edward, her father, he has the power to read most minds

Rosalie or "Rose", her aunt and her Uncle Emmet. Rose was very beautiful and Emit was super strong

Alice and Jasper, her other aunt and uncle. Alice has the ability to see certain futures by the decisions a person makes and Jasper could alter emotions.

Charlie her grandfather (Bella's father)

Carlisle and Eseme (Edwards….um adopted parents, if you know twilight you know what I mean) Carlisle was super smart and Eseme was super nice and welcoming

Jacob (a wolf shifter that she looks up to like a big brother)

The are all vampires minus Jacob who unknown to Nessie had imprinted on her as a baby

A/N: anyone else find that weird? I mean If it was when she was older…cool, but a baby…come on, that's Pedophile status if I ever saw it.

Nessie She is a 5'4 16 year old girl with sandy blond hair and brown eyes which complimented her nice looking body. Of course she would look good she was half vampire. Her power was a combo of both her mothers and fathers. She could block her mind from mind powers and read minds and show people what others and she was thinking by touching them.

When Nessie was born, she was the first half born vampire in existence, so the rulers of the vampire race decided to try and obtain her because they didn't know if she was going to be a vampire or a human. Being a baby vampire could have blown the secrecy of vampires.

There was a battle for her and the ended up calling a truce because of the losses to both sides.

A/N: watch or read breaking dawn


She had her blood lust under control and her family didn't trust her. She didn't let it show but it greatly upset her. Also, any time she tried hanging out with just guys her family and Jacob got ridiculously protective and rarely let her out by herself or at least with someone with her.

She felt like she was being smothered. She used to be able to joke with her uncle Emmet but lately he had been less joking with her witch upset her.

Even Jacob was acting weird. She had always looked up to him as a big brother. Someone she could relax with and just talk. But lately she had noticed him being trying to tell her what to do and really jealous and upset when she would talk about boys that weren't him or from her family.

She didn't know it, but her life was about to change